The Most Complex Human Problem

What kind of mental state do you think the world is in? Would you say most of the world is happy, angry, depressed, blissful, sad, or excited?

I would presume that the mental state the world is currently in and has been in is SAD.

When people think about mental states and moods, we all look externally at our life. On the surface, the reason for this mental state is our love life, health, career, family, school, friends, and so on. Although these things could make us sad and upset, it’s only a surface problem, not the main problem. The reason for this mental state is much deeper than the external parts of your life.

Why Is The World In A Constant State Of Distress & Sadness?

Through my observation of the the world, the reason for the sadness is the fact that you gain something from being sad. But if you are happy you gain nothing from it, and even worse, you lose from being happy.

Take social media for example, if you post a tweet or a status saying that you are sad and depressed, you won’t see that post go noticed. I guarantee everyone will be direct messaging you giving you love, guidance, support, and attention. The things that we crave as a human. We always give the person who is sad and crying all the attention and support. But on the flip side, what if you posted a tweet or status saying that you are happy? How many people will comment and message you? I can almost guarantee no one will comment or message you. This is because they have nothing to offer you, they can’t offer you support and love.

You can’t offer a happy person love because we presume they don’t need it because they are happy. We are programmed to give the sad person love and support, not the happy person.The sad person gains all the love and attention while the happy person gains nothing. Sometimes the happy person even loses because no one wants to burden the happy person, so in the end the happy person loses friends.

The Root Cause Of This Problem

To figure out why this is so we have to go back to our childhood. All babies want love and attention, so how does the baby get it? By crying and then the parents come and lift the baby up giving it attention and love. A happy baby gets far less attention and love than the crying one. This human nature gets carried over in our adulthood. We know subconsciously that we get little to no attention by being happy and displaying that we are happy. But we know one proven method that will get us the love and attention and that is by being sad and crying.

At the end of the day we all want to get love and attention, it’s embedded in our human design. So we display sadness and depression because it’s the quickest way to get love and attention. You get less love and attention when you are happy. I have been the happiest I ever been in life and I see that more and more people leave my life. This is because by nature we are all problem solvers and we go where we are needed. If someone is happy, you can’t offer them much, you can only ruin their happiness by offering sadness.

A lot of people will leave you alone when you are happy because they don’t want to burden you with their sadness. We all want to strive to make the sad person happy, but we don’t want to make the happy person sad. Your efforts are better used trying to help a sad person become happy. Misery loves company, so it turns into the blind leading the blind, or in other words, the sad leading the sad. The sad person gains more friends than the happy person because everyone can relate to the sad person. Very few can relate to a happy person.

To be noticeably happy in a world full of sad people makes everyone feel cheated. “They’re happy, why can’t I be happy?”

The Most Complex Human Problem

So we all display to be sad because we gain the things we want and that’s love and attention. But when we are happy we lose the love and attention. No one has anything to offer to a happy person except sadness. Very rarely we multiply others happiness by giving them more happiness. This is the most complex human problem is that we gain from being sad and lose from being happy. It should be you lose from being sad and you gain from being happy. But you lose the love and attention when you are happy and gain it when you are sad. It’s surely quite the paradox and that’s what makes it a complex problem.

That is why you see that most of the world is sad and depressed.

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