How The Law Of Attraction Works Scientifically (No BS)

The Law Of Attraction Is Working 24/7

If you have heard of The Law Of Attraction before then you have heard that it’s something that many famous and rich people like Jim Carrey have used to get massive success and wealth. There has been people who went from broke to rich just by using The Law Of Attraction. This is what Conor Mcgregor used to go from living on welfare checks to $100 million.

In this article we are going to put the esoteric, magical, and spiritual things aside and discuss what is The Law Of Attraction and how it works scientifically and logically.

How I Discovered The Law Of Attraction

Several years ago when my life was taking a downward spiral where everything seem to take a turn for the worse, my cousin gave me this book called The Secret by Rhonda Byrne. At the time I was reluctant to reading books because my teenage self like video games and TV shows over reading. But something deep inside myself told me to read this book. I haven’t read a single book in my life at 17 years old but something really pulled me into this book. Once I read it, I was never the same again. The book is based on The Law Of Attraction.

What Is The Law Of Attraction?

In simplest terms, The Law Of Attraction is your thoughts become things. Whatever you think about and focus on, you manifest it into reality. Positive thoughts attract positive things and negative thoughts attract negative things. After I studied and practiced The Law Of Attraction, I started to manifest the things I wanted into reality. Whatever you intensely think about, read about, and talk about, you’re going to attract more of into your life.

Whatever you do have in your life, it’s because you really wanted it. And whatever you don’t have in your life, it’s because you didn’t truly want it.

How Does The Law Of Attraction Work Scientifically?

Now that we know what The Law Of Attraction is and that it is whatever you focus on, you manifest. Now we need to discuss how this works. Before you can fully understand how it works, you need to understand this example:

Have you ever been on a road trip and to pass the time you play this game called the bingo game or the yellow car game? This is a game where the person who spots the most yellow cars first before you arrive at your destination wins. What happens when you start playing this game? Your brain starts to notice more yellow cars. It’s the only thing your brain is noticing and looking for now. Before playing this game you haven’t noticed a single yellow car. Then you start to tell your mind to find yellow cars on the road and now you notice a bunch of them. But after you arrive to your destination, you begin to stop seeing/noticing yellow cars. The yellow cars didn’t disappear, you just stopped noticing it.

Why does our brain work like a camera lens where you only can see what you focus on?

This is because of something called The Reticular Activating System. This is the exact system in the brain that makes The Law Of Attraction work.

What Is The Reticular Activating System?

RAS is a pencil sized piece of the brain located just above the spinal cord. This piece acts as the gatekeeper of information between the sensory systems and the conscious mind. Or in simpler terms, this is the attention center of the brain.

What Is The Purpose Of The Reticular Activating System?

The purpose of the RAS is to filter out things so your mind can stay focused. Without this system in place, we would go insane. Not having this system in your brain, you would take in everything from your sensory system, and that in itself would make you go mad. Especially in this information age, you would go on the internet or social media for 10 minutes and once you close the app or your laptop, you feel drained because you have taken in everything you have seen and heard causing your brain to get overloaded.

The Reticular Activating System helps you ignore all the useless information.

Let’s say you just learned about The Law Of Attraction and on your wish list, you wish to make more money. The key to getting this to work is first you have to really want to make more money and secondly this has to be your main focus. So what happens is your brain starts to ignore all the useless information that is not about how to make more money and only filtering in things that are about making more money. Your life and your social media feed hasn’t changed but now your brain is only looking for things on how to make money, so that’s all you see. Causing you to end up making more money.

The 2 Reasons People Fail Using The Law Of Attraction:

  1. The first reason people fail using The Law Of Attraction is because they think it’s some magical thing where you just wish for it one day and it appears the next day. WRONG. Although there could be some frequency thought magic behind it but simply existing on a small planet that is spinning in space is magic I believe. Anyways, the first reason why The Law Of Attraction doesn’t work for most people is because they don’t do anything about it. You get the emails, and you get the Messages to make more money but you don’t act on it. There is never something for nothing, you must follow the signs and take action. Nothing appears on a shopping cart out of the sky delivered by a Unicorn.
  2. The second reason people fail using The Law Of Attraction is because they only focus on the things that they don’t want. If someone wants to lose weight, often times they focus on not gaining more weight rather than losing weight. Ultimately when you focus on what you don’t want, you won’t ever get what you do want. You must strictly only focus on what you do want in life.

Personal Example To Explain Deeper:

My brother Joe and I are only two different paths in life, and we recently want two different things. Joe wants to build his body and he wants to get more women. As for me, I want to build a successful business and grow spiritually. So what happens? Joe’s Reticular Activating System(RAS) starts to filter out things that isn’t about fitness, bodybuilding, and women. My Reticular Activating System starts to filter out things that isn’t about business and growing spiritually. So Joe becomes more fit and muscular, and he gets more women. And I continue to grow my business and expand my consciousness.

Joe may always have business and career opportunities right in front of his eyes but his RAS filters it out to only focus on fitness and women. As for me, I filter out fitness and getting women because I’m filtering in business and spirituality. The opportunity to grow my body and get women are probably always there in front of me but my brain chooses to ignore it. For Joe, the business and spiritual things may always be there but his brain chooses to ignore it.

The opportunities are always there for everyone, to make money, to be successful, to find love, to grow mentally, to grow physically, to grow spiritually, all you have to do is focus on it.

This is scientific, not magical, everything you want is truly right in front of you, all you must do is turn your attention to it.

Reticular Activating System In Our Daily Lives

Have you ever been talking to someone about something so random, like maybe McDonalds, computers to buy, shoes, sports etc. then you pull out your phone and the first thing you see is an advertisements about McDonalds or maybe a certain shoe you wanted to buy? This makes you think that the government is watching you or something. But this is not because someone is listening to you, it’s because your RAS has filtered in the shoes you wanted and now you see them on your social media. The advertisements were always there, you just have been filtering it for something else. After you stop thinking and talking about the shoes or McDonalds, you stop seeing the Ads but the Ads remain there.

Just like if you are insecure about your nose or hair and it’s all that you think about. So when you go to talk to someone in person or just simply see someone, the only thing you notice is how their hair or nose looks. Then when you stop thinking so much about your nose or hair, you stop noticing people’s hair and nose and even your own. This is all because your Reticular Activating System filtering in and out what you are thinking about.

That’s why you truly get what you think about because your attention and brain(RAS) starts to filter everything out that isn’t want you or don’t want.

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  1. Interesting 🙂 The RAS is something I have heard about but not considered for a while. Time for me to be more conscious I think! I have read the secret. I liked some of it and bits I didn’t. I think the part about cheques appearing in the mail didn’t seem real to me but maybe my disbelief is why I’m not receiving them 😀


    1. Somethings in the book The Secret is far fetched but I do believe that any of these things are possible. Gratitude is an amplifier for getting what you want quicker, I realized. Just simply being grateful for things creates this magic aura for you. I know that sounds far fetched also but I want you to try something this week: Everyday for a week, pick one person that you are truly grateful for, even if you haven’t talk to them in a while, send them a message letting them know you are grateful for them. Do this everyday for a week and see how magical your week becomes. I have done this before, it’s amazing

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I have started trying to be grateful for the “difficult” people in my life because I feel they help to make me stronger, even though I might not realise it initially.


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