Think And Grow Rich Summary (Steps To Riches)

Napoleon Hill took on an impossible task from Andrew Carnegie several years before writing and publishing this book. The task was this: Andrew Carnegie wanted to know what makes people rich. What do all these successful people have in common? To figure out what makes people rich, Napoleon had to study hundreds of successful rich men. Napoleon found out that there were many things in common between all of these rich and successful men. So he took all of the things these successful people had in common and condensed it down to this book. This book is the finished task from Napoleon Hill to Andrew Carnegie and here it is, available to the world.

This book was published in 1937 and still today, the book is a relevant guide to riches. Whoever has read Think And Grow Rich has never been the same after it. If you think you are going to read this book and just wake up tomorrow rich, sitting on the beach, you are going to be highly disappointed. You must use and apply these principles from the book to become rich.

It’s not days, it’s decades. It could take you many years to become rich but if one is persistent enough with applying these principles then one could become rich.

In the book there is 13 steps to riches, but I’m only going to lay out the ones that I think are worth your time and effort. A couple of the principles I feel are repeated in the book, so I condensed it down to the steps that are most important.

Steps To Riches:

1st Step To Riches: Desire (The Starting Point)

You must have a burning desire, without a burning desire, the thing that you want won’t come to life. Everyone wants to be rich but most don’t actually have a burning desire to be rich or a millionaire. Here’s The Kicker: Anyone and everyone can become rich but deep down it’s not a burning desire. Most would be happy with the average life, which is perfectly fine, but since you are reading this summary, it says that you want to be rich.

The thing now is to make it a burning desire. I want to be a rock singer but it’s not a burning desire, so the chances of me being a rock singer are slim. If I had a burning desire or for lack of better words, an obsession to be a rock singer then I could become one because I could train my voice to be a rockstar.

It all comes down to the desire. Do you have an obsession to be rich or is it just a fantasy?

Napoleon talks about this guy named Edwin C. Barnes. He had a burning desire to work with Thomas Edison. Not work for, work with Mr. Edison. Edwin had this burning desire, that he left his home and everything behind him to travel to Mr. Edison to pursue his desire. He burned all his plan Bs. He worked (for) Thomas Edison for 5 years until he finally became an associate of Edison. After 5 years of having a burning desire to work with Mr. Edison, it finally came to fruition. Even though in the meantime he was working for Edison, he still persisted to pursue his desire, then it came true.

Are you willing to work over a minimum of 5 years to become rich? Some people will have a desire to start some crazy cool business then they’re 6 months in and they haven’t made any money yet, so they quit. You have to be willing to eat dirt for years before becoming rich.

You must have the Win Or Perish Mentality!

You want to take over the island? Burn all the boats, then you have no choice but to take over the island. In other words, burn all your plan Bs and stuck with the plan A.

In this first step to riches, Napoleon wants you to write down the exact amount of money you want. You can’t just say you want a lot of money, it has to be specific. Then after you figure out the exact amount of money, you need to write down what you intend to give in return for this money. You can’t get something for nothing. It’s always something for something. Then write down a date you wish to get this money. Be reasonable, don’t write down you want $500,000 tomorrow. Then write out a plan on how to get this money. If you don’t know of a plan then just write down that you are waiting on a plan to get this money.

Here’s my written statement to give you an example:

“By May 2022 I will have in my possession 10 million dollars in varying amounts leading up to May 2022. In return I will give the most outstanding service in which I am capable of. In life help, self help, products, and online services. I believe so strongly that I have this money in my possession. I am waiting on a plan in which to get this plan.”

After you have your statement written out, hang it up somewhere you can see and then read your statement aloud twice a day. Once in the morning, and once before bed.

Jim Carrey is a perfect example.

Before becoming a millionaire, Jim Carrey wrote on a blank check 10 millions dollars to himself for acting services rendered, dated 5 years into the future. He then put that check in his wallet, and looked at it everyday. Then 5 years later he was told he is going to make 10 million dollars for the movie Dumb Dumber. Jim is the perfect example and proof that anyone can become rich.

The 2nd Step To Riches: Faith/ Believing In The Attainment Of Desire.

Faith plus desire is the catalyst for making your dreams come to reality. Faith is believing without seeing, and if you want something that you don’t currently have then you need to have faith that it will come.

All thoughts which have been emotionalized, mixed with faith will immediately begin to manifest into the physical equivalent counterpart.

Why Do Most People Stay Poor And Some Become Rich?

People stay poor because they believe and have faith in poverty. If you believe in poverty then you will attract poverty. If you believe in wealth then you will attract wealth.

The 3rd Step To Riches: Autosuggestion.(The medium for influencing the subconscious mind)

What is autosuggestion?

Autosuggestion is self-administrating stimuli that reaches one’s mind through the 5 senses. In other words, autosuggestion is programming the subconscious mind through visualization. We call this priming the mind. No thought can enter the subconscious mind without the aid of autosuggestion.

“Those who go down in defeat and end their lives in poverty, misery, and distress do so because of a negative application of autosuggestion.”

The subconscious mind is 95% of our mind and our conscious mind is only 5%. So your subconscious mind is responsible for our entire life. We rarely use the conscious mind during the day because mostly everything we think and do is on autopilot. Use the conscious mind to visualize the amount of money you desire to program the subconscious mind to come up with ideas to get that amount of money.

You must attach emotions to this visualization. Emotions is the gasoline for the desire. You got to see yourself holding the amount of money which you wish to possess.

Once you see this money in your hands, don’t wait for a plan to get the money, just begin. Your subconscious mind will come up with ideas and a plan to acquire this money through the sixth sense(read conclusion for more about the sixth sense).

The 4th Step To Riches: Specialized Knowledge

You need knowledge in the field you wish to become rich in. You can’t become rich in a field without specialized knowledge in it. Knowledge by itself will not attract money, unless it is put into an organized and intelligently directed through practical plans of actions to definite end of accumulation of money.

Knowledge is not power. Knowledge is only potential power. It only becomes power when put into an organized plan of action.

The Missing Link In All Schools:

All school systems are missing this link. School systems and educational systems give you knowledge but they don’t teach you what to do with that knowledge after you acquire it.

Forever be a student and put that knowledge into use.

Get expert knowledge in the field you want to become rich in and then put it into a plan.

The 5th Step To Riches: Imagination (the workshop of the mind)

You need imagination to get where you want to be. You must envision yourself having the money in your possession.

When Jim Carrey was broke and poor before becoming a Multi-millionaire, everyday he would drive to this hill in his beat up car and sit there and envision a better rich life. Eventually with persistence, his visions came true.

There are two imaginations: Old imagination and the New Creative imagination. The old imagination is your old and repeat thoughts, and the new imagination is how you tap into your hunches(new thoughts).

The easiest way to tap into the new imagination is by asking yourself: What would you do if you had a million dollars? Then visualize yourself with this money.

The 6th Step To Riches: Organized Planning.

When it comes to planning, you need to have good leadership skills. Planning without a good leader, is destined to failure.

There Is 10 Major Failure In Leadership that Napoleon list:

10. Emphasis Of Title

9. Emphasis Of Authority

8. Disloyalty

7. Intemperance( lack of moderation)

6. Selfishness

5. Lack Of Imagination

4. Fear Of Competition

3. Expectations Of Pay For What They Know, Rather Than What They Do With What They Know.

2. Unwillingness To Render Humble Service

1.Inability To Organize Details.

A dream without a plan is just a dream, rather a wish. You need to be able to organize a plan to get the amount of money you wish to desire.

The 7th Step To Riches: Decision. (The Mastery Of Procrastination)

This is one of the biggest reason for 90% of the world not having what they want in life. The lack of decision, rather the lack of action. There is too much wishing and too little action.

You can have the desire, have the faith, apply autosuggestion, do the visualization, have an organized plan but all of this means nothing if not acted on. This is a big flaw in The Law Of Attraction, people think this is hidden gem to getting what you want but if not taken any action, it can never come to fruition.

“Tell the world what you intend to do, but first show.”

Without action, you will never get what you want in life. Nothing will fall into your lap.

8th Step To Riches: Persistence (The sustained effort necessary to endure faith)

Persistence is key because it will keep you from failure. The only failure in life is when you quit. People often get discouraged because they started a business and no one is buying their product, or they start a podcast and no one is listening to it. The biggest key to having your business or podcast become successful is to be persistent. Just like Edwin C. Barnes when he wanted to work with Thomas Edison, he was persistent for 5 years and eventually he got what he desired.

Another example is the rapper Russ, for over 10 years he made beats and music every single day. He was persistent in his craft and he eventually got famous and made the Forbes 30 under 30. He’s successful I’d say, and all because he was persistent.

You must be persistent on getting the amount of money you desire. I have been on YouTube for over 8 months and I only got under 20 subscribers. I produce content every week on there and I expected to have 2,000 subscribers by now but I don’t. I am persistent on getting one million subscribers on there, I will not get discouraged and quit because I have 19 subscribers.

Persistence Is Key.

The 9th Step To Riches: Power Of The Mastermind.

What is a mastermind?

A mastermind is two or more people working together to get a desire result. Power can only be gained through a group of people. Jesus could not be powerful without his disciples and followers. Hitler could be be powerful without the people he lead.

When one or more people work together for a desired result, it does two things:

1st: It manifests the desired result that much quicker. If you have 10 people in your mastermind, then it manifests times 10. If you have 5 people in your mastermind, then it manifest times 5.

2nd: The mastermind creates an invisible third party head, or for lack of better words you could call this the higher intelligence. This is where the sparks of inspiration or hunches come from.

Have you ever got a great idea while talking to someone? That great idea came from the sixth sense or sometimes called hunches. When two people talk about something, it creates a third head that is invisible to help you manifest the desired result.

This is something Steve Job believes in, you need to get a mastermind to help you get where you want to be.

The 10th Step To Riches: Sexual Transmutation.

If you grew up in the western culture then this may sound foreign to you. Due to ignorance people only associate sex with the physical when there is so much more to it. In the last couple years, I just discover how powerful sex is and sex desire if you use it the correct way.

Transmute means “the changing or transferring of one element or a form of energy(sexual) into another.

Sex desire is the most powerful of all human desire.

You can say the sex desire is a common reason why a lot of people are in jail. They stole, committed fraud, sold drugs, commit crimes with the sex desire behind it. Sex desire fueled all the crimes. People want to be rich, so they can attract more sex into their lives, people want to dress well and drive expensive cars, so they attract sex into their lives. Sex desire fuels most crimes.

Sexual energy is the source of all creativity. This very energy creates another human life. It’s all about creation.

“A man who is not a slave to his sexual urges is a focused man. A focused man is a dangerous man.”

The men who have accumulated great wealth and success were motivated by the influence of a other woman. The emotion of sex is an irresistible force. Driven by sex emotion, men become gifted with a superpower for action.

Destroy the sex glands, whether in man or beast, and you have removed the major source of action. Napoleon Hill talks about Napoleon Bonaparte. He was an emperor of the French from 1804 to 1815. Bonaparte was inspired by his first wife, Josephine. While inspired by her he was irresistible and invincible. When he decided to put Josephine aside, he began to decline.

Most people waste this energy by depleting it in overindulging in sex. When harnessed, this sex force is capable of lifting people into higher sphere of thought. Some great writers will move this energy through their body before writing because it makes them more creative and focused.

Harnessing the sexual energy instead of depleting it through sex, is like the hoover dam. This river flow gets stopped and it has to find another outlet, and that outlet is into your craft or business.

A study of people from this book: The major reason why people don’t succeed before 40 is because of the overindulgence in the physical expression of the emotion sex

Harness your sexual energy and put that energy into becoming rich.

The 11th Step To Riches: The Subconscious Mind (Connecting Links)

From birth to age 7 you are in a state of hypnosis. Whatever you see, hear, smell, and feel will shape your life. That’s why people who are born into a poor family, stay poor their whole life. Then people who are born into a rich family, grow up to become wealthy. This is because of the hypnosis into the subconscious mind. You can change this programming today, through autosuggestion and priming the mind.

If you listen to sad music, you will be sad. If you watch sad movies, you will be sad. If you listen to happy music, you will be happy. If you watch happy movies, you will attract happiness. If you see poor, you will be poor. If you see rich, you will be rich.

Now it’s time to reprogram your subconscious mind to think and grow rich. Think wealthy and you will become wealthy.


I skipped over chapters 1, 13, and 15 because those chapters just repeated the same concepts in this book. The last thing I want to talk about is the Sixth Sense(chapter 14).

The sixth sense is your higher self, to help you get the life you desire. Nikola Tesla use the power of the sixth sense to get his ideas and inventions.

The sixth sense is another source of creation, anything that isn’t visible to the eye is stored in the sixth sense waiting to be tapped into and brought out.

Those were all the steps to become rich that were used by thousands of people in history to attract wealth. Use these steps from the book to become rich. I recommend, picking up the book, so you can digest the steps fully.

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