How The Plant-Based Diet Changed Me

I was always skeptical on the plant-based diet, I always thought that if you go plant-based then you might as well just quit lifting weights and trying to gain muscle. While in the back of head I knew that eating meat and processed foods with grease and oil were bad.

Here’s the thing: If you are eating meat and processed foods everyday then your body gets adjusted to that type of eating style, so this habit becomes normal. Now you take begin to label yourself as a coffee drinker because of your low energy. You think that this is just you being your normal self. I made it a mission that everyday I find more and more ways to improve my life. When I begin to improve my life, I begin to improve everyone else’s life around me.

Most people when they want to improve their life, they start with their diet and eating habits. THAT IS THE BEST PLACE TO START. Before I changed my diet from just eating on the go, and eating anything I had a craving for to being more strict on what I put into my body. I started out trying to change my mind and thoughts and that works to an extent. It wasn’t until I changed my diet to eating whole foods and only things grown from the earth(whole foods are organic foods that haven’t been processed) was when I noticed a big increase in my overall health. I started to feel better, I began to have more energy, I didn’t need my normal caffeine intake everyday. Every part of my life started to improve.

Unknown Correlation: People who are overweight and obese are poor and living in poverty.

The goal was to improve every aspect of my life, that’s with relationships, my health, my finances, my mind, and everything else. I realized that a lot of these improvements begin with improving your diet first. The truth is if you aren’t eating right, then you aren’t feeling right, then you aren’t thinking right, now you aren’t making the right decisions in different parts of your life. When one can take a step back and think clear then one can get a better grip on their life and improve it. If you aren’t thinking clear then you aren’t producing high performance results.

If you want to produce high performance results when you must eat high performance foods, packed with vital nutrients.

What Do You Think Rich, Successful People Eat?

I can put everything I own on the fact that they aren’t eating junk food. They are eating food that is good for their mind and body. Like green juices, fruit smoothies, vegetables, fruits, grains, nuts, even some healthy meats at moderate. A rich person knows that a bad diet causes their business to lose money. A healthy diet with foods rich in nutrients is the first step to a rich life.

So I went almost a year of eating healthy foods with the occasional guilt-free pizza. But there was something that was holding me back from feeling optimal condition. I would still feel a little anxious and tired at times. So I took a step back and looked at what could be causing this. I realized what was causing this was the meat I was eating. I was eating brown rice chicken bowls with veggies. 9 months ago, I had this realization. Eating the meat was making me feel tired and anxious. Energy can never die, it only be transferred. These chickens are being put into a tight slaughterhouse where they come to get cut up. When they are being prepared for food in the tight slaughterhouse, they are in fear, nervous, and even sad. So that energy is being transferred into you. Now you are in fear, nervous and sad because of the energy from the chicken you just digested. Food creates our mood. 75% of Serotonin is produced in our gut, and serotonin is a neurotransmitter that stabilizes our mood. This neurotransmitter is the most sensitive to the food we eat. Serotonin regulates anxiety and happiness. So the food you eat is directly responsible for how you feel.

I didn’t know for sure until I took meat of my diet. So I decided to try one month without meat and see how I felt. The results were amazing. I have been on the plant-based diet, with no meat for over 9 months and I feel like a superhuman. My mind is the clearest it’s ever been. I feel like I think on a much higher level. I wake up with so much energy and I go to bed still feeling energized. I lost some weight but I still gain muscle. I am not jacked like a body builder on a chicken and beef only diet but I am thinking like I am a CEO of a company. That is how you will feel too.

Meat is cancerous, artery clogging and bad for your health when digested all the time. An example of this is the KETO DIET. There has been many deaths from the keto diet. The keto is high fats and many meats with low to none carbs. This diet clogs your arteries and could leave you with heart disease at 25. The keto diet is a loaded discussion, so I will save that for another article.

When you are only eating high vibration foods with live enzymes in it, you become electric. These alkaline foods are electrical, so you after every healthy meal, you get up buzzing with electricity. This may sound esoteric but that’s how I feel.

You are are probably wondering….

How Do You Get Your Protein Without Eating Meat?

Protein is in everything, I bet if you look at every box you have in your house right now, you would at least see one gram of protein in every box. Protein in meat is the second phase of protein. To explain: Steak has a lot of protein in it right? Around 62 grams of protein. Steak comes from a cow and where does the cow get its protein from? Cows eat hay and grass(plants.) That is the first phase of protein. Protein stems from plants, not meat. The cow is getting their protein from plants, so you can get your protein from their body parts. Your body can only digest less than 30 grams of protein every hour. So when you eat a steak that has 62 grams of protein in it, your body is only using 30 grams of it tops. The excess protein gets stored as fat. So are you actually gaining muscle or are you just gaining fat over the muscle? Depending on the person, you might be doing a little bit of both. There is so many plant-based foods with high protein in it. Like chickpeas, quinoa, spirulina, hempseed, peanuts, and many others.

Let’s Go A little Deeper…

Are We Design To Eat Meat Or Plants?

Look at a lions teeth and look at our teeth. Lions and tigers are meat-based animals. Their teeth have the canines or for lack of better words, the fangs. Our teeth don’t have the fangs. Maybe in the next evolution of humans, we might grow the big canines like lions for eating meat because of how much meat we eat already. Right now as we speak, we are plant-based human beings according to our design. Check out the picture below for proof.

A carnivores are lions and tigers who eat meat and a herbivore are monkeys, sheep, rhinos, etc. Herbivore eat plants only. Now look at their teeth in the image above. We have teeth like herbivores. You might disagree with me but you can’t disagree with our design.

There is an amazing book called How Not To Diet By Dr. Greger. The doctor who wrote this book talks about his grandma developing end-stage heart disease, its a term describing an advance heart failure. The author’s grandma had so many bypass surgeries that they ran out of plumbing. In the hospital the doctors told her that there is nothing they can do. Her life is over at age 65. Then she heard about Nathan Pritikin and the plant-based lifestyle. Her story was documented in Pritikin’s biography. The grandma got put on a plant-based diet and exercised daily in this live-in program, where they wheeled in and she ended up leaving the program walking. From being confide to her wheelchair to being able to 10 miles a day. She even went on to live 31 one more years until 96 years old, all because of the change in her lifestyle and diet.

People rely on drugs and pill to save them. Patients think that these pills are 20 times more effective than they actually are. These drugs actually have little benefit for patients. Changing up our diet is safer, cheaper, and more effective for reversing some of the leading causes of death than drugs. THIS IS BECAUSE YOU ARE TREATING THE ACTUALLY CAUSE OF THE DISEASE INSTEAD OF MASKING OVER THE SYMPTOMS WITH DRUGS. Dr. Greger the author of the book talks about how not to die from 15 different leading death causing diseases. “The majority of premature death and disability is preventable with a plant-based diet and other health lifestyle behaviors.” These words were directly from Dr. Greger.

The healthiest diet minimizes the intake of: Meat, eggs, dairy and processed junk. Even though I still enjoy my pizza, cheese, and chocolate within reason.

The healthiest diet maximizes in the intake of: Fruits, veggies, beans, whole grains, nuts and seeds, mushrooms, herbs and spices.

To simplify, eat everything that is grown from the earth.

There is only one diet that has been proven to reverse heart disease and that is the plant-based diet. This diet can even cure diseases like cancer and other fatal diseases like high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes. Most deaths in the U.S are preventable and related to nutrition.

According to the Global Burden Of Disease Study: The number 1 cause of death is our diet. The number 1 cause of disability is our diet. Smoking is number 2. Our diet is still number 1.

There is a disconnect between science and the practice of medicine. Instead of buying the best health insurance around, you could just buy and eat healthier foods. So you won’t need to pay for the best health care around. When you are eating the best health care around…… a good diet. A healthy diet is your health insurance, insuring that you won’t need to go to the hospital. I have been eating healthy for over a year and half and I haven’t got a cold in over a year and a half. The food we eat is our medicine. Nature puts the medicine right in the foods we eat.

Click the image below to buy the book.

I’m not a licensed doctor, so I can’t say that the plant-based diet is one size fits all diet but I know for someone who grew up eating processed junk, and lots of meat, the plant-based diet changed me forever. I will never go back to eating junk food and meat. I feel amazing and look more vascular and feel like my heart is pump more clean blood throughout my body.

Most people when they want to try something new, they dabble with it and they research about it until their fingers fall off. I didn’t do anything research, I just decided that I’ll be the study, and find out for myself. So don’t do too much research, just it out for yourself. One would recommend trying it for a week and see how you feel.

A plant-based diet has been the best thing I ever did.


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