The Greatest Slavery Of All Time

We all have our own definition of slavery and what it means to you. The definition changes for each person depending on how they grew up. But there is one slavery that we all go through and it’s going to shock you.

What Is Slavery?

Slavery is a state of being in bondage, and having a lack of freedom. The dictionary definition of slavery is a condition of being enslaved, held, or owned as human chattel or property; bondage. A practice or institution that treats or recognizes some human beings as the legal property of others.

When you think of slavery what comes to your mind?

  • Sex Trafficking.
  • Forced Marriage
  • Child Sex Trafficking.
  • Forced Labor.
  • Bonded Labor or Debt Bondage.
  • Domestic Servitude.
  • Forced Child Labor.
  • Unlawful Recruitment and Use of Child Soldiers.

These are all very physical forms of slavery and it is not something everyone goes through. The thing we are about to talk about is much deeper than the physical forms of slavery and is universal.

What Is The Greatest Slavery Of All Time?

To answer this, first we will start with an example. Imagine a hockey player who plays in the NHL, and is very passionate about hockey. This hockey player is about to have his first child and it’s a boy. How do you think that this hockey player is going to raise his child? More than likely the hockey player dad is going to raise his son to be a hockey player just like him and raise him to love hockey. Even if his son doesn’t like hockey, his father is going to make him like hockey.

The greatest slavery of all time is parent conditioning.

Although as a whole we look at parenting in a positive way, but on the same token it’s the greatest slavery of all time. Everyone is born a clean slate, in other words, everyone is born a blank canvas. And the first person to paint on the canvas is your parents or guardian. How you raise your kid is the person they become.

If your parents are in and out of jail and they take turns raising you, it is going to effect the person you become. It’s very rare to see bad parents raise a child to be good. No matter how much you say to your child and try to parent, they mainly learn by watching you. 80% of the stress of parenting could be gone if you just make yourself someone worth looking up to for your kid instead of yelling and trying to parent.

How Do Kids Learn?

Kids don’t learn through words and their ears, they learn through their eyes, hence children books being mainly pictures and little to no words. You don’t even have to say anything and your child will still learn just by watching you and how you act.

Even today we still learn easier through our eyes. A 2 hour documentary on the Civil War can hold our attention much easier than a book on the Civil War. That’s why so often today more and more kids are being diagnosed with ADHD. Not because they really have a problem but because they are simply bored listening to a teacher give a lecture on history. You give that same kid with ADHD a phone I bet they can hold their attention on that phone for hours.

Why Is Parenting So Important?

Parenting is what shapes humanity. If every parent raised their kids bad then humanity will be bad. Look at all the mass shootings like in Las Vegas, do you think these kids doing the shooting were raised good by good parents? No way, they most likely were raised by bad parents or neglectful parents.

Bad Parent = Bad Kid

You can’t blame the kid for being bad, you must blame the parents because the parents took away the kid’s innocence. If you were raised away from society and your parents told you that everyone besides for us is aliens then you will grow up to believe that everyone is aliens besides for you and your family. Similarly if you were told as a child that killing was good and considered okay then you will kill with no guilt or remorse because you were conditioned by your parents that killing was considered okay. Just like you were told that sex before marriage is bad.

In the animal kingdom, if a dog is raised by lions, that dog is going to roar like a lion because that is how the dog is raised. Similarly parents that are overweight will often produce overweight children. And their scapegoat is that it’s genetics, and they don’t have a choice. That is the parents and kids playing the helpless victim card. You can’t become overweight without having bad eating habits. Where do these bad eating habits come from? The parents and the parents eating habits come from their parents. The kids watch the parents eat and they mirror the parents eating habits.

Everyone is born a blank canvas like we mentioned above and the parents and society decides what type of picture they are going to paint on the child’s canvas. That is why it’s up to the parents to make humanity great again. If the parents can’t at least do that then it’s up to you to unlearn everything your parents taught you directly or indirectly and recondition yourself.

Thanks for reading 🙂

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