This 1 Sentence Will Get Anyone To Like you Instantly

Why do we do what we do?

Why do we buy expensive name brand clothes, why do we buy fancy cars, why do we buy houses with high mortgages, why do we try to get high paying prestige jobs, why do we really do what we do? Because we want people to like us. We all want to be like, that is the very motivate to why we do what we do.

Use this 1 sentence today and anyone will like you instantly:

“I never told anyone this before but Fill In A Secret About yourself you are the only person who knows this about me.”

The sentence above will get anyone to like you instantly. Since you are taking the time to read this article, I am going to give you one of mine.

“I never told anyone this before but I like to watch people cook and eat food like on food network or Guy Fieri on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives while I’m eating food myself, no one knows this about me.

When you tell someone this sentence with a real secret, there is 2 things that happen from this sentence.

The 2 Reasons Why This Makes People Like You

1. Connection Connection Connection Connection! This sentence immediately create a connection with the person you are telling this sentence to. We all have secrets that no one knows about us, so to share a secret about ourselves, we create a common ground because they have secrets too. This is by far one of the most important parts of how this sentence makes people like you. Everyone wants to know someone on a deeper level and by telling a small secret about yourself you immediately create a connection. Connection helps you understand that person more. Just like when you make a connection with a subject in school, you will begin to understand the subject more and end up enjoying school. This works the same way with people.

Connection is everything! If you see people on YouTube or on any social media platform, you will see that the ones who prevail and do well on those platforms are the people who make strong connections with their audience. The world is filled with people putting on masks to cover up their secrets, so to tell a personal secret to someone about yourself you instantly build trust.

2. The second thing that happens from using this sentence is the person you are telling the secret to feels special. This is because they feel like they are in an elite group because no one else knows this about you. They can’t help but feel special because if no one else knows this about you then the person you are telling your personal secret to has to feel special. When you make someone feel special, they instantly like you.

When you boil down attraction to simple logic, it all has to do with how you make someone else feel. It’s really not about the looks or status, it’s about how you make the other person feel. You can have all the looks and status but if someone doesn’t feel special or happy around you then they will not like you or begin to lose feelings. The reason why people want the most beautiful girl or the most handsome guy in the world is because they feel special from having someone so attractive. It’s not really strictly about the looks, it’s about how the looks could make the other person feel about themselves.

Sure looks can get you on the first date but that is all the looks can get you is into the door. How you make the other person feel is what gets you the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th date and possibly marriage.

3 Rules To Follow When Using This Sentence

  1. Don’t use this sentence when you first meet someone because you will come off as weird and creepy. Wait until the 3rd or 4th interaction with the person you want to like you.
  2. Actually tell a real secret about yourself. It doesn’t have to be your deepest darkest secret but it has to be enough that this person generally feels like it’s a secret you shouldn’t tell a lot of people.
  3. Only disclose 1 secret about yourself. Full disclosure is bad and gets rid of the mystery of you. When it comes to attraction, mystery is very important.

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