The 10 Most Powerful Life Lessons I’ve Learned.

We all have learned many life lessons throughout our lives, from good ones to bad ones but all and all they are lessons. I’m young being in my early twenty’s, and you are probably wondering how could someone have all these life lessons at such a young age? Even a ten year old person can have learned many lessons. It is all about your awareness and consciousness of the lesson. Some people may have been taught life lessons by others or from an experience but they may have not realized the lesson because of the lack of awareness. I have always been such a hyper-aware person. I always reflect on everything. Anytime I get into an argument with someone, right after I reflect on the argument. This creates an awareness on the what happened, what caused the argument, why they may have felt this way and why I felt another way. Anything could be turned into a life lesson if you become aware of it.

Were going to cut right to the chase and dive into the ten life lessons I have learned in the last several years of my life.

1st Life Lesson: Accountability Is The Main Component For Success Or Failure.

Having accountability for your life is the number one step to how your life turns out. Accountability means that become responsible for your life, for your actions, for your success, for your failures, for your mistakes, for your happiness, basically for every aspects of your life.

The lack of accountability is slowly diminishing because of parenting. Back in the day, parents were called helicopter parents. Which means that the parents would hover over their kids. That is exactly what all parents should be doing. They hover over their kids just enough that the kids can make their own mistakes but not ruin their life.

Nowadays parents are called lawnmower parents. Which means that the parents are paving the way for their kids. They do everything for them, they pick out their schools, pay for the schooling, anything they want the parents just buy it for them. Basically making the kids do nothing. So they grow up to have this entitlement and become egocentric, dependent kids. The kids depend on the parents for everything. If the kid messes up, the parents will clean up their mess.

Then when the kids grow up, they don’t know how to take responsibility for their lives. I realized how important accountability is for your success and for your entire life. If you don’t hold your self accountable for your life and how it turns out, then it will never turn out the way you want it to. Your life will turn out, the way the world wants it to for you.

Without accountability, you have no control of your life. You will have no control of your happiness, your life, and your success. It will all be controlled by external circumstances.

Its up to you to take accountability of your entire life and not depend on circumstances and your parents to make a life for you.

2nd Life Lesson: Focus Is The Rarest Skill

Focus is the number one skill in world. That is one thing that Bill Gates and Warren Buffett agrees on. Focus is so rare that if you acquire this skill then you are almost guaranteed to be successful. There is so many things that is fighting for your attention right now as you are reading this and as I’m writing this. You and I have so much freedom and access to anything that it practically drains our focus right out of us.

For example, I’m writing this article on my laptop and in the touch of button, I could go on to Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, or any other social media platform. Also I could play a game online, watch a Family Guy on the Hulu app, google random questions, and play music. All at the touch of a button and most of this is free to anyone. Most people have internet access because even if they don’t, they could go down to a Starbucks or a Panera Bread and get free internet access. So mostly everyone has internet available to them. This makes it so easy for us to get distracted and lost our focus.

The greatest skill I acquired was being able to focus, by just getting rid of the distractions and go into some deep work. Without focus, nothing great in the world would exist. Focus is the key to accomplishing goals. It’s becoming harder and harder to focus. More and more kids are being diagnosed with ADHD because the things that they used to be able to focus on, they no longer can. This is because of their brain being so stimulated from all this technology. Technology is amazing and it advances us but it’s our compulsiveness that is our makes technology bad. We get such a dopamine release from all these electronic things that we can’t focus on things that actually matter.

3rd Life Lesson: Formal Education Can Make You A Living, But Self Education Can Make You A Fortune.

Anyone who has ever made fortune were educated. With or without a degree they self educated themselves. Even after they got a degree in their field, they were still learning. Without self education no one will ever make a fortune unless they are born into riches.

Skills that can sell like marketing has to be learned first. You must get educated in marketing before you can become a marketer. I feel that you learn more when you go off on your own and educate yourself. I went to university for quite some time and I learned very little because they were teaching me things that I didn’t need to know. They were teaching me things that wouldn’t benefit me in the long term. It was all just to get a dime out of my pocket.

When I started to educate myself on my own, so many doors started to open up for me. The more you learn, the more you earn.

4th Life Lesson: Self-Limiting Beliefs Is The Only Thing Holding You Back.

Let me ask you a question: Can you play the piano?

What is your response to this? If you haven’t even seen a piano in your life, your answer is probably going to be: “I can’t.” That in and of itself is a self-limiting beliefs. You are creating a mental blockage on your mind, body, and abilities. Now I bet if you went and played the piano, you would probably be bad at it and never play it again.

Your answer should be: “I don’t know, lets find out.” This is giving your abilities a chance and not creating a blockage. Just like people who want to be rich and successful. Most people don’t become rich and successful because they cast a self-limiting beliefs upon themselves. They think they can’t be rich because their family isn’t wealthy, their family isn’t doctors, they’re not smart enough, they’re not confident enough, they’re not good looking enough, there is endless reason why you think you can’t have what you want.

Often times, people will cast their own self-limiting beliefs onto others because they aren’t confident enough in their selves that they fear that the other person will make it and they won’t. Most people want you to have self-limiting beliefs so they don’t have to can uncomfortable and take action.

If you don’t have what you want right now it is because of yourself and limiting beliefs. Anyone can be a millionaire and be happy. You just have to believe in yourself, and simply that’s all it takes.

5th Life Lesson: Pleasure Is Not Happiness

Lets just hit you with this: Pleasure will not make you happy.

I just recently learned in this. I used to chase pleasure all the time, through video games, through social media, through women, through partying, through food. It was endless for me and I bet it’s endless for you too. To test this theory, I went on fast of these pleasures, where I basically just went cold turkey. Then after some time, I went back to the things that once brought me pleasure and I realize that it actually doesn’t make me happy. It was crazy because I actually felt sad after getting that pleasure again.

We trade seconds of pleasure for hours to days to weeks to months of pain. Anytime there is pleasure, it is always followed by pain, never happiness. I learned that the hard way.

Society is focused on obtaining pleasure. You can even say we are pleasure centered. We are basically chasing our own tails into a never ending cycle because pleasure doesn’t bring you happiness, it never will.

6th Life Lesson: If Your Problem Can Be Solved By Money Then It’s Not A Real Problem

This lesson comes from Dean Graziosi from his book Millionaire Success Habits. Most of the world’s problems come from money. People who don’t have a lot of money will look at money as evil. Money is not the root of all evil, poverty is. To prove a point, take a wealthy person and then take a poor person. Which one is more likely to rob a bank or steal? It’s more likely the poor person will commit the crime. Most rich people give more than they take, and most poor people take more than they give. It’s just the truth.

Money is only the root of all evil when you have little money. Just like a lot of marriages ending in divorces because of money problems. It’s 75% because they have a shortage of money because one spends more than the other while the other person is trying to save.

If you can write a check and solve your problems then you don’t got real problems.

One point question: If you had all the money in the world, would you still have the same problems? I bet your answer is a no. Someone who has an anxiety disorder or depression could stem from not having enough money. A lot of this mental disorders come from teens in school. They got to go to school and get a degree so they can graduate and make money right out of school. And if they don’t then they are consider a loser. This would cause mental disturbances because now these kids are taking any job because they need money.

Let’s boil it down, everything we do evolves around money and if you don’t have enough, you feel bad.

7th Life Lesson: Your Perception Dictates Your Life.

“When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”

If you want to change your life, then you need to change your perception of it. It’s all how you look at your life and your situation. It can either make your bitter or make your better.

Let’s take a story I got from Tony Robbins: There was two twin boys, both with the same father who was an alcoholic drunk who beat the twin boys. The one boy grew up to be a successful CEO of a company and the other boy grew up to be a convict in jail. How is this so? The exact same twin boys with the same everything, same body, same father. But both grew up with exactly opposite lives.

This is because of their perception of their life. Someone interviewed both the CEO and the convict in jail. They asked the CEO: “How did you get here?” “How could I not get here, my dad was a drunken alcoholic?” The CEO replied. Then they asked the convict in jail the same question. He then replied, “How could I not get here, my dad was a drunken alcoholic?” Both boys responded with the same answer but with two different perspectives. The CEO focused on where he wanted to avoid, he didn’t want to end up like his father. Then the convict in jail focused on where he want to go, basically following in his father’s foot steps.

You may be looking at the same thing as someone but they may see it completely different than you do. Perception will dictate where you are going in life and how your life turns out.

8th Life Lesson: Things That Are Good For You In The Short Term, Are Bad For You In The Long Term.

Take Trey and Jared, two overweight people for example. They both are on this mission to lose weight but they both do it differently. Trey basically starves himself, he barely gets in 1,200 calories and he works out twice a day, seven days a week. So it’s good for him in the short term because he loses the weight in under three months.

Then you have Jared who diets correctly, he eats over 2,500 healthy calories and works out once a day for five days a week. Now it’s bad for Jared in the short term because it takes him over ten months to lose all the weight he wanted. In the long term his mental health and physical health is stronger than ever. Jared created a lifestyle for himself. He keeps the weight off and he lives a well balanced life. Trey suffers in the long term because he loses the weight quickly but his mental health and physical health suffers because he ends up zig-zagging, where he takes the weight off, then he puts it back on, all in one year. Trey will probably spend his whole life gaining weight and then losing it, and gaining weight and then losing it and on and on.

Then you have two students named Lucas and Xavier, who both want to be successful. Lucas suffers in the short term because he is constantly studying and doing work for school, so he has no time for play. Lucas doesn’t party at all. Then you have Xavier who gets awarded in the short term because he parties and enjoys his life at school but doesn’t spend anytime studying. Lucas ends up getting awarded in the long term because he gets a position in his dream job. But Xavier ends up suffering in the long term because he ends up going another year at school, so ultimately spending more money on tuition and then has to settle for a job that he doesn’t really like because he has to pay off his loans from school. So Lucas suffered in the short term but was awarded in the long term. While Xavier was awarded in the short term but suffered in the long term.

I just recently learned this lesson in my life. I could either work hard and suffer in the short term or I could play more than work and suffer in the long term. It’s always a trade off. I’d rather not play now, and sacrifice my play, so I can be good in the long term. That’s when I can finally play on my own terms.

9th Life Lesson: Know Where You Want To Go In Life.

Without knowing where you want to go, you are like a ship without a GPS or without a captain steering the boat. Eventually the boat runs out of gas and gets lost out in the middle of sea. Without a sense of direction, life becomes meaningless.

When someone doesn’t have goals or direction, they revert back to searching for meaningless pleasures, through partying, video games, watching TV, and eating junk food. They try to find meaning through these pleasures.

A dog is always so happy because they have a goal. Dogs have two goals: loving their owner and chasing the stick after you throw it. Every species on this planet is goal oriented. If you don’t believe me then go outside and watch the animals in nature. They all have some sort of mission. The bird’s goal is to get the worm, and the squirrels goal is to get nuts. Every animal has a sole purpose but then you have us, some have a purpose, others are looking for one, and some don’t have one and could careless.

Here’s the brutal truth: If you don’t know where you want to be at in five years then you are already there.


10th Life Lesson: Take Action, And Don’t Sleepwalk Through Life.

You can pray and pray and wish and wish for success or for love but it might never come. Action is the catalyst for change and developing an amazing life.

Life doesn’t happen to us, we happen to life. So if you don’t take action then your life doesn’t change or get better. Most people just sleepwalk through life, just hoping that one day someone will come around and sweep us off our feet. We are hoping that one day you will get approached by a company and get asked to work for them. We are hoping that one day our boss will give us a promotion and a raise. Most people just spend their whole life hoping and wishing for things to happen to them.

Here’s another brutal truth: If you are waiting to get asked out, if you are waiting for the right job to fall in your lap, if you are waiting to start that company, if you are waiting til your money is right to take that leap, then YOU WILL BE WAITING FOREVER.


You can read all the books you want, you can go to all the seminars you want, you can take all the courses you want, but without taking action nothing will happen. SO TAKE ACTION TODAY.

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