The 1 Thing To Cure Anxiety Instantly

This Is The 1 Size Fits All Cure For Anxiety.

What is the number 1 mental illness in the world? Anxiety disorders. Anxiety is the most common mental illness in the world. Although anxiety at its core is a survival trait, to keep us alive for thousands of years, it becomes debilitating for millions of people who don’t know how to manage it.

In the 21st century of the daily basis of a person, our anxiety doesn’t need to work at all. We aren’t fighting off wild animals or killing them for food to survive. Practically anxiety doesn’t even need to be part of our trait due to how easy it is to survive nowadays. It’s almost effortless to survive due to the way the world is set up compared how it was before civilization.

So why are people more anxious than ever before? Over 250 million people suffer from it according to statistics of 2017 and this number has been increasing ever since. Our brains are getting fed artificial anxiety provoking stimuli, from things like the news, movies, TV shows, social media, and video games. Then you have stress on top this, from comparison of others, school, work, and finances. All of this could easy make a normal person anxious. The pressure from society’s expectations and your own expectations could really provoke anxiety.

Let’s Get Rid Of Your Anxiety Once And For All.

I made a post months ago that gave you 10 ways on how to cure anxiety, and I realized that may make you anxious trying to remember all of these tips. So here is one way to cure your anxiety instantly, no changing of the diet, no cutting off caffeine or alcohol, and no daily exercise.(although your overall lifestyle does effect it)

The 1 Way To Cure Your Anxiety Instantly:

All you have to do to get rid of your anxiety instantly is by belly breathing. Breathing from the stomach will decrease your anxiety every single time. 99% of the people in the world breathe from the chest. This method of breathing is incorrect. This is called shallow breathing.

Why Is Shallow(chest) Breathing Bad And Anxiety Provoking?

When we breathe in a shallow way, our body remains in a state of stress. Like I said earlier, too much stress is linked to anxiety and panic attacks. Then when you shallow breathe, you increase the activity in the Sympathetic nervous system. This system is responsible for fight or flight mode. Fight or flight mode is what gives the body an anxiety response or in other words, an emergency response.

Breathing from the chest locks in a habit of stress in the body and in the mind.

When you feel anxious, where do you feel it in the body? I know at least for me, I feel it in my chest first. So when you keep breathing from the chest, you will bring on more anxiety.

You can not breathe deep from the chest, because breathing deep would mean that you are breathing into the lower part of the lungs. Shallow breathing doesn’t reach the bottom of the lungs. So you aren’t getting the proper amount of oxygen.

The only way your breathing is consider deep is if you reach the bottom part of the lungs and the only thing that could reach this part of the lungs is belly(diaphragmatic) breathing.

How Does Belly Breathing Get Rid Of Your Anxiety?

Belly breathing has a different response in your Sympathetic nervous system than the chest breathing does. We said that chest breathing causes an increase of activity in the sympathetic nervous system, that leads to an anxiety response. Well, belly breathing decreases the activity in your sympathetic nervous system, causing you to remain calm and not enter a fight or flight mode or in other words, a panic attack.

Belly breathing will keep you calm even when in times of stress. For example, there was a time when I was super anxious, where I had to present in front of large audience. I didn’t know how to relax before going up on stage, so I started taking deep breaths from my stomach and after like 6 or so breaths, I was miraculously calm. The anxiety of presenting went away, the anxious feeling went away period. I was so shocked that I started to use this everyday to combat anxiety. It is like the magic pill to getting rid of anxiety.

The Truth About Your Current Breathing:

We are lucky because we don’t have to consciously breathe because if we had to then we would all be dead. Our breathing is automatic due to our medulla. It’s a blessing that can be developed into a curse if not aware of where your breathing is centered at.

We are born breathing from our stomachs as a baby. Then we grow up and our breathing automatically changes to the chest. I don’t have an exact answer for why this change gradually happens but I can only imagine it is from chronic exposure to stress. We need to train our breathing back to the stomach.

How To Change Your Breathing Back To Automatically From The Stomach:

I recommend you either do this in the morning or before bed. All you got to do is sit in a chair or laying on a bed and put 1 hand on your stomach and the other hand for counting. Start from 1 and take a deep breath from your stomach, feeling your belly go up and then flatten out. After your belly flattens out, this counts as 1 breath. You need to do this 100 times in row. A total of 100 breaths. Breathe in and out, feeling your stomach going out and then in, 100 times in a row.

By doing this exercise at least once a day, you will train your mind to make your breathing automatically from the diaphragm(stomach). This will help you stay calm at all times, even in stressful situations that normally would raise your anxiety.

Breathing from the stomach is the correct way to breath, even the American Lung Association says this. Breathing this way will change your life for the better. This is one size fits all for curing anxiety.

Thanks For Reading 🙂

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