How To Overcome Anxiety. The Anxiety Cure Blueprint

Are You Feeling Anxious Right Now?

Read this and you will get a grip on your mental health. Ultimately getting a new grip on your life and a new perceptive on anxiety.

I am going to cover the topic of anxiety because I feel like most of the world experiences anxiety in one form or another. So read a long and I will help you overcome anxiety in a few easy steps, the steps that helped me get over anxiety in record time.

Before getting into breaking down anxiety, we need to go a little deeper into discussing anxiety. Anxiety has a meaning behind it. Every time you feel anxious, it is because it is your body and the universe trying to tell you something. There is always a meaning behind it. You aren’t just anxious for no reason. For example, if you are at your house right now on the couch either on your phone or watching TV and you feel anxious. It is because that is your body telling you to get up and get out of the house. Go do something that enlivens your spirit, like going for a walk around your neighborhood. Go for a hike, go into nature, hangout with friends. Anxiety is telling you to change.

This next part is important so pay attention.

Anxiety is an excited feeling. Anxiety is your nervous system being excited. For example: Have you ever went on a big roller coaster before? What do you feel like right before you get on the roller coaster? Nervous? Excited? Heart is racing? That is anxiety and it isn’t bad. It’s an excited feeling. Those feelings go away as soon as you go down the first hill of the roller coaster

Anxiety is just the build up to something. To bounce off of the last paragraph, as soon as you are on the roller coaster, the feeling of anxiety goes away. It’s like if you have to speak in from of an audience. Hours to days, to weeks, to even months before, you are feeling anxious and nervous. As soon as you step up on stage and say: “Hello My Name Is” the feeling goes away. Anxiety is just the build up to something. What if a person came up to you and wanted to fight you or rob you? Do you think you are going to feel anxious? No because their is no build up, there is no thinking, you are just in the action. What if I told you that you are going to have to fight someone randomly on the street next week? I can almost guarantee you are going to feel anxious for a whole week. Now instead of being in the action without having time to think, now there is a build up and that is where the anxiety comes from. If one would just simply become fully present in this moment right now and for every moment then anxiety would cease to exist.

I used to experience a lot of anxiety in the past, some days were worst than others for me. There would be times where I’d be sitting in a classroom and I started to feel like my throat was getting tighter and tighter, where that lead to me having an anxiety attack. If you have ever experience an anxiety attack, it’s one of the the worst feelings you can have. It almost feels like you are dying. Your heart is out of your chest, you feel like your throat is closing, you feel tingly through out your body and your mind is racing.

Now I believe it is good you experience an anxiety attack at least once because now you know what they are and that they are harmless and you aren’t going to die.

Also if you haven’t experience one then the steps I layout for you, will help and prevent you from experiencing one.

The truth about anxiety is it is not bad or your enemy, it is actually your friend and aid to help you survive. For example, in the past, way before the 21st Century, we used to live around wild animals, that could kill us. So without anxiety coming to our aid, we could just walk outside and get attacked by a wild animal. Without having anxiety, we could lead ourselves into some real danger and possibly into an early grave. The issue with today’s anxiety is it confused because there is no real danger anymore but we watch things on TV and on the internet that makes us feel danger, causing you to go into fight or flight mode. There is many things that contribute to people’s anxiety but I can say most can be solved fairly easily, if you just take a step back and look at their habits and their thought patterns.

Our brain is designed to help us survive, not to make us happy. You must make yourself happy”

Pay Attention To This Next Part….

Most of our anxiety stems from our improper breathing habits, that changed over time. Just look at a little baby. Babies don’t have anxiety. If you ever seen a baby sleep, their breathing is from their stomach. If you are familiar with anxiety then you understand that you feel it from your chest. Anxiety is experienced in the body first then in the mind. So we have to change our breathing from our chest down to our belly. If you can do just this simple thing, you can conquer anxiety anytime of the day. For me, this has been a game changer.

Pro Tip: Anytime you are feeling all the symptoms of anxiety, the truth is: It only last for 90 seconds, if it last for longer than that, it is because you are overthinking and playing this scary movie in your head. Take six deep breaths in from the nose and out through the mouth. This will help you connect to the frontal lobe of the brain.

How To Beat Anxiety Once & For All:

1. Change your breathing from your chest to your stomach or diaphragm

Deep breathing from the base of your spine is a game changer. This is the most important step for beating anxiety. Often times when someone is on the urge of an anxiety attack, I know for me at least, it is because I am focused on the pressure in my chest. You have this pressure in your chest because you are doing too much shallow breathing. Shallow breathing is breathing from the chest. When you breath from the chest, you only are filling the upper part of your lungs. The deep belly breathing, brings the breathing down to the lower part of the lungs. So you can fill the whole lung.

  • This will help eliminate all the pressure from your chest
  • This is a very important step
  • You can apply this step right now
  • When all other things fail, this will be your saving grace.
  • A couple deep breaths from your stomach will get rid of your anxiety

2. Adding more vegetables and fruit to your diet. (especially things with magnesium in them, like leafy greens and omega 3s)

If you aren’t eating right, then you aren’t thinking right, then you aren’t feeling right, then your overall life suffers.

  • The junk foods we eat provoke our anxiety (candy, sodas, greasy foods)
  • Anything artificial we eat can contribute to your anxiousness
  • Consuming high amounts of sugar is bad for anxiety
  • Foods with magnesium will calm your nerves

3. Start Meditating (this changed my life)

Meditation has taught me how to just let go and sit with anxiety. When you try to resist and run away from anxiety, the anxiety gets stronger. Resistance makes stronger. Like building a muscle, you have to resist and fight the pulling of muscle fibers to make micro-tears in the muscle, so it can rebuild to make stronger. When you curling a weight, you are resisting, so you can strengthen the muscle.

I remember the one time when my anxiety was at it’s peak. I had a meeting scheduled this one day and I was sitting in the lobby waiting for the head guy to come out to walk me into the meeting. At the time, I didn’t know this but the meeting was scheduled for a different day. My phone just died and I couldn’t leave because I didn’t want to miss the meeting. I sat face to face with this anxiety for damn near an hour, there was no running away. At the end of the hour my anxiety went away and that was the turning point of my life. I left and rescheduled the meeting. When I was able to sit with this anxious feeling and not resist it, it fully went away. When you surrender to anxiety and just let go, you will find that the feeling goes away. The more you resist it, the stronger it attacks you.

  • This will control your nerves
  • Meditating will make you calm
  • Makes you less anxious when you are alone because you know whats it like to sit with yourself
  • Makes things that were boring more fun and interesting
  • Helps you control your anger
  • Lets you reconnect with yourself and your feelings.

4. Daily Exercise

Everyday you wake up, you have enough energy to do a lot of things. When you don’t circulate this energy through your body, it gets stuck and where does it get stuck? In your head. This causes you to overthink and make you anxious. When you exercise, you keep this energy balanced.

  • When you don’t exercise for long periods of time, all your energy go to your head
  • This will help you get out of your head and into your body
  • Exercise will balance your energy
  • It is good for your body and mind
  • Releases Endorphins

5. Confront Your Death

Where do anxiety really stem from? It stems from people being scared of death. You are scared of snakes because you are scared it is going to bite you and kill you. You are anxious about airplanes because you afraid the plane is going to crash. All anxiety stems ultimately from death.

  • Most people’s anxiousness stems from the fear of dying
  • Understand that dying is inevitable
  • Once you come to terms with your mortality, your anxiousness will subside
  • Its the only thing promised in life

6. Limit Your Social Media Usage (Less Than 1 hour Per Day)

  • Social media creates a fear of missing out(F.O.M.O.)
  • It causes you to self loath because lets say you are having a bad day and then you go on social media and you see everyone else having a great day, it will make you feel even worse.
  • Too much social media is your happiness thief, because of the constant comparing of yourself to others.
  • Constant comparing yourself to made up personas.
  • According to a study from University Of Pennsylvania published in
    Journal of Social and Clinical Psychology when participants limited their social media usage down to 30 minutes a day for a three week period, at the end of the period they felt less anxiousness and little to no fear of missing out.
  • There is countless studies done showing that high usage of social media contributes to mental illness.

7. Decrease Your Intake Of Stimulant(Caffeine & Alcohol)

Stimulants excite the nervous system and like you read above, anxiety is an excited feeling.

Uncommon fact about alcohol: The first few drinks you have, acts as a stimulant to the brain and body, and after you go over this limit, it acts as a antidepressant. A side effect of alcohol is anxiety.

  • Stimulants increase your heart rate
  • Anxiety is when your nervous system is excited and stimulants “excite” the nervous system.
  • Stimulants are more likely to trigger anxiety attacks
  • You don’t naturally need stimulants
  • The 8th step will help you not be dependent on stimulants to function

8. Going To Bed Early & Getting Up Early

Going to sleep early and getting up early is the “coolest” thing you can do. You body and mind will thank you later. When you get a lack of sleep, you feel brain fog and sometimes anxiety makes you feel brain fog, so you may confuse being tired with being anxious. Also when you lack a healthy sleep, you will depend on stimulants like caffeine to keep you from falling asleep.

  • You will wake up feeling refreshed and naturally energized
  • You won’t have the need for stimulants
  • You will be more productive throughout the day
  • No need for naps anymore

9. Decrease Your Television Consumption

  • Too much Netflix will increase your anxiety
  • But it all depends on what you are watching on TV
  • The news, dramas, and scary shows and movies will increase your anxiousness and phobias
  • We watch television because we want to escape our problems but when we avoid our problems, they never get solved, which increases your stress
  • Too much inactivity will make all your energy go to your head.
  • Television is okay just in moderation (1 hour a day or less is what I recommend)

10. Gratitude

Being grateful is the magic for getting over anxiety. When I started to wake up and smell the roses and just appreciate life, that was when my anxiety fully subsided. Gratitude is so important for an overall great life.

  • Just practicing gratitude everyday will change your life
  • Gratitude with persistence could solve all your problems
  • By just stating in the morning and throughout the day that you are thankful for the things you are grateful for, will decrease your anxiety
  • Even if your life isn’t so good, you still have something to be grateful more

Now you have gotten all the keys that helped me good over anxiety, and just by practicing all 10 of these steps, you will beat anxiety for good. You shouldn’t try and do all 10 steps all at once. You should start with the first one and master that one first and then work your way down. Because “the jack of all trades is a master of none.”

After you master all of these steps, you will feel like this…..


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