The 1 Way to Control Your Anger

One day I thinking about the world and society as a whole and I was wondering what is the most common thing with everyone. I figured out that most people are angry or aggressive when it comes to a certain subject or even just angry in general.

Naturally I wanted to figure out why so many people nowadays have anger problems. To figure out the effect and how to fix the problem, we need to find the cause of the effect. Through long research, I figured out that it’s how we are living. It’s our lifestyles.

Life is simply a balance, nothing is unbalanced in this universe. There can never be good without bad, or bad without good. As the years go on through evolution, things for humans seem to get more easy and effortless. On the contrary something has to suffer and that is our mental health.

What Is The Main Cause Of Our Anger?

Life is so effortless, from surviving to even thriving in this time of age. You don’t need to wake up fight and hunt for your food. The food is waiting for you at the grocery store. If that isn’t easy enough, someone will even do your grocery shopping for you and drop it off at your house. At this point in our lives, we don’t have to leave our homes for anything. We can even make friends and date through applications on our smartphones without even leaving our couch. So if we aren’t using any of our energy to do anything today, where does it go and how does it get used?

Where Does All Our Unused Energy Go?

To answer this question, let’s talk about the George Floyd Protest that went on a couple weeks ago. Now this protest was standing up against police brutality against African American lives. I feel that a lot of the violet acts that went on during the protest was from being cooped up too long from the Coronavirus pandemic. Millions of United States citizens were out of work and force to stay home and weren’t allow to leave their house due to the outbreak of the Coronavirus. I feel that people had so much energy built up from being in quarantine too long that they felt the protest was a great opportunity to release their suppressed energy and anger. People released their energy through smashing buildings, blowing up cars, and vandalizing their city.

People were so cooped up with suppressed energy that they went crazy during the protest to release their energy also to stand up for the equality of African American lives. That is why if you were in quarantine for the whole Coronavirus pandemic, you will noticed that you seemed more irritated than usual. A lot of my friends relationship with their lovers ended from this pandemic.

The energy that you don’t use, eventually uses you through anger and aggression.

To explain what I mean, let me give you an example.

EXAMPLE: What if you and your family spent a whole month in your house together, no work, no any type of shopping, no appointments, nothing. You had food to last you a month without grocery shopping.

Would you fight with your family?

If so how long would you guys last without fighting with each other?

In my family we would last maybe five days without fighting then something we trigger it. Because all our energy is not being used, so it eventually gets used through anger.

A lot of anger management websites and classes will give you a bunch of ways to control and get rid of your anger but I just want to give you one way. Trying to remember a bunch of things could cause you to be more angry because you can’t remember how to control it.

The 1 Way To Control Your Anger:

1.Use your energy by working hard. Work to exhaustion, so when you go to into bed at night you fall asleep as soon as you hit your pillow.

Why is it that insomnia wasn’t an issue for baby boomers? My parents and grandparents seemed to always fall asleep as soon as they hit the pillow at night. As the years went on and life seemed to get more easier and people required less energy to live, they started to develop insomnia where they can’t fall asleep at all. The sleeping pill Ambien didn’t get approved until under 30 years ago. No one had trouble sleeping before because that generation(between 1900-1990 were hard workers who had used all their energy daily. When they finally got to lay down at night, they fall asleep instantly.

Use your energy or your energy will use you. If you energy doesn’t get used in the body, it will go to head and you will be tossing and turning in your bed because your mind can’t seem to be relaxed.

The days that I’m hour to hour busy are the days that less things seem to bother me because I don’t have the time or anger to dwell on things and fight with people. Less things will seem to make you angry when you are consciously using your energy all day.

The Guru’s First Step To Spirituality

Many people who go to gurus for help on getting enlightened, the first thing the guru or teacher makes them do is work hard somewhere, like in construction for example. The path to enlightenment can only happen when the mind is still. That is the whole point of meditation, is not to focus on your breathing or focus on cleaning out your thoughts, but to still your mind and body. That is why people who are working hard daily, seem to be more zen like.

Take my dad for example, he rarely fights with anybody and nothing seems to make him angry. This is because he wakes up early, cooks his meals for the day, walks to work, works for 9 hours, and then walks home. When he finally gets back to his house at 6pm, he is in the most relaxed state ever, nothing can seem to make him angry. Most people who are tired don’t care about fighting, they just want to relax or go to sleep.

This is how to control your anger today, work hard by using all your energy consciously. Don’t be lazy and sit on your couch all day long. It’s the ones who are lazy and not using their energy that are the first ones to lash out and get angry.

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