The Most Powerful Thing Any Man Can Do (Shocking)


In this article, we are going to discuss what is the most powerful, yet most important thing any man can do today. The information you are going to learn about is going to be shocking to you if you haven’t heard of what we are discussing. What you will learn about may sound foreign to you but it will make sense in the end of the article. Also it will make more sense when you experience it first hand like I have.

DISCLAIMER: This Article Is Directed Towards Men Only, But Women Will Still Learn From This Article. / It Is Recommended That You Are 18 Or Older Before Reading This Article, Although I Wish I Knew What I Knew In This Article When I Was Younger.

What Is Life Force?

Life force is the energy used to create another human being. It is the force within a man to combine with a women’s life force to create another life. To this day it still amazes me that we can create another life with little or no effort. No one really thinks about what it goes into creating another human being.

Where Does This Life Energy Come From And Get It’s Resources From?

This energy comes from a male testes, and this life force has to get it’s energy from you, from your body. You lose so much vitality when you release this life force. Just by releasing this life force once, you wasted/used 200 to 500 million sperm cells. That is enough sperm to to recreate the whole United States population if reciprocated by a egg that was fertilized just by releasing your life force one time. So it’s no wonder why you immediately fall to sleep after releasing this life force during intercourse. The pillow looks more attractive to a man after the release of this life force than his partner does.

In french they call this La petite mort or in other words “Little Death”. La petite mort is an expression which means a short loss or weakening of consciousness. After the release of this life force energy, the sensations is similar to death. You are tired, unfocused, unmotivated, you don’t want to do anything. You just want to sleep. In the animal kingdom, many animals die after sex. We are lucky enough that this is not the case for us.

How Your Life Force Is Like The Hoover Dam:

Hoover Dam

This is an example I came up with: Picture your life force(semen) as like the Hoover Dam. When you are able to stop this life force energy from being released, you can become a very powerful man. It’s like the Hoover Dam because the Hoover Dam stops the flow of Lake Mead and it sends the water down to seventeen turbines creating electricity for over a million homes in Las Vegas. You and your body is the Hoover Dam and the water is your semen. When you stop from releasing this vital energy, it gets reabsorbed, and it improves your overall emotional, physical, and mental health. You begin to redirect this sexual energy to build empires, a better life, a bigger bank account, and a more joyful life through sex transmutation. It also helps you have more self control and discipline, the two the essential keys to success and happiness.

Now I know what you are probably thinking. Won’t I get blue balls? That is only a myth. Your body reabsorbs the semen that is not used and nourishes the body.

Where Did All Men Go?

There was an article on talking about where did all men go? It is beginning to seem like men are becoming soft(no pun intended) but why is this? I believe it is because all men are distracted by so many sexual images on the internet. Before you could only find explicit content only on explicit websites but now explicit content is all over social media. I had to take a step back from social media to get a new view on it. People are half to almost fully naked on social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter nowadays.

Here’s The Issue With Social Media Being So Explicit:

When men even women see something sexual on social media(I am saying social media because most of the world is on social media, so it affects most of the population) their sexual energy starts to circulate and most men don’t know to cultivate this energy so they immediately get the urge to get rid of it. So they go and release their life force, leaving them satisfied for very little time, creating a vicious cycle of men releasing their vital energy. We sacrifice seconds of pleasure for days to weeks to months to years of pain.

This vital energy has so much minerals, proteins, and enzymes, the essential nutrients to create another life. Instead of reabsorbing this energy, it gets wasted, draining you of your energy, masculinity, creativity, and focus. This also drains your testosterone, the male hormone that is a key hormone for muscle growth, hair growth, sex drive, better looking appearance and making a male masculine.

Men are half a man their grandpa was and the next generation will be a half a man of their grandpa. Creating a future of weak men, if men don’t know how to hold their life force in and to cultivate it and use it to build their empire. This energy could be use to love your spouse better, to create, to build a business, to create art, to even just have a more quality life. When you drain this energy everyday through ejaculation, you are essentially draining yourself, draining your marriage, draining your love, draining your business, draining your health, draining your wellness, draining your mental health, draining your entire life. Your body uses so much energy to create this life force in the first place.

That is why I believe men don’t live as long as women because of this simple fact. Men don’t know how to cultivate their sexual energy and use it for something more than pleasure, not just to waste it through meaningless sex. At the end of the day, pleasure is not happiness.

Western Culture

You don’t know what you don’t know. Growing up in the western culture(United States) we were taught, often not by our parents but through watching pornographic material. They teach you that every time you interact with a women you must release your seed. You may think women want you to release it but that is incorrect. It takes you less than 10 minutes to get to an orgasm but it may take women up to 30 minutes to get to that point. So that is why marriages fail in the bedroom because men finish quickly and then fall asleep, leaving women unsatisfied with men.

Eastern Culture

Primarily Hinduism, Taoism and Tantrism teaches that you should only have sex with someone you love. When you have intercourse with someone, you are exchanging energy. So if you interact with many different women over months on end and if one woman has depression then you will be left feeling depressed. Also if another woman or even man has anger problems you are going to feel angry after sex with them. Men should not release their life force during sex. Men should be able to cultivate this energy and use it for other important things in his life. Men are still able to have orgasms but orgasm without ejaculation.

The Study On Nematodes And How Important Your Life Force Energy Is To Your Health

There was a study on three groups of nematodes. The first group was able to participate in sex with ejaculation(western culture) and the second group was to be celibate and not participate in any sexual activity. Then the third group could participate in sex but it was only non-ejaculatory sex. The results were shocking.

The first group lived only 8 days

The second group lived 11 days

The third group lived 14 days(50% of the first group)

It goes to show that you could live longer if you cultivate this life force energy but you will live even longer if you can cultivate your seed while circulating your sexual energy. You know what they say, you if you don’t use it you’ll lose it. If you don’t circulate your sexual energy it will get stuck, often stuck in your head.

How I Went Celibate For Over A Year On Accident.(Personal)

Over a year ago have been looking into more about the male body and sex, which one lead me into semen retention. Where one could feel many benefits from not watching pornographic material and not draining their seed. When I felt all the benefits from practicing this, I was shocked. To test that it wasn’t a placebo effect, I decided to release my life force and the negative effects it had on me was bad. I felt unmotivated, tired, not being able to focusing, and not wanting to be social. So I realized it this was a real thing. In one year, I wrote and published a book, started a brand, YouTube channel and website for the brand. That was when I realized how important and powerful this practicing of semen retention was that I didn’t want anyone to drain this from me, so I unintentionally went celibate for over a year. Shifting my focus from women to focusing on my career and building an empire. You’d be shocked how the quality of my relationships with women increased. I started to appreciate women so much more, the way I should of been the whole time.

So after a year of being celibate, I realized that we are sexual beings, and that this energy needs to be used, I am not a monk. Everyone has needs and one of the basic human needs is sex. So that led me into reading about The Multi-Orgasmic Man by Mantak Chia.(one of the most powerful books)


This book changed my outlook on sex. I didn’t know a man could have sex with releasing their seed. A man can have multiple orgasm hence the title of the book without releasing anything. As a man we always looked at orgasm and ejaculation as one in the same. The thing is they are separate from each other. That shocked me when I first read and learned about that. When you can separate orgasm from ejaculation that is when you become a multi-orgasmic man and are able to not release your seed when you have sex. So you can go for hours if you wanted to. Instead of being done in ten minutes and falling asleep. You can have over sixteen full body orgasms if you want without ejaculating.(I bet you never heard that before) Full body orgasms are more pleasurable than normal ones. Orgasms start in the head first, that is why people can have wet dreams.

I have learn so much from that book, I feel that every man should read that book. It will change your entire life. GET THE BOOK BY CLICKING ON THE IMAGE.

THIS IS THE MOST POWERFUL AND IMPORTANT THING A MAN CAN DO. By holding in their life force and using it to create an amazing life for yourself and only release it when you are ready to create another life.(what it is meant for) You can still have sex but the goal is to not release your life force during sex. They call this Sexual Kung Fu.

Also every man should read The Way Of The Superior Man By David Deida. These are the two most important books, I feel every man should read.


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