How To Get Anyone To Like you Without Saying Anything

Nowadays everyone is trying so hard to get people to like them. We try and impress others by saying things we don’t mean. We try to impress people by buying high ticketed items we often times can’t afford. We also try to impress people by our achievements and awards. Even though we think that these things will get others to like us, it never really makes people like us anymore.

In this article, I’m here to give you one thing you to get anyone to like you without saying a single word.

Telephone Study On Humans Phone Conversations

A Telephone Company conducted an in depth study of telephone conversations to find out what word is used most in telephone conversations. The word “I” was used over 3,800 times in over 400 phone conversations. My interpretation from this study was the fact that we love to talk about ourselves.

Think about this: Whenever you tell someone something about you, maybe you tell them you took an exam and you failed or you had an awkward first date with someone, what is this first response to you? They respond to you by telling you a similar story or situation that happened to them. It’s like they totally disregarded what you said about yourself. People don’t really care what you have to say about yourself unless it pertains them.

Pay attention to this next time you share a story or something about yourself to others, and see how long it takes them to start talking about themselves. It will almost always be instantly they will start talking about themselves. You can’t fully blame them because the only true person they can relate to is themselves, not you. Do you really think anyone will do anything for you unless it somehow even the slightest way revolves them? Never, it’s always revolving themselves.

No one says that you are pretty without thinking about what they might get back in return for the compliment. That is one thing we love is talking about ourselves and hearing our name.

How To Get Anyone To Like You Without Saying A Word

There is one trick to get anyone to like you and that is active listening. Being an active, attentive listener will get anyone to like you. This ties into the telephone study on people over using the word “I” and talking about themselves. How many times have you had to listen to someone drag you through a boring story about themselves? I don’t know about you, but it’s quite often for me. People tend to just vomit their boring stories and problems on me and just sit there and listen.

The crazy part about it is these people tend to come back to me and want to constantly talk to me. An even crazier part is that I barely say anything throughout our 30 minute conversation. It wasn’t that I’m shy, it was because that person never gave me a chance to speak.

Through my observation, I say this as humbly as possible, I believe that anyone I meet they even up liking me. It’s not because I’m like an over the top charming guy or something special, it’s simply because I’m a great listener. I will listen to you with interest all the way to the end of our conversation. And I will ask questions about the thing you are talking about because I’m generally interested.

This is the best and easiest way to get anyone to like you without saying a single sentence. Everyone wants to be heard, hence that’s why we post endlessly on Facebook and Twitter. So to listen to someone with total interest, they will feel heard and they will like to be around you. They know when they are around you, they are heard.

A Crazy Bonus Of Listening To Others

Besides for people liking you because you actively listen to them, you become smarter. You become smarter because everyone you come in contact with knows something you don’t know. You will learn from every person you come in contact with only if you listen to understand them. Someone may be talking about fishing, you may not be interested but if you listen to them talk, you will learn something you didn’t know about fishing. Everyone is an expert at something in life.

Simply become an active listener and everyone will like you. This skill will go a long way through all avenues of your life, especially in relationships. One of the biggest reasons why couples split is because of their lack of understanding of the person they are dating.

Become an active listener!

Thanks for reading 🙂

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