What Is Karmic Debt And Are You Paying It?

Karmic debt is something you could be paying back whether you like it or not. Most humans today are paying back karmic debt consciously or unconsciously. Majority of the people with karmic debt are unconscious about it. This where it creates problems. Before we talk about karmic debt and how to find out what is your karmic debt and how to pay it back, we need to talk about karma.

What Is Karma?

Karma is the software of all human beings. One cannot live without karma, everyone has it, good or bad. Karma is an action or work that refers to the spiritual principle of cause and effect. In other words, you get what you give. You do bad deeds, bad things happen to you. You do good deeds, good things happen to you.

When most people think about karma they only think about bad karma. I always thought that karma was like tetherball where you hit the ball as hard as you can so you can hit your opponent but you end up hitting yourself. Although this concept is true, there is also good karma.

Example of bad karma: A man is speeding to a job interview and can’t get around a slow driver. He finally maniacally drives around the slow car, cutting them off and then gives the slow driver the bird. Then he walks into the interview and he finds out that the person interviewing him for the job position is the person he flicked off in traffic. This man doesn’t get the job.

Example of good karma: You are on a full train and a pregnant mother comes in and has to stand because there are no seats available. You look around to see that no one gave up their seat for the pregnant mother. So you offer her your seat. Before going to work you stop to get a breakfast burrito and the manager gives you a free meal because you were the 1,000th person to order a burrito at this food place.

Now that you know what karma is and that there is good and bad karma, it’s time to talk about karmic debt.

What Is Karmic Debt?

Karmic debt is part of the spiritual journey where you continue to go through experiences and even suffer until you pay back this debt. You may have done bad things to put you into karmic debt. Good deeds equal karmic credit which adds credit to your account or puts you into the positives. Bad deeds equal karmic debt which then needs to be paid back through good deeds.

The deepest part about karmic debt is that you could owe karmic debt from your previous life. Also if you don’t pay back this karmic debt in this lifetime, the karmic debt gets carried over into your next life.

Karmic Debt is not just calculated by your actions, but it is also calculated by your morals, and intentions. Example of this is donating to a charity because you genuinely support the charity and want to give back is good karma because the intention is pure. But if you intention is to donate to get your name in the newspaper or help build your reputation then that’s bad karma. Taking a video of yourself giving to a homeless person is bad intentions.

How To Know If And Where You Have Karmic Debt:

To know where your karmic debt is at is to look at your life and see where you are constantly having issues at? It may be financial problems, relationship problems, addictions, anger problems, mental problems and so on. Look at where there is repeating problems in your life and this is what your karmic debt is. You could have these problems because it carried over from your past life. Because you didn’t pay back your karmic debt, so it came with you into your current life.

Currently you are being guided by karmic lessons. If you have not paid back your karmic debt then you will be guided through reoccurring karmic lessons to teach you what you need to change in your life.

This why people who grow up struggling with addictions will continue through their whole life struggling to overcome their addictions through karmic lessons. These karmic lessons could be jail time, could be time in the hospital, could be seeing a loved one die. These sometimes harsh lessons are supposed to change you so you get out of karmic debt. Anyone who pays back their karmic debt will go on to live an amazing life. Just like Robert Downey Jr, he struggled a big part of his life with a heavy drug addiction. Which led him into prison. Once he got clean and paid by his karmic debt by getting clean for good, he went on to be an award winning actor.

Wes Watson & His Karmic Debt

Wes Watson is how I discovered what karmic debt even was. He is a motivational, and inspirational speaker, fitness trainer, and ex-convict. Before becoming a wealthy guy in the fitness industry, he was a criminal who did and dealt drugs, and committed robberies. This led him into a downward spiral, landing him in prison for 10 years straight.

In prison, it took Wes Watson around 7 years to figure out and pay back all his karmic debt in jail. The debt was paid back by serving jail time. If Wes didn’t learn his karmic lessons and pay back his debt in prison and change his ways, then he would get released, he would be right back in jail because he didn’t change and went right back to being a criminal.

After Wes’s release from jail, he was free and clear of karmic debt that he launched a fitness company called WatsonFit designed to free people from their mental prisons and help them reach their fitness goals. Wes says that all day infinite intelligence is guiding us but you choose to do what you want and not do what is best for you. We choose to go against our infinite Intelligence.

Karmic Debt And Time

The most common way people pay back their karmic debt is through time. Example of this is when you fight with your spouse or lover and you both say things that you regret. After the fight you both leave and go to work and all day at work, you can’t stop thinking about the fight with your lover. This causes you unable to focus on your work. Even talking with your coworkers, you zone out thinking about the fight you had earlier. Now your work suffers and you lose time working on your purpose. Or you lose sleep at night because of the fight and that results in you being late for work. There is many ways people serve their karmic debt in time.

When you are punished with time, you are also being taken out of the present moment, so you could enjoy life anymore. If you cause someone or something pain, this pain comes back to you later on like a boomerang.

You are standing in your own way through karmic debt.”

3 Things You Can Do To Help Pay Back Your Karmic Debt

  1. Awareness

-Become aware of the reoccurring experiences, situations, and problems in your life, to help narrow down what is your karmic debt.

2. Accountability

Become accountable for everything that goes good and bad in your life. If you feel sad today, take responsibility of it. Understand that you caused yourself to feel sad, no one else did. If you act out of pocket to someone, you are responsible for it.

3. Do Genuine Good Deeds

-Like you read at the beginning of this article, good deeds give you good credit. The more good deeds you do, the more out of debt you become.

Just like a bank, will always get their money you owe, the universe will get its money too but in a form of good deeds. Any debt that is not paid in this life time will be carried over into the next one. Pay back your karmic debt as soon as possible, so you can start living a better life.

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