7 Ways To Be Limitless In Real Life

In the movie Limitless staring Brad Cooper, the character he plays Eddie Morra is facing unemployment, his girlfriend just dumped and he is a writer who seems to have writers block and can’t finish the book he is writing. So he runs into his brother-in-law who gives him this pill called NZT, where it unlocked 100% of your brain. Eddie’s mental ability skyrockets and his creative skyrockets. Eddie’s life does a complete 360. Everything is flipped around. He ends up finishing his book and his career begins to take off. I don’t want to spoil anymore of the movie, just in case you haven’t watched it and planned on watching it.

Let me just tell you what I am going to do for you today. I am going to explain to you 7 ways to be limitless in real life and feel like Eddir Morra in the movie Limitless. These 7 ways are how you can naturally become limitless in real life.

The 7 Ways To Become Limitless In Real Life:

1.Wake Up Early & Exercise

Waking up early will be a game changer for you. It helped me unlock so much untapped abilities that I didn’t know I had. Like writing, I never knew I could write. I always thought I wasn’t a good writer and I couldn’t write because the creative writing part of my brain was dominant. By waking up early and exercising, I was able to unlock these untapped parts of my brain, and you can too.

Besides for waking up early, exercising will help you become limitless in real life. When you exercise, your body triggers more insulin receptors to help optimize your energy. Working out also helps send blood blow and oxygen to your brain. Your brain is responsible for using 20% of your bodies oxygen. Your brain needs oxygen to survive, so the more oxygen the better.

According to a study, working out also helps your brain grow new neural connectors. So working out can actually make you smarter.

This next part may be shocking to some people……

2. Cut Out Stimulants Like Caffeine.

I know what you are probably thinking……Caffeine makes me feel like I am limitless. It only makes you focused, it doesn’t make you smarter. Not only is caffeine a neurotoxin, but it also takes 2-3 weeks for your brains natural chemical balances to re-orientate themselves after being destroyed by one of the world’s most addictive drugs. Neurotoxin definition is a poison that acts on the nervous system.

Just like in the movie, after the NZT pill wears off, Eddie, begins to feel side effects. For him to keep doing what he is doing, he needs more of the drug to feel motivated. Caffeine acts the same way.

I have taken over 3 different nootropics, and that is basically a cognitive boosting drug, where you feel like you are “smart” for a short amount of time. I am here to tell you today that these don’t work. I have try many different ones and they only had a placebo effect on me. I just mentally felt like if I didn’t take my brain boosting pill then I wasn’t smart. I found out the hard way, after spending almost a thousand dollars on nootropics that they are just placebo effects. They only feel like they work because it has caffeine in it. It just hypes you up and makes your heart beat faster, it doesn’t actually make you smarter.

Anything that is not natural, your body will mentally and physically depend on, that is why people go through withdrawals. Anything natural, your body won’t depend on.

3. Intermittent Fasting

This is basically when you eat in a window of 8 hours and you fast (not eat) for 16 hours. You can adjust your windows to your liking. This is not a diet per se, it is more like an eating schedule.

Let me just keep this simple, instead of going so deep into the biology part of it. When you fast from foods for 16 hours, your body is not using energy to digest and breakdown the food you ate, it is using the energy to heal cells and rejuvenates the body and brain. Your focus and mental clarity increase when your body isn’t wasting energy to breakdown food.

Also picture your brain as like a ultracomputer where when you update it or upgrade it, it becomes faster and starts working for smoother. That is the same with your body and brain. Your body uses the free energy to rebuild and upgrade your cells, to build a stronger body and mind.

Intermittent Fasting has been shown to increase brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF), a chemical that helps your brain to build neurons. The more neurons you have, the more learning capacity you will have.

4. Eat Brain Boosting Foods

Omega 3s are key for brain growth and function. Foods like walnuts have omega 3s fatty acids in it to help your brain function. Omega-3s are important for normal brain function and development. Low levels of omega-3s may accelerate brain aging and contribute to deficits in brain function. Omega-3s helps the overall brain function.

Taking fish oil supplements are quick and easy to get your omega-3s DHA, EPA to improve your brain function.

Foods like blueberries, wild salmon, dark chocolate, walnuts, turmeric, broccoli, avocados etc. are brain boosting foods to increase your mental function. Due to the antioxidants, vitamins, and other things like magnesium, it helps improve your brain function. Food should be look at as fuel, not as pleasure.

5. Meditation & Deep Breathing.

Meditation has been key to boost brain function and creativity. I can’t stress meditation enough to people. It’s so key for your brain.

A study by researchers at Trinity College Institute of Neuroscience and the Global Brain Health Institute at Trinity found that deep breathing performed with meditation techniques stimulated the release of a brain chemical called noradrenaline, which improves focus and helps the brain to stay “youthful” by growing new connections between cells. 

When you do practices that involve controlling breathing are beneficial for people whose arousal levels tend to be too low or too high resulting in feelings of drowsiness or anxiety when taking a test. I remember when I first started meditating, I was able to take tests better at college. The answers came to be much easier because my mind was clear and calm.

6. Declutter Your Life

If you want to perform better at your desk then you need to declutter it. To produce the best results in your work, you need to have clear desk, so you can have a clear mind. How can you focus on your work and craft if your mind is too busy wandering off to the items on your desk.

Just like Lois in the family guy episode where she wants to declutter her whole house. I agree with Lois in the episode because people do need to declutter their life, it really does kindle joy.

Decluttering any part of your life can prove that it is beneficial. It will help you reduce anxiety and help leave your mind much more clear when trying to focus. When it comes down to all the drugs that help you perform better mentally like amphetamines, the only thing it is doing is helping you focus on one thing hard without getting distracted. With that being said, this will lead us into the final way to become limitless and the final way bounces off of decluttering your life and that is…..

7. Go Into A Flow State Or Deep Work State

A flow state is similar to the term Cal Newport uses, and that is deep work. A flow state or deep work is when you go into a productive mode where you are focus solely on your work without any distractions or interruptions.

How Does One Go Into A Flow State?

By going into a space where no one is around you and where no one can interrupt you, turn off your cell phone and just to be safe, put it in a different room so you can’t be tempted and make sure nothing can distract you. After you turned off your phone, got into a room where you can’t be interrupted and you decluttered you work space, then you can go into a thing we call deep work or a flow state. Where you are working so focused and intensely that you forget to eat or drink, that is how focused you. Anytime I do these blog posts, I always go into a flow state because when I do this, I go back and read what I wrote and I become amazed by what I produced. Sometimes I get so deep into my work that I forget that I was even writing. I just lose track of time.

So these 7 ways will help you become limitless naturally without taking any type of pill to feel this way.

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