How To Not Get Sick Ever Again

Before writing this article, I used to get sick around 3 times a year. Since winter time is coming up, I want to tell you how I haven’t been sick over 2 years. I haven’t got a cold in over two years. I hated I knowing that it’s getting colder outside and thinking that I will be getting sick anytime soon. Everyone gets sick during the winter time, and there is a reason for that. You will discover the reason if you keep reading.

When I first went on a mission to never get sick ever again. I started out with 2 ways to not get sick ever again, now we are up to 5 ways to prevent you from getting sick naturally. No supplements or vitamins to buy. It’s always better to prevent than to cure a sickness. Let’s just jump right in to the 5 ways.

5 Ways To Not Get Sick Ever Again:

1.Eat More Alkaline Foods

To eat more alkaline foods you must understand the pH level in the body.

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Every food as pH level, ranging from 14 being alkaline to 1 being acidic . The body’s natural pH level is 7.4 being neutral. The foods you eat will alter your body’s pH level.

Why Is It Important To Eat Alkaline Foods?

Sickness and diseases can’t survive in an alkaline environment. While sickness and diseases actually are formed in an acidic environment. There was a study done about cancer and where it can survive in the body and where it can’t survive. Cancer can’t survive in an alkaline environment. Cancer is formed in a acidic environment. Ultimately you can cure cancer just by switching to eating more alkaline foods. Countless number of people cured cancer just by switching their diet to alkaline foods.

Picture your body as a rainforest, whenever you put acidic foods into the body, you are cutting down the trees to the forest, killing the life of the rainforest. When you put alkaline foods into the body, you are actually giving the rainforest life, by planting more trees.

What Foods Are Alkaline And What Foods Are Acidic?

Alkaline Foods:

Dr. Sebi’s ALKALINE Food Guide

The list above is Dr. Sebi’s alkaline foods and I swear by this list. Dr. Sebi has cured AIDS, sickle cell anemia, leukemia, lupus, herpes, cancer etc. When I started to eat some of these foods on his list, I began to feel amazing and energized from waking up to going to sleep. Dr. Sebi’s list help me to not get sick for the past two years.

Acidic Foods:

Acidic Food List From RawForBeauty

Basically acidic foods are unhealthy junk foods, like meats, dairy, alcohol, gummy bears, GMO oils like canola oil, corn oil, and vegetable oil, sugary drinks and sweets. All unhealthy junk foods are acidic.

Like I said in previous articles, the number one cause of death is OUR DIET. Your diet is either enlivening you or killing you.

We Are Like Animals

Do you see a lion going to see a vet to get cured? Do you see a lion sick? You don’t because they aren’t designed to get sick. We are NOT designed to get sick. You aren’t designed to go to the hospital and get cured.

Eat your food like it’s medicine or you will have to eat your medicine as food.

Change your diet and you won’t have to see a hospital ever again.

Personal Example: I used to get acid reflux so bad especially during the night time. I would wake up in the mid of the night with this burning chest pain that went all the way up to my throat, where it was difficult to even swallow water. This was such a constant every night affair that I bought Tums (antacids) that reduced the acid in your stomach. I put a whole box of Tums next to my bed. I would wake up every night and pop 3 chew-able tumst like it was a habitual thing. Then I changed my eating habits to more healthier foods like fruits and vegetables over 2 years ago and my heartburn(acid reflux) went away and never came back again. I haven’t had even the slightest form of heartburn ever since the switch to an alkaline diet.

2. Reduce Your Intake Of Foods.

Have you heard of bulking season and cutting season right? If not, it’s where someone increases their macros, meaning proteins, carbs, and fats, while following a calorie goal during bulking season and decreasing their macros during cutting season hence the term “cutting” season. Normally people bulk during the winter time but this isn’t healthy. I believe in increasing your protein intake but not to say “I can have taco bell every other day because I’m bulking.” During the winter time you should cut back on your intake of food.

Why Should I Cut Back On My Food Intake?

When you eat too much during the day, your bodies energy is all going to the stomach to break down the food. Instead of using this energy to repair and heal cells, and also fight off sickness and diseases. If you are bulking you are going to be more prone to sickness and developing diseases.

That’s why you are going to want to cut back on the overeating during the wintertime. This is something new that I add to How Not To Get Sick Ever Again. I always thought that if you want to stay healthy, you must eat more, but I found that this was an false assumption. If you want to stay healthy during the wintertime then you must decrease your intake of food or at least try to give your body at least 12 hours of no food intake, so the body can do it’s job and fight off illness.

Do Bears Bulk During Hibernation?

Bears don’t take pizzas, burgers, tacos, and buffalo chicken wraps into hibernation with them. This is a time where they don’t eat as much. We are animals to, so eat less.

3. Either Increase Your Water Intake Or Increase Your Sunlight Exposure (Preferably Both).

The reason why people get sick and catch the flu during the wintertime is because their body can’t adjust to the lack of sunlight exposure and lack of hydration.

Why Rarely People Get Sick During The Summer Time?

Because they get more than enough sunlight exposure and water. Being in the sun makes you sweat and that ultimately makes more thirsty for water.

Here’s the ultimatum: Since it’s cold outside and you aren’t going to want to sit in the cold to get sunlight, just drink more water. The proper intake of water according to your body weight is your body weight divided by 2. That is how much Fluid Ounces(fl oz) of water you need to drink on the daily. If you weigh 150 pounds then you need a minimum of 75 fl oz of water everyday.

Plants die without water and sunlight. We are the same way, without water and sunlight we die. To boil it down, without sunlight and water, mostly everything in this world will die.

4. Expose Your Body To The Cold ( Take Cold Showers)

Cold Showers changed my life. I have been taking cold showers for over 2 years. I take a cold shower everyday even in the weather below zero. A cold shower actually fights illnesses because when you hop in a cold shower, it boosts you immune system and increase your immune cells.

A cold shower also increase your alertness, elevates your mood, and shortens the length of muscle recovery. That’s why athletes take ice baths after big games.

People have this misconception that the cold makes you sick. How many times have your parents told you to put on a jacket because it’s cold outside and if you don’t you’ll get sick? I grew up with this misconception of the cold. The cold doesn’t make you sick, the cold actually kills germs and diseases. It’s the heat that attracts diseases and illnesses.

Tip Before Taking A Cold Shower:

Go in your shower warm and then towards the end of the shower, slowly turn it to cold and stay in the water for at least 20 seconds. Over time increase the length of time you stay in the cold shower.

5. Exercise

How many times have you been sick and then went to workout and got done with your workout and you actually feel better? I know this happened to me before.

Exercise is key for not getting sick and it’s essential to your quality of life. Exercise boosts your immune system to help you prevent sickness. Working out should be an unwritten rule for staying healthy. You must get your body moving at least 4 times week, it’s key to keeping a healthy body and mind.

Precaution: Listen to your body, don’t over work yourself. Don’t burn the candle from both ends by over exercising. Exercising can in fact prevent illness but on the same breath, if you exercise too much you could get sick. A healthy balance is key with a weekly rest day.


This bonus is only for men! The bonus way to prevent illness during the winter time is holding in your life force or for lack of better words your seed. During the time that men can’t get sunlight, it’s more advised to hold in your seed. Your seed has many different nutrients in it. People take multivitamins to prevent illness but it’s better to hold in your life force to prevent illness.

The male seed has 200 separate proteins, as well as magnesium, iron, zinc, vitamin C, calcium, chlorine, citric acid, fructose, lactic acid, nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, sodium, vitamin B12. All minerals that are essential to life and you are just getting rid of it because you have a dopamine addiction. Hold in your life force at least until the spring time and you won’t get sick ever again.

Incorporate all 5 of these things in your life and you will never get sick. I am a living example of how to not get sick again.

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