The 2 Things That Kill Your Ego (Ego Death)

In this article we are going to talk about what is an ego, how having an ego is bad, and the 2 things that kill your ego.

What Is An Ego?

Ego is the latin word for “I”. As long as you refer to yourself as I, “I’m Jimmy, I’m a doctor, I’m Emily” you will always have an ego. Ego is the mind’s identity of your own construction. This identity is not actually you, it is a construct of the mind. We come into this world with no name.

Anything someone says to you is either strengthening or weakening your ego. Take me for an example, I’m known to be a pretty funny guy, and over the years I have developed this ego of being funny because people always called me funny. My friend Dan always says that I’m so funny, so now when I’m around him I have to defend this “identity” of being funny. If I’m not funny around Dan then my ego of being funny becomes weakened. You can see how this could be quite stressful.

If someone calls you cute or pretty throughout your life, you will feel the need to always try to look pretty because being pretty has become your ego and you must protect it.

When Is The Ego Born?

Our ego is born around age 3, when we start remembering things. When your parents or guardians starts calling you this or that, it starts to build your ego. Most likely sport superstars who play football, basketball, soccer, or hockey got to that place today because their parents created the ego of being athletic and being good at sports. Now they have to defend this ego. Just like in my family, growing up my parents always called my brother Joe athletic, and they called my other brother Frank non-athletic. So Joe ended up being good at sports and Frank ended up not being good at sports. All because they are defending an ego that was self created.

Why The Ego Is So Hard To Describe

The ego is so hard to describe because the ego is not just one thing. The ego is many things and many different beliefs acquired throughout your life. Religious people have an ego of being Catholic, Buddhist, Muslim, and Christian. Their ego identity becomes so strong with identifying with their religions that many fights and wars are fought just to defend this ego. That’s why religion is such a sensitive subject to discuss.

Our World Revolves Around Our Ego

Once you have an ego you are stating that the world revolves around you. If you think I’m wrong, ask yourself how many times have you got offended by a social media post. Or if you aren’t on social media, how many times have you got offended by something someone said or done at a store. Everything anyone does, we think it is towards us, when in reality it’s most likely not. It’s stressful to constantly try to defend this self made honor.

The ego keeps you out of touch with reality. This is because you aren’t seeing things for what they really are, you are only seeing it through the lens of the ego. The ego alters your perception of reality.

The ego is dependent on external validation. Our ego is formed from our family and friends validation, calling us funny, cute, or athletic. So then the ego depends on the external world for strength. That is why self isolation(being alone) is dangerous to our ego. Nowadays we all are scared to be alone. This fear is fear from your ego.

Ultimately as long as you use the word “I” or “I’m”, basically anything referring to yourself, you will always have something you need to defend. I’m not Mike or Wolf Wisdom Empire, and you aren’t the name you call yourself. That is just a label given onto us at birth. I could wake up tomorrow and say I want to be called Enzio and that will be my “new identity”. When in reality we aren’t that at all. We are the universe, making us connected to everything in existence. Having an ego puts you into a box, limiting yourself only to the thing you identify yourself with.

The 7 Downsides Of Having An Ego

  1. It makes you think irrational(delusional thinking)
  2. It pushes people away from us
  3. The ego makes us insecure
  4. It stops you from learning new things
  5. The ego makes life stressful
  6. It makes you resist love
  7. The ego makes us closed hearted

The 2 Things That Give You An Ego Death Without Having A Spiritual Awakening Or Taking Psychedelic Drugs

1.Heart Break

Going through a heart break will kill your ego. As long as you have an ego, your heart will be closed. No one with an ego truly has an open heart. They will be closed off until something breaks it open. Yes you can still love but you can’t love fully because you got to protect your identity. Once your heart gets broken, your ego dies because it breaks you open. It’s called a heart break because it breaks you open, revealing your true self.

A break up or the loss of a loved one will break your heart open, pushing you towards an ego death. You realize nothing matters during a heart break. All your worries were really worries derived from your ego. Once your heart gets broken, your worries from your ego go away. Often times the earth mind that you constructed will die.

2. Experiencing Death In Any Form

When someone is near death or going through a near death experience, their ego will die. Because your mind stops and when your mind stops even for seconds, your ego thinking stops with it. In times of experiencing death, if that’s from being around it, or you getting close to it, your mind stops. You realize that this life on earth is a very short life in our an infinite life.

You realize that we are only passengers on earth, borrowing our body from Mother Earth. I believe older folks will go through an ego death later in their life because they have been around death so much, from their family and friends dying that their ego mind dies with them. Their mind is reborn again. Picture an ego death like resetting your smartphone. The phone is functioning weird, so you reset it and it functions like brand new.

Our mind is like a hill with snow and our thoughts are like sleds going down the hill. After awhile of the sleds going down the hill, the snow begins to have grooves it. Now you can’t go down the hill without going into the grooves. The grooves is your ego. When you have an ego death, it’s like getting all new snow. The thinking of the ego goes away.

All your worries on earth dies with your ego and you start to live a much more blissful life. Because you aren’t spending everyday defending something that you’re not.

You are like an egg, the ego is the egg shell, and the yoke is your true self. When your ego dies, the egg shell cracks and the true self starts leaking out.

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