My Experience From Actually Getting Covid-19

A Virus So Deadly That You Don’t Know You Have It Until You Get Tested.

Before starting off this article, I want to make a disclaimer. This information you are about to read about here is merely just my experience. So experiences may differ from person to person.

Firstly, I am writing this article while being covid-free. The virus only lasts for about 2 weeks and you’re only contagious for about 8 days and after that you can no longer spread the virus.

The virus didn’t effect me like you may have seen on the news and on the internet. There were people who couldn’t breathe on their own, so they needed ventilators. That is the worst case scenario. My experience was almost less than your everyday head cold.

Eventually We Are All Going To Get It

I published an article back in March on how to prepare for covid-19 and I give advice on how to prepare for it. I didn’t talk about how to not get it, I just talk about how to prepare for it and not die from a virus so deadly that you need to get tested to know you have it.

The only way this virus will go away for good is if another lockdown happens and everyone actually stays in their house for 2 weeks. Otherwise the virus is going to keep spreading from person to person. I work with the public, so I wasn’t thinking how I’m not going to get it, I was thinking about how I’m going to beat it when I do get it.

My Experience Going From Getting Covid-19 To Becoming Covid-19 Free

It all started one morning when I woke up feeling like I had a head cold. And I was confused because I haven’t been sick in over 2 years because of the way I take care of my body. That was a red flag to me because that means that my immune system was fighting off something new. I took a couple days off to recover because I thought maybe I was just burnt out from working so hard.

After a couple days I started to feel better to a point where I went back to work. My buddy had the virus before told me that a big indicator is if you lose your taste and smell. So of course the following day, I wake up and my taste and smell is gone. I thought that was because maybe my nose was stuffy but the kicker was I can breathe out of my nose perfectly fine.

The crazy part is the fact that temporary losing my taste and smell was the peak of this virus for me. But I still didn’t get tested because I felt fine. For the next 3 days, I went into work with no problem. While at work, I felt guilty that I could get my coworkers sick, so I went after work to get tested. My results came back that I was positive with the coronavirus. All they told me to do was to rest, drink plenty of water and don’t leave the house for 10 days and then you will be covid free.

Taking The Holistic Approach

I know one thing for sure and that is if I didn’t eat very clean and take care of my body, the virus would have taken a much larger toll on my body. After I got back the results, I just chilled in my house, continued to upload insightful posts to my Instagram and go to classes on zoom. The worst of the whole virus was temporarily not being able to taste or smell and getting the chills, that’s it. I still was able work out in my basement and make some progress with my brand and career. The virus didn’t stop me at all, I was covid-19 free in a matter of 8 days. All because I take care of my body by only putting things into it that enliven it, not kill it.

My Advice To Anyone Who Hasn’t Got It Yet

This is going to sound scary for me to say but prepare to get the virus. The most important thing you can do is eat healthy and exercise, otherwise it will be hell for you. The only reason why the virus didn’t affect me like others is because of my regimen. When I found out I was positive, I ate even healthier, doubled up my fruit smoothies, and I drank elderberry syrup. I also did coconut oil pulls in the morning, where you put a tablespoon of coconut oil in your mouth and swish it around for 15 mins and then spit it out. This pulls all there bacteria out of your mouth. After that, I do a tongue scraping because in the morning, there is so much bacteria in your mouth and on your tongue. Overnight your body goes through a healing process and a lot of the toxins end up in your mouth. You don’t want to swallow these toxins.


If you don’t want to end up like the things you see on the news from people getting the virus then you must start today to change your lifestyle. Eat whole, clean foods, and exercise. My experience getting the virus wasn’t that bad because by eating and living healthy, my immune system was ready to fight off the virus. For the people who had a hellish experience from getting the virus and I say this because I know them personally, they weren’t living healthy. Your immune system is the first line of defense against this virus, so take care of your body.

Eat healthy, stay hydrated and you’ll beat the virus with ease.

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  1. So true so true, of course I am one of the ones that eat clean or healthy and must start. I think you are a walking book of knowledge. Glad you are Covid free
    From your #1 fan


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