The Greatest Drug In The World (Not What You Think)

I know what you’re already thinking from just reading the title to this article. This is probably going to be a science article on what is the most addictive and damaging drug in the world. You’re wrong, this drug is not psychoactive drug or even a physical drug at all. You don’t swallow this drug.

Observe This Drug For Yourself

Take a look around at the people in your sphere or even just take a look at yourself and observe your habits and tendencies. The longer you observe, the more you will find and the quicker you will figure out what this drug is. Christmas just recently passed and what makes Christmas so exciting? The fact that you have something you want or desire and you hope you wake up Christmas morning and it’s under your tree. That makes it exciting. Let’s say you don’t particularly get that excited about gifts during Christmas, maybe you want to find a lover or just to see your family.

Both of the “wants” you just read above hold a similar emotion. This emotion is the very basis of love, shopping for things, choosing a career path, and simply choosing the food you eat today. This very “drug” is an illusion. I call it a drug because it’s addictive and it takes over your life. This drug could take over you mentally or even physically if you let it.

What Is The Greatest Drug In The World?

The greatest drug in the world is DESIRE. This emotion, takes over your mind and controls you. We all are taking this drug everyday. Anytime you want something in life, then you are swallowing the pill of desire. Desire is an illusion and it pulls you directly out of the present moment. Now that you have a desire, you want to go from point A to point B. You aren’t happy with point A anymore, so you desire point B.

Think about it, when you were a kid, you asked Santa for something you want for Christmas and from November to December 25th, you waited. Christmas couldn’t come quick enough for you. You daydreamed about the special thing you asked for Christmas. Now instead of enjoying all the days leading up to Christmas, you don’t because of anticipation of fulfilling this desire.

December 26th, the day after Christmas, you are sad again because your desire was fulfilled. Now you need another desire.

Have you ever bought anything online and had it shipped to you house? Society is set up to directly fuel your desires. Ordering things online is so attractive because it’s a cycle. Can you think of anyone who just ordered ONE thing online and never ordered again? I know I can’t think of anyone, not even myself. What happens is you have a desire to have something you seen online, so you place the order. You are excited while waiting for your package to arrive. You look at the tracking status everyday. Now what happens when you finally get your package?

The cycle of this drug we call desire starts again. You begin to desire something else after you got your online order. My brother Frank is the perfect example of this. He probably owns 30 pairs of shoes that he got from shopping online. He submits the order for a new pair of shoes and after a week he gets the shoes. That same day he got the new shoes, he’s shopping for another new pair online. There will always be new things we desire.

My Personal Experience With This Drug

The last few months were a blur to me because I had this desire that was so strong that I was pulled out of enjoying the present moment. I had a desire to become a real estate agent and that was all I could think about. The desire was so strong that I stopped the YouTube channel and the podcast. All my attention went to the becoming a real estate agent. I would study 12 hours a day just to help shorten the time to achieving this desire.

Anytime I got a chance, I studied. What makes having a desire toxic is the fact that it makes you unconscious in the moment and pulls you from actually enjoying today. After 3 months when I finally got my real estate license, it was exciting at first but the following day I had a desire for something else. You don’t just get what you desire and then you are satisfied. You immediately desire something else.

Burning Desire Of Love

Desire even bleeds into your love life. You spend all your energy trying to get someone that you like. And once you get them, you are happy for sometime then your old friend desire comes back around again. You get bored with the person you spent so much trying to get and that makes you desire someone else. What happens is you repeat this cycle over and over again until life slaps you in the face with depression and loneliness. You can’t fully blame yourself, because social media is like menu of potential lovers. We add, follow, and connect with new people everyday. Social media direct feeds your desire by having a smorgasbord of potential lovers or friends online. That’s why I believe men and women often leave their lover because of desire for a new one.


I don’t want to sound like a hypocrite by advising you to stop desiring thing because I still desire things. I just don’t let it take over my life and mind. Spiritual gurus will say that if you want to live a happy life, then stop desiring things. For us to stop desiring things in life, you would have to totally leave the construct of society and live remotely. Even that may not end your desire. So the point of this article to help you become aware of desire being the greatest drug in the world. It could take over your life if you let it. Just like criminals desire money and riches, that takes over their lives and single handedly ruins it.

You can have desires, just don’t let it pull you from enjoying this moment right now.

Thanks for reading 🙂

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