Why Your Mind Is Always Racing And Anxious

In this article we are going to discuss why your mind is always racing and anxious. In the why, the answer to how to stop your mind from racing will be there.

When anyone talks about anxiety and overthinking, the cure most people write up for you is to change your thoughts. I always been a firm believer in changing your thoughts and you change your life mentality.

According to psychologist, we think over 70,000 thoughts a day, so do you really think you are going to change and control every thought that comes into your mind? Also what makes you think that you are responsible for your thoughts anyway? Your thoughts are like passing clouds and you are the sky, they come and go.

The Laziest Step Of Self Help

This may come off as hypocritical but practicing the law of attraction as the main ingredient of self help and transforming your life is the most laziest and ineffective practice. As I mentioned above about changing your thoughts and you change your life, that is the foundation of the law of attraction. The law of attraction is your thoughts bringing things to life. The law of attraction is only a small ingredient in the recipe of self help, I’m here to give you the main ingredient.

Yes, your thoughts can potentially become things but only if it’s followed by an action. Becoming an Olympic Gold Metalist doesn’t just appear on your lap because you wish it into existence. You have to take action on it. Let the vision and thought fuel the action not be the action itself.

The point we’re trying to make here is that the most effective way to change anything in your life is through action. Sure the law of attraction can help but it only the turbo in the engine, not the engine itself.

Anyways, why is your mind always racing?

Why Your Mind Is Always Racing

Your mind is always racing because everything you are doing is sped up. You’re doing everything so fast, and quick. You eat fast, you speak fast, you drive fast, you love fast, you work fast, and you simply live fast. You eat to get it over with, you speak to get everything out so you can stop talking, you drive fast so you can have more time to waste, and you even love fast so you can get to the best part of the relationship. This makes us not enjoy the relationship because we skipped to the end. We go on repeating this pattern with the next relationship and each relationship’s life gets faster lived than the previous one.

Have you ever listened to an audio on speed 2x? That is how we are living today. Everyone is living on fast forward, just like Adam Sandler from the movie Click.

Adam Sandler in Click fast forward his whole life and when he stopped trying to fast forward his life he realized that he never really lived at all. He cried for his time back. Ultimately when you do things fast, your mind tends follow by racing to catch up with your actions.

The Cure To Better Speaking

This was my cure to stuttering. Although I was never really a bad stutter, but when I did stutter, it frustrated me. The reason for my stuttering was my mouth was trying to catch up to my mind. I was thinking 5 sentences ahead when my mouth didn’t even say the 1st sentence. So when I would speak, I would try to get out all 5 sentences in 1 sentence, like a package in the mail.

The only way I could cure the stutter for good is by slowing down my words and actions. When I started to speak slower, my mind started to follow my mouth. This cause me to not stutter when I spoke because now I’m thinking and saying 1 thing at a time.

Fast Actions, Anxious Mind

Through my observation of people who came off as anxious, I noticed that you will never see an anxious person doing anything slow. For example let’s say you work at a pizza shop or food place and you are at the register when 10 people come in, all in separate groups, ordering 10 different things. Do your actions slow down or speed up? Your actions most likely will speed up because you are anxious that 10 people are staring at you wanting 10 different things. If you would just resist the urge to speed up and slow down your actions even more, then your anxiety will go away and your mind will be at ease.

One of my buddies from my old job I used to work at many years ago was noticeably anxious and he would speak so fast. Everything he done was sped up at a 5x speed. If he would just slow down his actions and words, then he wouldn’t be so anxious. A person who speaks slow, moves slow, lives slow, and loves slow, is a calm, relaxed person.

Your mind follows your body and your body follows your mind. So if you slow down the one, the other one follows. Since practically impossible to slow down your mind through a conscious effort, it would be far easier and smarter to just slow down your body. The result is that your mind will slow down unconsciously.

Everyone is in a rush to go nowhere. You rush home from work so you can sit on your couch and do nothing. Stop being in such a rush, maximize each second.

Buddha’s Recipe To A Peaceful Life

When we talk about being present in the moment, no one really has a recipe on how to be present. All the gurus talk about so many different methods but to an average person it’s hard to always follow the methods.

The best method to a peaceful life to stop your mind from racing is by doing everything slow. This helps you become present because now you are experiencing every second. Most people will only experience a couple minutes of every hour because their mind is either racing or thinking about something in the future. But if you do everything at a slow speed, you get to experience everything and you connect with the moment. Your love is more full, your food taste better, your words and mind are more clear, and your work is more passionate. Everything is better when done slower.

In a world where everyone is anxious, being calm is a superpower. And the most effective way to being calm is by slowing down everything you do.

This is the key to a peaceful life and it doesn’t take years of meditating in the mountains in silence to achieve it.

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