The 4 Investments You Should Make Before You Turn 30

Investing is something you do today for the better of tomorrow. The time, energy, and resources you invest today into something will dictate your future. Everyday you are investing in your time into something. The goal of this article is to make sure you are investing in the right things.

What investments have you made this month so far? Were they good investments?

Making the title about investments you should make before you turn 30 years old limits the readers to ages 16-30. But even if you are 31-60 years old, you can still make these investments and it will still payoff. The earlier you make the investment the better because of the compound effect.

The 4 Investments You Should Make Today

4th Investment: Self Education

Self education is something you do voluntarily by your own will. Traditional education is something that is involuntarily forced by an outer source like your parents and teachers. What makes self education important is because you want to learn and when you want to learn something you always learn more.

When you don’t want to learn something like in traditional school you end up learning nothing. After high school and college we stop learning because quite frankly the students are sick of learning. School has ruined student’s appetite for learning. Also students think once they get their diploma or degree they feel that this my certification to not having to learn anything anymore because school has “prepared” me for life. When in reality school doesn’t prepare you for real life.

Learning on your own through self education is the most important investment I made in my twenties. Investing in books, courses, and classes made me learn the important thing I needed to live a great life. Traditional school does not prepare you for the real world, it only teaches you obedience. On the same breath it teaches you how to be rebel and cheat. Traditional school focuses on passing the class rather than learning, so more and more students are cheating in school and retaining nothing.

3rd Investment: Your Relationships

I didn’t make this serious investment until recently because I thought being the lone wolf was the only way to financial freedom. I found out pretty quickly that you need people in your life because they are experts in something you are not. The jack of trades is a master of none.

Your network is your net worth

Relationships help you live a more quality and longer life. Just like back in the 1600s before all this advancement of technology and Industrial Age, living pass your 30s was the hardest thing ever. Now today people are planning to live until they are 90 years old. But in the 1600s having allies and friends meant you were more likely to live pass your 30s. Being friends with a tribe leader meant that you will have more resources, more food, better shelter, and a longer life. Not having allies didn’t guarantee you much in the 1600s

This even stands true today that more relationships and friends means a longer life. Friendship will help you get a better job so you can live a more quality life. It also meant that you have more resources for other things that you have no expertise in. That’s why it’s important to invest in your friendships.

2nd Investment: Your Health

By far this the most important investment you can make in the twenties. The paradox of it is that most people have the excuse of “I’m young so I’ll be okay” to justify them ruining and killing their bodies. Then you get older and you use that same excuse but instead of “I’ll be okay”, you use “I’m old and I’m going to die anyways” excuse.”

What does unlimited wealth mean to a person with limited time and health?

Health today is becoming more and more ignored despite the dangers being right in front of our faces. The lifestyle you live today dictates the life you live in your 40s and 50s. How you eat and live will determine how many hospital visits you make a year.

Before I investment in my health, I would get sick 3 times a year and I would have bad acid reflux. Then there came one December I got really sick to a point where I would lay in bed all day for over a week and that was the turning point. I was so mad that I wasted a whole week in bed that I made it a mission that I will never get sick again. As soon as I invested in my health my acid reflux went away and I never got sick again. I don’t have any off days because I never get sick anymore and my body and mind is now functioning at a maximum. All because I invest in my health everyday.

Getting sick is your bodies check engine light telling you that you need to fix something.

If you want to live a more quality life then you need to stay investing in your health. It’s not about living longer, it’s about living a better, healthier life.

1st Investment: Retirement Funds Like Mutual Funds & IRA

The whole point of retiring is to relax, not to work yourself into the grave. It would be unwise to fully depend on your pensions and social security to provide for you retirement. That is leaving your retirement up to the fate. Some do have great pensions and some do not.

All you have to do is open up a IRA and invest 10-20% of your income into it every month until you retire. The more you make, the more you should invest it in. This helps make sure when you finally retire, you can actually retire and not have to work. Due to the compound effect, your $300 a month will turn into millions about the time you retire.

The beauty of investing only 10-20% of your income is that you aren’t sacrificing much, maybe a night out once a month you are sacrificing. It’s worth the investment. The money you invest starts making you money instead of sitting in a savings account doing nothing.

The best time to invest is now

If you don’t know much about investing, then you should read Unshakeable by Tony Robbins. This man interviewed some of the greatest investors like Warren Buffett and condensed the knowledge down into this book. It’s worth the read. This investment is something you will never ever regret. I’m so happy with the investment that I opened 2 retirements funds.

All 4 of these investments will guarantee a great life as long as you start today.

Thanks for reading 🙂

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