How Meditation Changed My Life Forever.

I learned a powerful lesson about life. In life, there are things that cost so much and there are things that cost nothing. . The things that cost the most are worth the least and the things that cost nothing, are worth everything. You can buy the most expensive car and as soon as you drive it off the lot, it loses value. Material things aren’t worth anything. It doesn’t matter what price you put on a material item, it’s worth nothing.

Have you ever saved up all your money just to buy a new toy, phone, laptop, or dirt bike,( fill in the blank with something you want) and after you finally buy the thing you saved your money for, then after like a couple months or even a year later, the novelty of the thing you bought wears off and then you want something new. It goes to show that the item was worth nothing, because you are about to replace it.

People spend all their earnings on new toys, upgrading their car, their house, or their phone but the issue of the matter is that now one upgrades their mind. People even spend money on supplements and gym memberships to upgrade their bodies but no one spends a single penny on upgrading their minds. You can spend money to upgrade your mind by reading books, buying educational courses, or taking supplements like Omega-3.


Today, I am going to give you a secret on how to upgrade your mind without spending a single penny. If you haven’t read the title of this post already, then you guess it, MEDITATION. Meditation is single most powerful thing I have done for myself. When I used to be an over-thinker or for a lack of better words, an anxious person and my buddy always told me to try meditation. He would always tell me to meditate and I was like most people who don’t understand the powers of meditation. I thought how could just sitting in silence doing nothing could do anything for me. I just thought you had to be super in tune with yourself to meditate and to actually “work” for someone. So when I try to meditate the first couple times, I was thinking: “This is stupid, it’s not working for me”. But it wasn’t until I started to do it everyday was when I started to notice a change in me. It was like a switch was flip in me.

The First Thing I Noticed That Meditation Started Change Me:

I started to feel more calm and relaxed. Just doing meditation every day for a month, I just felt different. I felt more calm in places where I would feel more stressed out and unease. At the time I started meditating I wasn’t taking anything at all, no stimulants, no caffeine, no CBD oil, nothing. Nothing to alter my state. I just naturally started to feel mentally more calm and at ease without putting a single thing into my body, or paying for any treatment like a getting a massage or going to a float tank. Even though from my research, these things do help you to become more calmer, but you would need to a have a session once a month.

For an example if I would get into an argument with someone at work, I would naturally feel more relaxed in the situation. When someone would yell at me because their service or product was messed up, I would be able to remain calm. I feel like the true test of a person’s character and strength is being able to remain calm in the midst of the storm. Being able to not freak out in the middle of the storm, just standing your ground while acting and feel calm.

So meditation helped me to feel calm in all situations. I felt this change in me, just in under a month of daily meditation.

The Second Thing I Noticed How Meditation Changed Me Was:

I had more answers for myself and for other people. And no, I am not a guru, an answer man or psychic. If you boil it down, all the answers you need for anything is already inside you. You don’t need to outsource all your questions to your family and friends. All the answers you are looking for is already inside. You just have to go inwards and find it.

I figured out my dreams and ambitions, and most importantly, I figured out my life purpose. Just by going inwards, I got all the answers I need. So anytime you need some answers for your life, you will not get them by asking your family or friends. You will get it by going inwards and tapping into your higher self.

The Third Thing I Noticed How Meditation Changed Me Was:

I became more creative and I got more good Ideas. I believe you have to be creative to come up with ideas. So that is why I put both of these two things under the third thing I noticed. I wasn’t very creative before I started meditating. I didn’t produce much, I was always consuming other people’s content. It’s not a bad thing but I just felt not creative.

For an example, I have to come up with two post ideas everyday on my Instagram page (thewolfwisdom). It’s a lot more work than you think it is. I don’t recycle any post. Some of the sayings are recycled quotes but I used them because they have a deep message. So a lot of my creative juices is going to my Instagram page.

Then I get a new ideas often, just by tapping to my higher self through meditation. I wrote a book that I’m working on getting published, and I needed to come up with a title of the book and I was stuck on it. So I meditated on the book title and the meditation helped me come up with the book title.

Most ideas are recycled ideas that you seen or heard somewhere. You may think it’s your idea but it’s actually not. Your subconscious mind just recorded it and now through retrieval, you think you produced this new idea but you actually didn’t, it was just recycled from someone or something else. Take Nikola Tesla for example, this guy is a creative genius. He developed alternating circuit electrical system (AC), which is still used in most of the world today. He also invented Tesla Coil, which is still used in radio technology today. He came up with many inventions.I believe he came up with some genius inventions because he was able to be alone and go deep into meditation.

Meditation and solitude is the key to coming up with good ideas. There was a guy in the book Think And Grow Rich where this company paid him to come up with new ideas. You know how he did this? He sat in a dark room alone in silence until he came up with ideas. And let me tell you, he came up with so many good ideas just by doing this.

So meditation helped me become more creative and came up with ideas. It gave me the idea to start a YouTube channel and this website and many other ideas.

The Forth Thing I Noticed How Meditation Changed Me Was:

This is one of the most deepest things I got from meditation and that is the ability to see the world for what it truly is. The ability to see things for what they truly are is powerful. A lot of people in the world only see things through their own lens. Being able to take off the lens and see things for what they truly are will change your life.

Through this experience I had a spiritual awakening. Just this simple thing I experienced, it drove me into a spiritual awakening. And I will never look at the world the same again. I will never see things the same again. Not in a bad way but in a real raw way. Not being blinded by wearing a lens over your eyes to mask over the truth is life changing. This helped me realized that life is really simple, ourselves and our minds make it complex and difficult.

This ability was dark at first but now it is blissful. Everyday smells much sweeter. Just by being able to see the things for what they really are.

The Fifth Thing I Noticed How Meditation Changed My Life:

It helped me reconnect with myself. We live in a time where everyone is always do something. Even after a busy day, when it is time to relax, they aren’t really relaxing. We are on our cell phones scrolling and catching up on our social media and apps. So you aren’t necessarily relaxing and decompressing from the day. We are still stimulating our mind with our phones.

This trying to reconnect on our phones is actually making us unconnected with ourselves. We don’t really know who we are. We know so much about everyone else, that we slowly know less and less about ourselves.

Meditation helped me reconnect with my mind, body and spirit. I noticed that I feel more in tuned with my whole body and mind. All of my hunches and intuition is normally always right now. Also it helped me just be comfortable in my own skin. Many people aren’t comfortable in their own skin. Some people aren’t comfortable with their sexuality, their looks, their values. That is why I think people get all fidgety in public. I may be wrong but that is what I feel. When you reconnect with yourself, you begin to love yourself more. You can reconnect with yourself through meditation.

The Book Of Secrets

If you are not familiar with meditation and what it is about then you would benefit from reading the book: The Book Of Secrets, 112 Meditations By Osho. This book will help you get into meditation and learn the basics of meditation. Also it will teach you about the secrets of life. After you read this book you and your life will never be the same.

I suggest to get all the benefits of meditation and for it to change your life, meditate everyday. Do it for at least 10 mins daily for it to change your life.

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