How To Meditate For Beginners (Mindfulness)

What do you think about when you hear about meditation? Do you think of a short Monk in the mountains of India? Do you think about a human levitating with their legs crossed? Do you think about a person being able to see through walls? Do you picture someone moving an object with their mind through telekinesis? I’m not saying none of these assumptions are not possible but that is not what I believe meditation is for. Although if you go back deep enough in history, you can probably find where one of these things happened before.

What Is Meditation?

Everyone who has practiced meditation is going to have a different answer for you. I bet you have your own answer. What I believe meditation is the ability to observe your thoughts without judgement. Meditation isn’t about becoming a different person, it isn’t about becoming a new person, it isn’t even about becoming a better person. Although to my knowledge I believe it helps you become the person you will supposed to be.

People have this misconception of meditation, that they are supposed to turn off all their thoughts for the duration of the meditation. FALSE, according to psychologist we think 70,000 thoughts a day. That’s around 3,000 thoughts an hour, and 50 thoughts a minutes. This statistic is more or less depending on the person. You are never going to turn off all your thoughts. On the same token, the person who reaches a point where their thoughts get shut off, they have reach the pinnacle of true enlightenment. That’s for another article though.

So don’t look at meditation as a means to turn off your thoughts, look at it to observe your thoughts without judgment like passing clouds. Picture your thoughts as like passing clouds or moving traffic. Once that one cloud or car goes by normally our thoughts shift to the next car or cloud. This is the method for meditation and this should be a method you use with your life on a daily basis.

To take it one step deeper, to help you observe your thoughts even better: Observe The Thinker or for a lack of better words, Observe The Observer. What I mean by this is to trace back where the first thought came from. This is a bit challenging but it is simple at the same time. When one can trace their thoughts back to the first thought, to the source of the thought, you go deeper into meditation. This helps you go beyond the mind. The mind could be the source of all of suffering. We suffer our own mind through our memories and imagination. When you go beyond the mind, your suffering cease to exist.

How To Meditate:

Now there is many different types of meditation but the one were going to talk about in this article is Mindfulness Meditation

Before starting meditation, I suggest setting a timer for at least 10 to 15 minutes. I tried 20 minutes my first time meditating and it was so challenging. My mind and body wanted to get up and do something else. So if you’re a beginner start with 10 minutes and then build you way up. The sweat spot is 30 minutes for me.

1st Step: Get into some comfy clothes. I normally wear a sweatshirt and sweatpants. The goal is to not notice that you are wearing the clothes per se.

2nd Step: Find a comfortable position in your house. Either in a chair or on the couch. I normally sit on the couch with two pillows behind my back, so my spine is fully straight. You don’t want to be slouching because you might fall asleep.

– The biggest thing I recommend is to not practice meditation while laying down. You will become so relaxed that you will fall asleep, and that is consider sleeping not meditating.

-You want to be focus and aware or in other words tuned in during meditation. Being aware is most important during mindfulness meditation.

3rd Step: Focus on your each individual body parts. Feel the sensations in each one of those body parts. I like to focus on the sensation and see where it goes or if it stays. If something in your body currently hurts, focus on it. This will ease the pain.

4th Step: Once you began to notice your entire body and feel each part, begin to notice your breathing. I can’t stress this enough, becoming aware of your breathing is a powerful tool you have at your disposal.

Here’s Why: Anytime you take a breath, the inhale and exhale is present. Once you finish the exhale, it’s the past. Anytime you focus on your breath, you are present. Being in the present is powerful. No fear, no pain, no stress exist in the present moment. Right now this very minute your problems don’t currently exist, they are just figments of your own imagination.

What Is The Goal Of Meditation?

I believe there is 3 goals of meditation. The first one is becoming present, this is the most easiest one. The second is stilling your mind. Your brain is mostly water, around 80% water. If your water is shaky and choppy then your thoughts and actions are going to be shaky and choppy due to your mind not being still. You can think much clearer when your mind is calm. The third goal is more of an esoteric goal. This goal becomes relevant when you can master the first two goals. The third one is tapping into your higher self and the source of all creation.

1st Goal:Meditation Making You Present. undefined

All of our pain and suffering is due to two things. The first thing is our memory. We suffer from our memory of our past. From the things that hurt us or embarrassed us, we suffer from it in the present. Secondly, we suffer from our imagination. Our imagination of the future is causing you pain or suffering in the present. The imaginations of “what ifs”, of what may or may not happen. When you meditate, you are here in the now. There is not pain or suffering when you are in the here in the now. If you are letting your thoughts pass like clouds then you are not tapping into your memory or imagination of the future, you are just here. Also when you are feeling your body’s sensations, these feelings are present, so focusing on them can only make you more present.

2nd Goal: Meditation Stilling(Calm)The Mind. undefined

Like discussed above, the mind is mostly water, and meditation helps still the water(mind). How does meditation still the mind? To answer this, you first have to ask how does the mind become not still. What makes the water in the brain and mind is your thoughts. When you play a scare movie(bad thought) in your head then the water becomes turbulent and rough. Then the mind becomes anxious, and then your actions become turbulent and anxious. When you let each thought pass without judgement or without following the story(something that I catch myself doing during meditation) your mind becomes calm.

3rd Goal: Meditation Helps You Tap Into Your Higher Self. undefined

This is very esoteric, but this is what happens when you meditation for awhile. Now when I say higher self or creative source, I don’t mean you will get spiritual powers per se. What I mean is you will just be able to tap into your gifts and abilities that were already there. One major ability and gifts we have as humans is the ability to create. Create art, music, writings, movies, another human etc. and this is a gift that is not used by many besides for procreation.

Take a look at the greatest inventor of all time, Nikola Tesla. And no he did not invent the Tesla car. He invented things like a remote control, the thing you use to turn your TV on and off without having to get up and do it manually. He also invented the World Wireless System or in other words, the radio. This type of creative is something that can’t be consciously thought out it in an office. To think about something you can’t see like radio, has to become from your higher self through meditation. Nikola Tesla got these ideas from tapping into the creative source. To create something you can’t see, has to come from something you can’t see like your higher self. Everything comes from within.

Also meditation helps you find all the answers you need. Any questions you need answered about your life or anything on earth or in the universe can be sought out through meditation. All the answers is from within. If you have a question about your purpose, go within and you will find it. If you have a question about how to figure out a way to solve a problem, go within. When one can calm the mind and tap into the higher self, the answers just come pouring in. Anytime you need an idea, you will get this idea from meditation. I didn’t know what to name this website or brand. The name came to me through meditation. I didn’t find this name in a book or magazine, it came to me by going inwards.

Benefits From Mindfulness Meditation:

1.Decreases Anxiety

2.Decreases Depression

3.Lowers ADHD

4.Increases Happiness

5.Improves Sleep

6.Lowers Pain

7.Gets Rid Of Negative Feelings

8.Decreases Loneliness

9.Increase Brain Grey Matter

10.Improves Brain Cognition

By meditating once a week, you aren’t going to experience any benefits listed above. I suggest making meditation a daily habit like brushing your teeth. This is when you will experience all the benefits and so many more.

It’s just like water, water can cut through anything, if it’s persistent enough. This concept is the same for your daily practice of meditation, you need to be persistent with it.

The Hard Truth

Most people value things that have a price tag on it like a house or a car. But these things are worth nothing and can be replaced in the flash of a light. We burn thousands of hours and most of life for things that are worthless. A million dollar home is still worthless to me. Things like the body and the brain are priceless and on the same flip worth the world. Things that are free are worth the world. Meditation is free and yet not many practice meditation. There is so many benefits to meditating, yet people value their morning coffee over meditation that can potentially alter your life for the better. When coffee only gives you a tiny spike in energy and dehydrates you then you crash.

Meditate today and watch your life change for the better.

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