The 2 Only Paths You Have To Pick From In Life

Choosing a path in life was something that have been pressed on us since grade school. Even today, many still contemplate their path or paths. There is a driving force behind everyone. There is something motivating everyone for the path they are currently on. It could be an unconscious force from society or conscious force from yourself and the people are you around.

Just like a GPS reroutes when you go down the wrong road, you can always reroute your path no matter how far or close you are.

From endless pondering and studying current and past people in history, I figured out that there are only two paths that we should choose from. This article is to not shape you into a career because your career will only be but a byproduct of the path you choose.

Here’s The 2 Paths Everyone Should Pick Between:

1.Get Married And Have A Family


2. Creative Monk (Ex. Nikola Tesla)

Family is amazing, I have seen some of the happiest people because they were apart of a family. I grew up with an Italian family and to Italians, family is everything. One of our biological needs as men and women is to reproduce. This need to reproduce being deep in our DNA is the one of the major driving force of why people do what they do or don’t do.

If you aren’t going to get married and make a family then one would suggest that you choose creative monk. When we say creative monk, we don’t mean a religious person meditating somewhere in the mountains all day. We mean someone who uses there energy to produce something to benefit the world. Behind all driving forces, the drive to create is the strongest drive we have. So if creating a family is not something that seems to fit you then doing something like making great paintings, music, writing a best selling book, creating a supplement, or even uncovering a scientific discovery is equal to creating a family. You are still creating something to benefit the world. Making a family benefits everyone in the family and everyone who comes in contact with the family.

Getting married and having a family is equal to writing a best selling book, creating music that people love or making an invention. Having a family or becoming a creative is the only two things worth of our power as humans. So if you don’t choose creative monk, you must choose to get married and have a family.

Every other path in between family and monk is garbage, it is unworthy of our great powers as humans. One path that I see a lot of people choose, especially women and men in their early twenties is hooking up. The hookup culture is one night stands and non-relationship sex. The hookup culture nowadays is crazy, a lot of people will choose this path. Splurging all their energy in their twenties and maybe even thirties, then when reality hits the surface, they are then filled with regret and sadness.

Why Is The Hookup Culture So Big?

The hookup culture is so big because hooking up offers immediate feedback and pleasure. As humans one thing that moves everyone of us is “feeling good.” We all are searching to feel good. If you don’t believe me look at your actions and the people’s around you actions. Everything they do outside of going to their job and working offers them pleasure. Some pleasures are stronger and weaker than others, but in one form or another, we receive pleasure. Even something so simple like writing this article gives me pleasure, it may not give me as much pleasure as playing video games or playing a sport but regardless I feel good. This may sound goofy but even signing your signature on something gives you pleasure.

The thing with hooking up, it offers you high pleasure. Being habitual as we are, we are going to repeat these actions. Rather than creating a business or amazing artwork, it doesn’t offer you instant pleasure and gratification. These type of things like creating, often take time with little to no pleasure and gratification until you finish creating. We are currently living in this instant gratification and instant everything age, we would rather pick the hooking up because it’s instant. Everything is instant, from talking, shopping, getting groceries, to entertainment, it is all at our finger tips. This then programs us to think that feeling good should be instant too.

The truth about the hookup culture is it may be fun and exciting in your twenties and thirties but you get nothing from it. You will look back at the time you “wasted” in your twenties and realize you have nothing to show for it. You are same person in the same place you were fifteen years ago, with just more stories to tell. People get sick of hearing about your late night hooks up after one or two stories anyways. It’s better to live the fast life through your friend’s story telling rather than to actually have wasted that time yourself.

The Power Of Creating A Family Or Being A Creative Monk:

To consolidate your energy in one direction with one person or by yourself is the most powerful thing you can do. You will get a lot of things done. Being unloyal to the person you’re with only offers distractions to anyone participating in this type of lifestyle. If one can stay loyal to one person who pushes you to become great, they will have a lot to show for their life when looking back. Or using this energy to spend time with yourself creating something that will benefit you and everyone it touches.

The amount you are able to achieve when you are only with one person or by yourself, thinking about creating is immensely more than the person who cheats, or wastes their energy through hooking up and partying.

It’s in the middle between family and celibate(a person who abstains from marriage and sexual relations) that nothing happens for that person. This is not a good place for someone to be. Especially for anyone who wants to make an amazing life for themselves and leave a mark on the earth in a positive way.

What Happens When You are Between Creative Monk And Family?

Between monk and family is someone who goes out to bars Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights, spending lots of money on alcohol and trying to meet girls or guys. This person could be not just someone who goes out, this person maybe be someone who spends all their time watching movies or playing video games all night and weekend. This person gives all their power and energy to these meaningless and useless activities. Then they are upset about their life when they become desensitized to partying and video games and the fun wears off.

In between family and monk is promiscuous and you’re losing your energy, giving all your power to meaningless things. This causes you to be lustful and when you are lustful, you are emotional and needy, making you all over the place.

If that one guy or girl on that Thursday, Friday, and Saturday night had been with only one woman or man at home reading, thinking, strategizing, and planning, or doing this by themselves in the batcave creating the next big thing that everyone would benefit from, their life would be so much better.

The Sad Truth About Choosing Paths:

Most people are not actively going to choose either paths. If they do eventually choose the family path, it is because it was an unconscious choice or because of society’s expectations created an urgency for them to choose this path but it will be later on in their life. Most are going to just focusing on going out, having fun, getting rejected and hooking up. Resulting in their valuable energy being wasted through meaningless one night stands.

How Did The Hookup Culture Start?

What started the hookup culture in my opinion was abortion and birth control pills. This very thing is what ruined men and women but on the same token saved a lot of men and women too. Birth control made sex casual and desensitizing. When you boil it all down, you will see that hooking up it’s only motive is to create another human life. Any other reason to hook up is turned into a meaningless and useless addiction.

There is a biological need for this but we aren’t our dogs. Meaning we can pick and subjugate to not lowering ourselves to this. I’m not saying not to hook up because I understand that it’s fun but just know that it’s completely useless and degenerate. Do it but just know you aren’t going to get anything from it. Everyone figures this out at some point in their lives.

So Which Path Will You Choose?

Family or creative monk? Or creative monk for a few years then create a family? Or Family first then creative monk? You aren’t locked into one path, you can be a creative monk for awhile, build up your legacy and then create a family. The choice is yours.


RIP KOBE BRYANT 8/23/1978 – 1/26/20

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