Nothing in Life Is REal Without This

Have you ever watched the music video One by Metallica ? My 7th grade teacher showed our class this music video and still today it haunts me. The video is quite disturbing, it’s not for all viewers. There is an unsaid concept in that video that goes perfect with the concept I’m conveying today.

The video is an is an anti-war song that is about a World War I soldier who is severely wounded. His arms and legs are blown off by a landmine, and he is blind and unable to speak or move. Talk about disturbing to think about. The soldier is basically stuck in his mind and he can’t get out of it. He knows he’s still alive because he can feel. If you take away his feeling then his life would not be real to him.

Imagine This

Imagine living in a world where you can’t see, hear, smell, feel, or taste. All your 5 senses are gone, how would life seem to you? Just take a moment to imagine how it would be. Some people lose 1 of the 5 senses and their life seems to take a turn for the worse.

What Makes Everything In Life Real?

Everything in life is real and exist to you because you have all the 5 senses. How would you be able to detect that the pen or phone you are holding is real? You are able to know it’s real and determine what it is because you have the sense to feel the phone, the sense the see the phone, and the sense to hear the phone. If all of your senses were gone, how would you know the phone exist?

Basically this means that what is real to you and I is truly subjective. If I can see and hear the phone you’re holding but you can’t feel it, see it, hear it, smell it, or even taste it, then is it real? Without you having the 5 senses or even just a couple senses, everything in life is not real.

What Is Real?

If someone ask you what is real in this world, you are most likely going to grab something you can see and feel and say “this chair is real.” So what is real is just electrical signals from your fingers to you brain to tell you this is table or chair exist. Even seeing is just light and electrical signals from your retina and photoreceptors to your brain. Everything in life exist because your brain makes it exist. If the system in your body wasn’t sending signals to you brain to create images in it to tell you it’s real, then nothing would be real.

Does a beautiful face exist to a person who can’t see?

Does music exist to a person who is deaf?

What is real is truly subjective from person to person. If you were born without the 5 senses then nothing would exist to you. The 5 senses is what brings this world to life.

Thanks For Reading 🙂

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