What Synchronicity And The Repeating Numbers(11:11) Actually Mean.

Have you ever been getting ready for bed and you look at the clock and you see that it says 11:11pm and your first instinct is to make a wish. You may think that 11:11 is like genie but that is not the case. In this article we are going to cover what synchronicity is and what the repeating numbers really mean. Each repeating number means something else and is special.

We are only going to cover repeating numbers when it comes to time. We will cover all the numbers in a later post. We are only going to cover the repeating numbers on the clock because time rules us. Time is what gives our life structure, time is what helps us plan our day. Even if time didn’t exist(which it doesn’t) we would still find a way to plan our day on a structure circuit. Most likely we would plan our day based around the sun. We could figure how close we are to sunset just by where the sun is at during the day. So we would still find a way to tell time even without the clock.

DISCLAIMER: If it’s 11:10 and you are waiting for it to be 11:11, then this doesn’t count. It has to be spontaneous

What Is Synchronicity?

Synchronicity is an experience of two or more events that happen in a meaningful way, but which are causally not related. In order to be ‘synchronistic’, the events must be related to one another temporally, and the chance that they would occur together by random chance must be very small. In other words, synchronicity is a wink from the universe, telling you that you are on the right path. When I started go through a spiritual awakening and find my life purpose and meaning, I would always see 11:11pm/am, 1:11, 2:22, 3:33, 4:44, 5:55, and even though I didn’t really know what these numbers meant, I took it as the universe telling me to keep going.

The universe is made up of particles, which have properties such as charge and spin, but these properties are purely mathematical. Basically means that the universe is made up of codes and numbers. So when you see repeating numbers, it essentially means that there is a glitch in the matrix.

Everything in the universe is made up of codes and numbers.

Now before I get into the meaning of 11:11, 1:11, 2:22, 3:33, 4:44, and 5:55, let me say this: If you are constantly seeing these repeating numbers, on the clock, on your phone, on receipts, in your car, in the newspaper, THEN YOU ARE BECOMING AWAKE. The biggest reason behind these numbers is that you are becoming enlightened. You are transforming into your higher self, the person you were born to be. So don’t ignore these signs. I started to see more and more of these repeating numbers and meaningful “coincidences” when I started to change my diet, my lifestyle, my habits, and most importantly when I started to search for my life’s meaning and purpose. That was when the universe was basically hitting me in the face with these synchronizations

Everything In The Universe Is Connected In One Way Or Another

You are reading this post because you probably have been seeing these repeating numbers too and you want someone to shed some light on it. Well, you have came to the right place.

What Is The Meaning Behind Seeing 11:11?

11:11 means to become more conscious, become more present with the things you are doing right now.

It also means that your spirit guide is contacting you telling you are on the right path. So if you see 11:11 throughout the day or week then you are on the right path, keep doing what you are doing. Actually, don’t just keep doing what you are doing, GO DEEPER, Go HARDER.

What Is The Meaning Behind Seeing 1:11?

The number one is the strength number. 1:11 means that things are coming together in your life. Even though you feel as though things aren’t and they are falling apart, just be patient and watch your life unfold into something amazing.

Don’t get discourage because you feel that every thing may be temporarily falling apart. Things have to fall apart to become together. BE PATIENT

What Is The Meaning Behind Seeing 2:22?

2:22 means make your mark on the earth. Make your mark in your career and in your personal life. Leave your mark in all aspects of life.

What Is Our Purpose On The Earth? To me our purpose is to create. Create art, create music, create love, create feelings, create solutions, create happiness, procreate, create more life.

So 2:22 goes hand and hand with create, how do you want to be remember on the earth. You die twice, once when you are buried and second time when someone says your name for the last time. So essentially, you could never die even when you are in the grave. You could be alive forever. Like some of the greats, like Tupac, Michael Jackson, Steve Jobs, are still alive because no one has stop saying their names. They are always being talked about. So they are still living in spirit because people talk about them like they are still alive.

When you create something that changes someone’s life for the better then you change the whole world. Because in that one person is a whole world and to take it even deeper, when you change their life for the better, they then take what you did to change them and use that to change the next person for the better, and on and on and on.

Ralph Emerson says: “The creation of thousands forest is in a single acorn”

What Is The Meaning Behind Seeing 3:33?

The number 3 is the trinity number.

3:33 means that the ascension spirits are working with you on all levels to make your dreams become reality.

So what dreams do you have right? What types of goals do you have set out for yourself? WRITE THEM DOWN NOW. Whenever you see 3:33, I suggest you say your dream to yourself or out loud. This way you can affirm your dreams.

Disclaimer: I am going to talk about religion for a second.

Jesus died at 33 years old and he ascended into heaven on the 3rd day after his death. We also have 33 vertebrates in our spine. Everything is connected to numbers

What Is The Meaning Behind Seeing 4:44?

The number 4 is an angel number.

4:44 means that angels are supporting you, and guiding you in your life’s journey, so follow your intuition. Whatever pull you feel, you should follow it. Your intuition is always right, because it is your guardian angel guiding to your life’s purpose and helping you choose the right things in life.

Image result for angels spiritual

What Is The Meaning Behind Seeing 5:55?

5:55 means that change is coming your way and or telling you to change yourself and things in your life. Change is inevitable, the only way you can succeed and grow in life is through change. That is why Amazon is so successful, because they are always changing. The companies that aren’t in business anymore are the ones that didn’t change. They never change their business model, so they went out of business.

We live in a world where everything is constantly changing, and if you don’t change and adapt with it, you will get left behind.

There is a book called Who Moved My Cheese, where the author talks about 4 different mice and it talks about change. Someone moves their cheese and the one mouse doesn’t change and move with the cheese, and the other mouse moves with the cheese and the changes, and that is the mouse that gets more cheese. The one who doesn’t change, gets no cheese.

This cheese represents, money, love, relationships, health, happiness. The cheese could even represent material items.

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If you don’t like change, this book will help you move with the change and grow with the change.

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