What Happens When You Become Aware Of Your Death.

This is one of the most important articles we have written.

Death is one thing that I believe fascinates everyone. No one knows anything about death. All they know is that people have died before them and this begins to make them fear their death and fear of the unknown.

What Are Afraid Of Right Now?

Is it snakes, airplanes, spiders, going outside, tight spaces, needles, or strangers? Or is it all of the above? Your fear may not be the things I’ve mentioned but all fear stems back to death. You are scared of snakes because you are afraid they are going to bite and kill you. You are scared of airplanes because you are afraid that the plane is going to crash and you’ll die. You are afraid of leaving your house because you are scared you are going to die. You are scared of tight spaces because you are afraid you are going to suffocate and die. All these fears stem from death. So any fear you have, you have it because you are ultimately scared of dying. Which is fair because no one wants to die.

To bounce off of the last question here is another question:

What If You Lived Forever?

Not your family, friends, neighbors, or coworkers, YOU. What if you lived forever? You are scared of dying right? Well what if you got your wish of living forever. Ultimately we deep down want to live forever. So what if you lived forever while everyone around you died? Yes you can make new friends and make another family but then you keep going through the cycle of new friends, new family, then they die and you continue to be alive. That is way worse than dying like everyone else. When I used to be scared of dying, I would asked myself this question and it changed my outlook on dying. Not dying is worse than dying. You will forever be alone on this earth. It’s better to die and have lived a great life then to live forever and watch everyone around you die and watch your career fall apart because of lack of change.

When you understand that you are going to die someday, it makes you want to make an impact on the world. It doesn’t have to be a worldwide impact, it could be just an impact in your city or community. Most people live like they are never going to die, so they make no impact on anything. They just live in a reactive mode, where you are waiting for that drive to make an impact. That drive will never come. Your death should be your drive and motivation. Without death being in place, we could wait forever to start anything. We could wait forever to start a business, we could wait forever to find love, we could wait forever begin our music career, we could wait forever to get off our butt and do something with our lives.

People live like they are immortal, like they will never die. While in the back of their heads, they know they are going to die. They see it on the news, social media, the internet, maybe they witness a death in person. After hearing and seeing death, they live slightly more aware of their death but it’s mostly out of fear. Then after a couple days, you go back to living like you are immortal. You go back to living like you are going to live forever, so when you are on your death bed, you are drowned in regrets. As far as I know it and as far as history shows it, we are not immortal. We are mortal. I feel as though people think they are the black sleep of this statistic. Black sheep meaning that they are unique and that they might not die like everyone else. This is the type of ignorance that will put you in fear for the rest of your life.

When you become aware of your death, your life immediately changes forever. You become intentional. Everyday you wake up you have an intention for your life and everyone in it. You start saying no to things that you normally would of said yes to because now you have a mission. And that mission is to make an impact and leave a legacy. You know you are going to die, so everything you do is a conscious act. There is not floating through life no more, you are the captain of your ship, you are the pen to your story, you are the pilot to your plane and if you want to make an impact, and live a great fulfilling life then it’s up to you. WHEN YOU BECOME CONSCIOUS OF YOUR DEATH YOU INSTANTLY BECOME AWAKENED. It feels like you have been reborn. It feels like an animal has been awakened inside of you. Becoming conscious of your own death makes you spiritual.

Without death, your life would be meaningless. Death adds value to your life. Life and death coexist, you need life to have death and you need death to have life. Death creates an urgency. It creates a fire beneath you, to get up off your butt and make the best life for yourself. And to create a legacy for yourself and your family. Death is the best thing in life, because without death in place, you can see your career fall apart, you can see your business collapse, you can see your relationship eventually fade away. Right now Jeff Bezos is by far one of the best successful men on the planet. If he lived forever and death wasn’t put into place then he would eventually see his company fall apart. That may not happen in over 100 years, but eventually things fade away. Jeff Bezos will die one of the most successful man in the world and his legacy will live on. Without death then he will never have a legacy because you must die to have legacy. You can’t be alive and have a legacy. Death gives you a legacy.

What really changed me and made me become conscious of my death was this: You don’t die once, you die twice. The first time you die is when you are bury at your funeral, then the second time you die is when someone says your name for the final time. So think about it, some people are never going to die. Like Tupac, he will never die, Michael Jackson will never die also because no one has said their names for the final time. Their music is still being played and they are still being talked about, so they are still alive in spirit. This changed and fully awakened me. I had to start creating things that will keep me alive forever. That is why I wrote a book, so when I’m die, my book and words will live on. My YouTube channel will live on, my content on Instagram will live on, this website will live on. Everything I’ve created will live on. Hopefully all these platforms are still around when I die but at least something that I created will on. This means I will never fully die. So what will you leave behind to help you legacy live on and help you never die?

When you become fully conscious of your mortality, you will stop holding back your talents and your words. When I came aware of my death, I stopped holding back telling people how I felt. If I thought someone looked good today, I told them. If I thought that someone’s shirt was cool I told them. I came fully transparent, and I told everyone how I feel about them, mostly if it’s going to impact them in a positive way. I don’t want to die without them knowing how I felt.

Here is the final thing that awakened me and made me become conscious of my death:

Imagine you are at a funeral, and you are talking to your friends and family at it and you don’t know who they are talking about or who’s funeral you are at. You hear how they are talking about this person. You hear about their accomplishments, how he or she treated people, what they did with their life and what kind of life that he or she lived. Then you walk over to the open casket and look at who’s in there and you realize that person who is in the casket is you. This is your funeral and what everyone was saying was about you. Everyday you must imagine what people are going to say about you at your own funeral. Still today, I imagine my funeral and what are people going to say about me, this is what pushes me when I have those days that I can’t seem to get out of a funk. Do you want to have lived an average life where you impacted no one or do you want to have lived an amazing life where everyone is talking about all that you have done and how you inspired them and changed their lives for the better.

How do you want to be remember? Do you want people to remember you as a person who lived an average mediocre life or a person who has lived an amazing fulfilling life. This changed me and I hope it changes you for the better. This will help you become conscious of your death.

Here’s the kicker: Most people deny their death because they want to live comfortable. Denial is the ultimate form comfortability. That’s why I feel that part of religions are put into place because they want you to feel comfortable. The catholic religion gives you heaven as an after life, so you can live more comfortable on earth until that time comes. Most people who believe in the catholic religion are living like that are promised something like heaven after they die, so they live their life on earth very average because they are just waiting for this great afterlife. Another religion like Buddhism believes in reincarnation, that you come back as something greater than the person you are right now. This puts a comfortability in place, so if your life isn’t great on earth, you will just wait until you come back as something else. When you are responsible if your life is going to be great or not.

My intelligence is tested everyday, so I don’t know what happens after we die but what I have come to believe is that we never die, but we only die on earth. I believe we come back as something else, something greater than ourselves. This is all still an assumption, so you might as well make the best life you have on earth because this is the only life we know for sure.

Before wrapping this article up I would like to ask you a couple questions:

If you became conscious of your death, would you still waste time? Would you still watch TV because you are just “killing time”? Would you still waste everyday at a job you hate because it’s the “normal” thing to do? You don’t got time to waste time. Become conscious of your death and I promise you will not waste another second of your life.

If you became conscious of your death, would you still argue and fight with people constantly? Would you still get mad at the clerk at stores because they made a mistake?

As strangely as this sounds, when you become aware of your death, your life becomes blissful because you have accepted your fate then your fears subsides. The only fear you have is that you didn’t accomplish everything you wanted to and live your life to the fullest.


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