This Is Why You Aren’t Free. How To Achieve Freedom.

What you choose to know about freedom and how to live more free may be altered after reading this article. We all want to live more free. We all want financial freedom, physical freedom, mental freedom, and spiritual freedom but how does one get this type of freedom?

Growing up, based off of myself and the people’s around me knowledge about achieve freedom was that to be free, you can’t be tied to any job, any career, any person, any comfort, any environment, so simply you can’t be tied to anything. I always thought freedom was waking up with no alarm clock, no intention for the day, just hopping out of bed whenever I felt like it. If I felt like playing FIFA on the PS4 all day then I can, if I felt like watching the whole Harry Potter series then I can, if I felt like laying in bed all day then I can, if I felt like going to beach all day then I can. I always thought this was freedom. Being free was just living off of an reactive state, where I did things based off of my feelings, motivation and based off of the influence of my environment.

I felt this was freedom up until this year. What I thought about freedom was forever altered. Were going to just jump right into this article and explain the one and only way to achieve freedom.

The only way to achieve freedom and live more free is to construct out your day and restrict yourself from things. When we don’t restrict ourselves from things, we then become compulsive to that material thing. If that is watching TV, playing video games, eating junk foods, hanging out with people, and intercourse. None of these things listed are bad but they can be if consumed in a compulsive manner. People often blame technology for their problems, for their mental and physical problems. It’s NOT technology that is the problem, because technology only advances us. It’s our compulsiveness to that technology. Most people can’t just check one email and be done, most people can’t just check their notifications on social media and be done, most people can’t just have one Oreo and put the bag away. We become compulsive to everything around us. We check all of our emails, even the promotion emails to get to go us to their website to buy their junk. We scroll through our feed after checking our notifications. We have a whole row of Oreos. This lack of restriction is what is holding you back from your freedom.

When you don’t restrict yourself from anything, you become less free. The paradox of it is when you start restricting yourself to things, you become more free. If one could just have one pizza and be done, then one frees themselves from the potential self slavery. Or if you could say: “This is my guilt-free meal, I will eat until I am full then be done. Then the next meal I will go back to restricting myself.” That is how you become free.

THE PERSON WHO RESTRICTS THEMSELVES THE LEAST, BECOMES A SLAVE TO EVERYTHING AROUND THEM. This lack of exercising discipline and will power makes you a slave to any stimuli that comes in your sight. You are allow to eat pizza or chocolate but in moderation, not every other meal.

I noticed when I first started to gain a sense of freedom when I started to restrict myself from certain foods. I first exercised this discipline by going cold turkey and just restricting myself from all bad foods. I would have to tighten my tie and walk pass that pizza many times. I LOVE pizza, so it was extremely hard to walk pass a whole pie without eating it but I did. It wasn’t that I wanted to lose weight, I just didn’t want to be a slave to everything around me. Then this bled into other parts of my life like video games and TV. I started to restrict my usage of those things. I started to put a lock on my phone where my apps are locked until 11am then they unlock for one hour, so I can do all my posting and creating then it locks back up. So instead of me just wasting hours on hours of just consuming content and scrolling, I used that time to better myself and increase my knowledge.

So after some time of restricting myself and exercising my will power against things that I was once addicted to, then I went back to the TV, video games, and scrolling on social media. To my surprise, I realized it didn’t make me happy and I wasn’t getting the same dopamine release I once was getting before. That was when I noticed a shift in my life. I felt supreme freedom. I was no longer a slave to those things that once made me a slave. Freedom is when you can go into a bar, have one beer and leave. Freedom is when you can have a slice of pizza and be done. Freedom is when you can watch one episode of The Office and not feel the need to binge watch four more episodes.

That is the first way to freedom.

The 2nd and final way to freedom is by planning out your day.

I realized that the way to freedom is actually through two ways. I didn’t know what planning out my day meant until I actually tried it. Every morning the first thing I did was from the moment waking up, I wrote down hour by hour what I should be doing until I go to bed. I planned my whole day according to a schedule. I know what you are probably thinking: “How is that living free, if you are restricted to a schedule?” Free time is the devil’s workshop. I’m not going to get too deep on this but to prove a point, a lot of people who are addicted to drugs is because they have too much free time, so they need something to escape boredom. If you don’t plan out and construct your day then your day constructs you. Allowing you to fall for anything that gets you away from this boredom.

Here’s how most people’s days go:

6:30 am- Wake up

7:00 am- Shower / Get ready for work

7:30 am- Eat breakfast/ or skip it and watch TV or scroll on the phone

8:00 am- Drive to work

9:00 am – Work until 4 pm

4:00 pm- Drive home from work

5:00 pm- Eat dinner

6:00 pm- Watch TV until bedtime

10:00 pm- Bed time

All these people with this type of schedule I laid out above tend to go out drinking on the weekend because they hate their weekdays and they only live for the weekend.

If one could construct out their whole day hour by hour filling in what they should be doing, I doubt you will put watch TV from 6:00 pm to 10:00 pm. You will most likely fill in these time slots with things that are good for you. I’m not saying you can’t watch TV, you just need to limit it. Fill in an hour block where you watch your favorite show and then go on to the next thing after that hour is over. This will help you get the most out of day, instead of filling the rest of your day with watching TV or playing video games, where you just drown yourself in consuming content. When you become conscious of your day and plan it out, that’s when your life starts to change. Because now you are being intentional and controlling of your life instead of your life controlling you.

Planning out my day either the morning of or night before was the greatest things I ever done, next to restricting myself from things that cause me to be compulsive and addicted to it.

You are either proactive or reactive. One would suggest that you are procreative in your life. A proactive person plans out their day and becomes conscious of their life and their purpose. A reactive person lets life happen to them, just letting whatever happens, happens in their life. This kind of reactive person lives on autopilot, letting the plane(life) just control their fate. The kind of person who lives proactive takes their plane(life) off autopilot and start controlling their life, by becoming conscious of their purpose and choosing their own destiny. Instead of someone else choosing their fate for them.

So the two ways to achieve freedom and live more free is to plan out your day hour by hour, by writing down what you should be doing hour by hour. The final way is to restrict yourself from things that causes you to be compulsive and addicted to it.

I hope this article helps you understand how to achieve freedom because it sure helped me.

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