The # 1 Skill Of The Century

When we talk about skills of the century we are talking about public speaking, copywriting, closing sales, marketing, networking, network marketing, finance management, programming and more.

You need some of those skills I mentioned above to be successful in the 21st Century. There is 1 skill that you need above all the things I mentioned above. Without this 1 skill none of the other skills will matter.

There is 1 skill that a lot of people lack. This 1 skill is the 1 thing that everyone who are not successful lack. I have seen some of the smartest and most intelligent people over the years. Some were so intelligent that they made me insecure because if they did the things I did, they would be more successful in that field than me. I know if they applied themselves they would do some amazing things. This bugged me for years, because I wanted to know why these gifted people were living such a mediocre life.

So I went a little deeper to figure out why these intelligent and talented people lived so below their potential. Once I took a step back, I figured out what skill they were missing. They were missing the foundation of all skills. Without this 1 skill, it doesn’t matter how good you can talk to people, or how good you can program, or do copywriting. None of it matters without this 1 skill.

What Is The # 1 Skill Of The Century?

Having Discipline

We call discipline a skill because a skill is something that can be trained and taught. Discipline is something that can be taught and trained. You don’t just wake up with discipline, and you are definitely not born with discipline.

The # 1 skill of the century is discipline. Without discipline, you will not be successful in anything that you do. Anyone who has discipline can learn any skill. You can learn how to fix a car, master photoshop, gardening, time management, snowboarding, roller blading, skating, copywriting, finance management. Learning and mastering any skills is easy for those who master discipline first.

If you don’t have discipline, you won’t be able to master or simply just become good at programming or snowboarding. The discipline to get off the couch and learn the skill. The discipline to get off the couch and go practice snowboarding. Anyone can become a master at anything when they have the discipline to stay committed to mastery.

Discipline Is The Foundation To Success In Anything

Someone can’t build a successful career or company if one doesn’t have the discipline to say “no” to watching the The Office and using that time to start the company. You can’t become a best selling author or just simply be a good writer if you don’t have the discipline to actually write and learn how to write better.

I can’t tell you all the times I have heard people say that they were going to start a music career, start making beats, start a clothing brand, start learning another language, start to get fit, or just simply state that they were going to become this or that. Then they never start these things or never become what they said they were going to become. All because they lack discipline to put down the partying, video games, smoking, TV, and hanging out to start it or become it. We would rather just fall in love with the fantasy of one day becoming great, rather than to actually going out and becoming great.

Just like the person who wants to lose weight. How many people you know said they are going to go on a diet to lose weight? How long did they stay with it? At least in my experience, they quit after a couple weeks. They have this great plan and regimen in the beginning on how they are going to lose weight. Then after a week or so, their husband or wife brings home some donuts or pizza and their discipline is tested. Their friends text them to out to the bars and their discipline is tested. What happens is they fall off and go out to party or eat that donut, all because they lack discipline. In under 2 weeks, they are off their diet.

Having the discipline to get off the couch and workout. Having the discipline to say “no” to the donuts that your wife brought home for you. All success in anything you do requires discipline.

In a distracted world having discipline is the greatest skill one can have over everyone else.

How I Trained My Discipline To Become Indestructible ?

I trained my discipline to be indestructible by experimenting with the 2 strongest human desires. That is food and sex. Hunger and the desire for sex is the 2 strongest human motives on earth. I first started by going cold turkey with eating healthy and choosing my foods better. Sometimes when you want radical change, you just need to jump in the deep end by going cold turkey. So I started to resist the foods that I once really desired. By replacing unhealthy foods with healthy greens. Also when I am hungry, I don’t give in immediately to the desire for food. I push the hunger a little bit longer to train my discipline.

After I mastered my eating, I then went to the next strongest human desire and that is the desire for sex. In our DNA, we are designed to seek sex. So when I decided to go celibate for a year and resist all sexual desires was when my discipline became concrete. Nothing could persuade me and get me off track on my mission. Often times, the desire for sex holds everyone’s attention. If you were shown a nude image of woman or man right now, your brain and dopamine would light up like a Christmas tree. The desire for sex is so strong and to control this motive and desire is so powerful. Your discipline becomes unstoppable.

The Double Edged Sword

If you practice by resisting these 2 strong motives, don’t resist it for the rest of your life or for too long. What happens is you grow a fear for it and these motives go back to controlling your life again. I mean it’s quite impossible to resist sex and foods you like for the rest of your life. Often times people tend to act like a pendulum. They go from one extreme to the next. You go from eating very unhealthy to vegan and then back to unhealthy and then back to healthy foods. You go from a sex addict to celibate. Then from celibate to sex addict. Having control and discipline is having the power to be able to choose, not being chosen by the desire. To not get controlled by your fear of unhealthy foods or your fear of being addicted to sex. Being in the middle is key. Between eating healthy and unhealthy. Between too much sex and no sex. Let discipline give you control, not fear.

Discipline Is The Greatest Skill To Mastery

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