The One Missing Link We All Need

There is a link that most people are missing in their lives and it is the reason there is not a lot of traction in people’s lives. This is merely an observation of my own life and the people around me. Through deep analysis I realized there is a link we are all missing.

This missing link I discovered through my research on death and coming face to face with it. I always pondered why the people who come face to face with death and survive end up living a pretty glorious life.

I realized something strange about life and that is the fact that everything we want and need is actually right in front of us.

You and I are just missing this one link.

What Is The One Missing Link?

The one missing link we need is urgency. If you don’t have a strong urgency then the things that are normally right in front of you could be miles away. Imagine if you wanted to learn how to play the guitar and you didn’t have an urgency to practice it everyday, you might never learn how to play the guitar. Let’s face it, we all would love to learn an instrument because it would be so cool to know how to play the drums or the guitar, but we lack the main ingredient and that is urgency. The fantasy of playing an instrument stays a wish.

Everyone always says be patient and good things will come. That advice alone is by far the most laziest advice ever. Things that may come in 10 years from being patient will come in 10 months from having an urgency. Being so patient with everything is good but on the same breath is costing your time and happiness. You could definitely be living the life you desire within one year if you develop an strong urgency.

Death & Urgency

Becoming aware of your morality is the turbo in the engine of life.

A lot of people don’t get what they want in life because they are living like they are immoral. Think about it this way, if you know you are never going to die would you have the urgency to do anything today? To go to school, learn the guitar, get a good job, find the love of your life, start a business, or make an impact in the world. Absolutely not, you have all the time in the world because you are never going to die.

Once you truly run towards the truth and the truth being that we are all going to die one day, will start a fire within you.

Being aware that death could creep up any moment makes me study when I’d rather play, makes me talk when I’d rather be quiet, makes me go when I’d rather stay, makes me smile when I’d rather frown, and makes me love when I’d rather hate.

My Recent Example Of Urgency

Recently I had to complete this 75 hour certification online for my career and the first 30 hour certification took me nearly 2 months to complete. I wasn’t urgent with the process, only studying about less than 2 hours a day at best. Once I completed the first half, I looked at the second half of the certification like it might take me 3 months at the pace I’m currently going. So I decided that I wanted to complete the next 45 hour certification in 2 weeks, cutting the time down to a fraction. I felt an urgency to get it done in less than 2 weeks, so the 2 hour study sessions turned into 11 hour sessions. This urgency helped me complete it in two weeks. This urgency made me study when I’d rather relax and watch TV.

This goes to show that everything you want and need is truly an arm lengths away.

Can Love Be Urgent?

A love relationship is the one subject that we all have received the be patient advice. “Be patient and the person you love will come.” Now I believe love can be urgent as long as you don’t force everything that is not there. What if you were supposed to go through 10 relationships with 10 different lovers before you finally meet the love of your life. But you have been stuck mending a broken, on and off relationship for 3 years because you think this person is “the one.” I find urgency can be used in relationships because instead of dating one person for 2 years, learning 1 lesson and then dating another person for 3 years, learning 1 lesson and then on and on. I would say it’s better to be urgent with the process by becoming aware when the relationship has run the course. Be urgent with the process rather than be so patient.

Once you live with urgency, you start to find it easier to let go of people and relationships that are no longer serving you. Urgency is what makes you talk to people when you are scared to, apply for jobs when you feel you aren’t ready, and date people when you feel you they are your soul mate.

Urgency is the turbo to living and learning lessons that would have taken a patient person 5 years, and an urgent person 5 months.

Clarification: I’m not implying that you should live life fast and do everything quickly, that is not what you should get from being urgent. Urgency means that instead of waiting for things to happen and waiting for your life to become better, you take matters into your own hands, by starting today. You don’t wait for the love of your life to come into your life, you go into their life, you don’t wait for a job or career to fall onto your lap, you jump onto it’s lap, and lastly you don’t wait to be happy and loving, you are lovely happy today.

Thanks for reading 🙂

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