The Biggest Lesson I’ve Learned From Getting Into A Car Accident.

I was driving home from the office Tuesday night and as I was driving home I was in my head, thinking about so many different things. I have gotten a parking ticket in the parking garage prior to leaving my office. As I was driving home from the office, I was thinking about so many different things and all the things I’ve have to do. On top of my list of things I have to do, I was thinking about where and how do I pay this parking ticket I just got.

On my way driving down a road I drove many times before, my autopilot engaged in my head and my mind started to wander about the many other things in my life. We all do this. Who would of thought that simply thinking about other things could be a big distraction. I’m driving down this busy road Tuesday night, thinking about the parking ticket I just got and as I’m thinking deeply about this ticket, I see a car coming full speed at me. I didn’t have enough time to dodge it, so we crashed into each other right in the middle of the intersection.

Very Confused by what has happened, I look up to see where the mistake was and the light above me was red. I was at fault because I was so distracted by my mind that I didn’t see the red light. Luckily the person I hit was okay, and I only had some braised ribs. The road I was driving down had at least 10 red lights. Distracted by my mind full mind, I ran a red light. Both cars had to be towed away.

The Biggest Lesson I’ve Learned

If you haven’t been in a car accident before then you would know it’s quite traumatizing. It leaves you feeling in shock from what just happened. Also it makes you even more on edge when you get back into your car to drive again. But in life everything must go on, so instead of being scared to drive again, I found the golden egg in this terrible situation. And that golden egg is a big lesson I’ve learned, that makes me excited to drive again.

The biggest lesson I’ve learned from this mistake was the very fundamental thing people teach in all self help avenues and that is to be present. If you are driving, drive. If you are cooking, just focusing on cooking. If you are talking to someone, just focus on talking to them. If you are working, just focus on work. Don’t think about or do anything other than the thing you have in front of you. That is the key to living a present life. Otherwise, life will come crashing down on you like a speeding car to wake you back up. Sometimes, the lessons are learned too late and next time it will be an 18 wheeler instead of a mid-size SUV.

Simple, Yet Powerful Drawing

You have seen that drawing or painting before right? If yo haven’t it’s the one where the dog can only focus on what’s in front of them but the person to the left can only focus on everything but what’s right in front of him. You think about everything you have to do but besides for the task at hand. You focus on everything else but the trees in front of you. If you can take away one lesson from my stupid mistake that left with $10,000 in damages……. focus on one thing at a time.

Your life will be easier, happier, and you will be able to experience everything fully.

Be Present

thank for you reading 🙂

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