This 1 Thing Will Solve All Of Your Problems

What problems do you have right now? Is it relationship problems, finance problems, career problems, health problems, love problems, passion problems, spirituality problems? Everyone has some type of problem or conflict in their life. If you didn’t have problems then life would be boring and uninteresting. Problems is what keeps us going and is what keeps life exciting.

What Is The Method Or Methods You Are Taking To Solve Your Problems?

The method that most people are going to take to figuring out a solution to their problems is seeking advice from others. Although this method will help you, but it will ultimately not solve your problems.

Why Seeking Advice Never Fully Solves Your Problems

The reason why seeking advice never solves your problems is because all advice is biased. If you ask me for money advice, I’m going to give you advice based on my own beliefs, thoughts, knowledge, and experience with money. Just like if you ask Grant Cardone for financial advice, he is going to give you advice based on his own current situation, beliefs, and experiences. Grant is going to give you advice based off of being a multimillionaire. He’s probably going to tell you to “get your money up.”

I struggled with anxiety a couple years ago and I went to everyone for advice about it. All I wanted was to not feel anxious and not have panic attacks. Every advice was different and none of it solved my anxiety, even seeking out a mentor didn’t help. Sure, it made help make me feel temporary better and comforted but it didn’t get rid of my intense anxiety. No advice helped me.

Seeking advice is the easy way out and will not give you the right answers. The advice will only give you answers based off of the person you are seeking advice from. The advice will not be the solution to your problems.

Your problems are all catered to you, so the solutions is going to be catered to you too. Other people’s advice will only be catered to them, not you. They can help to get you in the right direction but it’s not going to fully be the solution to your problem.

Here’s The 1 Thing You Need To Solve Any Problem You Have:

The 1 things you need to solve any problem you have is isolation. Isolation is so important to solving your problems. The reason is because you end up coming up with the solutions to any problem you have, hence YOUR problems.

There has been times where I need an idea(problem) for my brand and ideas for posts on instagram and I couldn’t come up with any new ideas. It was important to me that I came up with NEW ideas rather than recycling ideas from someone else. So I decided to turn my phone off, go into a room that had no distractions and where I couldn’t be disturbed and just sat there for an hour with a pen and paper. And the craziest thing happened to me. I got an idea in 10 minutes and I left that room with 4 new ideas. I didn’t do anything different, I didn’t skim and scan through magazines, or articles online, I just sat there focusing on getting new ideas and they came to me. They came to me like a lightening bolt.

I was so amazed by the results, that I started to do this for all my problems. I had a finance problem before and I couldn’t think of any solutions. And I knew if I went to someone professional or even just someone with knowledge about money for advice, it would turn into me losing more money because they might con me. So I decided to just get into a room alone like I did with the idea problem I had and I got the solution. It took a couple weeks of the alone time but I ended up getting the answer to my problem. All it took was sitting alone with no distraction thinking about the problem for 10 minutes a day. Around the eight day, the solution appeared on my lap.

All you have to do is meditate on the problem everyday for at least 10 minutes and the answer to your problems will come to you. I don’t mean get into a room alone and light candles with essential oils and chant mantras. All I’m implying is that you just take the problem you are dealing with, you could even write it on a piece of paper and just think about it with no distractions. I promise the solutions will appear. The solutions may come that day, or in a fews days, a week, a month, but ultimately you will get the solution, the right solution catered to you.

Why Does This Method Work The Best?

When you think about a problem over and over again with nothing to distraction you, your mind has no choice but to come up with an answer. Your mind taps into something we call the sixth sense, or in other words, the higher intelligence, the higher power, the god power. This higher intelligence has all the answers you need, all you have to do is tap into it by just going inwards for the answers, rather than going outwards for the answer. ALL THE ANSWERS ARE ALREADY THERE. All one must do is simply tap into it.

Arguments & The Sixth Sense

Have you ever got into a heated argument with someone and after the fight you can’t stop thinking about it and what you could have said different for the next few hours. Then the thing you should have said to that person just hits you like a boat of bricks randomly, like in the shower? This is because your mind has tapped into the sixth sense, the all knowing sense. This is exactly the same thing that happens when you go into isolation to figure out a problem. Your mind taps into the all knowing sense(sixth sense).

This may sound esoteric but it works every time. If you don’t believe me, try it for yourself and be persistent. Why would you go to someone else for advice about your problem when it’s YOUR problem. I’m not saying don’t seek comfort for your problem but if you are seeking people for solutions to you problems then you are going to be searching forever. You already have the solutions internally.

You may go to someone for relationship advice about your lover and you follow the advice from that person and that advice could single handedly ruin your relationship. Then you put the blame on that person and their “bad” advice. No advice is “bad” it is just not the advice catered to you.

The only thing you need to solve all of your problems is isolation. Getting into a room alone with nothing to distract you and just focus on the problem and finding the solution. The answer will then come to you. Then your problem will be solved. This is the ultimate accountability


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