How Your Handwriting Could Change Your Life

Have you ever observed your handwriting or someone else’s handwriting?

Your handwriting says a lot about you. Handwriting is something that is becoming less and less common as the world evolves with technology. It is often overlooked because most people don’t know that handwriting actually says a lot about you. In this digital age less and less are writing because we have keyboards and screens, like the keyboard I’m typing on right now.

Take a moment right now, and get out a piece of paper and write this sentence:

The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog”

The sentence above contains all the letters in the alphabet, so it’s the perfect sentence to practice your writing and see where it’s at. Your handwriting is a exact link to your mind. Your handwriting is the mind’s body language. If you take a calm person and tell them to write just one random sentence and then you take an stressed out anxious person and tell them to write the exact same sentence you will see a big difference in the style of the writing.

^ The Stress, Anxious Person Writing ^
^The Calm Person Handwriting ^

There are specialist who are called graphologist and they analyze the handwriting of people with the objective of determining personality. Handwriting is almost like a fingerprint, it’s unique and it’s so different from everyone else’s. I would of never thought that there are actually people out there who study handwriting of people and can determine their personalities and minds.

What Is Graphotherapy?

Graphotherapy is the science of changing your personality and mind by changing your handwriting. Our Handwriting can promote our bad habits, and on the same breath we can use our handwriting to modify or eliminate the habits.

The words you write out is a representation of your mind. Not the words on the paper but how the words are written. I often talk about your body language and how quick or slow you talk and how quick or slow move your body shows exactly where your mind is at. This the same concept but your handwriting is showing where your mind is at instead of your body or mouth. Some people who study Graphotherapy said that the way you simply cross your “Ts” shows where your self esteem is at. The higher you cross your “Ts”, the higher your self esteem is said to be.

Also they talk about how you write your “S” shows how stressed out you are. I noticed when I draw my “S” it seems to always be deformed and badly shaped. That meant that I was stressed out. So everyday I started change how I write my “S” and weirdly enough began to feel calmer.

4 Writing Exercises For Better Mental Health

5 Handwriting Tricks to Kill Stress and Stay Motivated 3

1. For relaxation & calmness:
 We call this waves exercise. Draw these waves for half a page one line after the other. All you need to ensure is that it comes even (the dotted line is just for display purpose, you may have to do this exercise on plain paper).

graphotherapy tips

2. The skipping rock: Draw this shape for half a page, one line after the other along with waves. You’ll not only have a relaxed mind, but also a good night’s sleep.

5 Handwriting Tricks to Kill Stress and Stay Motivated 4

3. For concentration: We call this as top hat. Draw this shape for half a page and see the change in your focus in just 30 days!

5 Handwriting Tricks to Kill Stress and Stay Motivated 5

4. For increasing attention to details: We call this castle top. Draw this for half a page along with any relaxation exercise and see yourself change for the best.

I got these exercises from

These writing exercises help improve your calmness, concentration and looking at the details of this world. Who would of thought that simply how you write could determine so much about you and even show where your mental health is at.

I just vaguely talked about this topic but if you are interested on learning more on how your handwriting could actually change your life, then pick up the book by Vimala Rodgers called Your Handwriting Can Change Your Life by clicking the link below.

Thanks for reading 🙂

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  1. Never really thought about it and yes your right we don’t write anymore in this day and age because of the computers. They don’t even teach cursive in the schools anymore and it’s a shame. I am going to write this sentence and see were I stand in personality category. From your #1 fan


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