What Would happen If You Got Everything You Ever Wanted?

Everything you have ever thought about getting what you want in life is going to be debunked in this article. During a deep reflection one morning, I thought about what motivates me to get out bed everyday. At the end of my reflection, I realized that what motivates me to get out of bed in the morning is my why and my why is because of my wants.

This may sound very egotistical but I realized the reasons I get out of bed in the morning is because of the things I want from my life. This ranges from emotional states to career goals, money goals, to even some material things. I hate to admit that is why I get out of bed in morning.

An Exercise To Try When You Wake Up

I want you to try the exact same exercise I’ve done during my morning. When you first wake up tomorrow morning, ask yourself why do I get out of bed? What truly motivates you to get out of bed in the morning? Everything you will think about will be wants and desires. You may say that my kids motivate me to get out of bed in morning. That is still a want because you want your kids to live a great life, so you get up to provide for them.

The Greatest Drug In The World Part 2

The recent article I published last Sunday called The Greatest Drug In The World talks about how having wants and desires is the greatest drug in the world. It’s a never ending cycle of going from desire to your next desire. What if you got everything you ever wanted? Anytime you put money in a slot machine, you win. Anytime you play the lottery you win. Anytime you apply for a loan you get approved. Anytime you apply for a job they hire you. Anytime you ask someone you like out, they say yes. Anytime you want a promotion you get it. Anytime you want more money you get it.

I know what you may be thinking, “that would be heaven on earth.” But are you sure about that?

The 3 States Of Mind

Purgatory On Earth

Some people believe that we are living in purgatory right now. But what is purgatory? It is a place between heaven and hell where you go to purify the things you have done bad. The reason people believe this is purgatory is because 70% of the time we don’t get what we want. Also because more bad things happen to us than good.

Hell On Earth

Now some believe that we are living in hell right now. They believe this because of all the horrible things they see on the news and TV. Also they believe we are currently living in hell be cause they never get what they want and only bad things happen to them over and over again.

Heaven On Earth

Then you have heaven, a place while people believe that you get everything you want. People also believe that heaven is a place where only good things happens to you. Anytime something good happens to someone, they say that this is heaven.

This is a false concept of both heaven and hell. No one reading this article or not reading this article knows if heaven or hell is real or not. So we can only refer to heaven and hell as states of mind.

What if you really got everything you ever wanted? No challenge, no struggle, no getting rejected, no having wrong answers, and never doing anything wrong, only right. What do you think would really happen to you?

What Would Happen If You Got Everything You Ever Wanted?

A Nice Place To Visit

Around 9pm that night after my deep morning reflection there was episode that sparked my attention called A nice place to visit on the TV show The Twilight Zone. This show is a black and white TV show similar to The Black Mirror where they blow your mind with insane yet true concepts.

In the episode A nice place to visit, this criminal who robs and kills people was robbing a jewelry store/pawnshop one late night. While gathering the gold and silver, the robber name Henry, hears the police sirens. So he gathers what he stole and dashes out of the store. While being chased down by the police Henry gets shot and killed in a shootout.

Henry is woken up in the same spot where he died by a man in a nice all white suit named Mr. Pip. He is confused because he is unharmed and Mr. Pip knows everything about him. So Henry pulls out his gun on the man in the white suit and asks for his wallet. Pip tells Henry, that he doesn’t have a wallet, but what you really want is money. So Pip pulls out $700 in cash and gives it to Henry.

 Mr. Pip tells Henry that he is his guide and has been instructed to grant him whatever he desires. Henry holds Pip at gunpoint, following him to a luxurious apartment that Pip insists is Henry’s. While in the apartment that looks like a palace, Henry remains suspicious the whole time. He doesn’t believe that he can get anything free in life. After Pip shows him around the apartment, he shows him a gold plaque on the front door of the apartment reading his full name Henry Valentine. Henry is still suspicious that Pip is here to either get him killed or arrested. Pip goes on to give him a luxury suit and then shows him to a big table full of high quality food.

Henry is hesitant on eating the food on the table, feeling like Pip is trying to poison him that he make Pip eat it first. Pip claims that doesn’t know how to eat because he hasn’t ate in hundreds of centuries. Feeling like Pip is trying to poison him by not eating the food, Henry gets up and shoots Pip twice in the body and once in the head. Pip is not even harmed or phased by the bolts. Henry becomes confused because those bullets should have killed Pip. Somehow the bullets disappeared. Henry shoots a near by lamp to see if there is something wrong with the gun or bullets but the lamp gets destroyed by the gun shot.

Henry now realizes that he is dead and assumes that he is in Heaven and that Pip is his guardian angel. Pip ask Henry what does he want? He responds by saying he wants a million dollars and beautiful women. In a few seconds both of the money and women appear. Basically Pip grants everything Henry wants. From women to cars, to even never losing at the casino. After enjoying weeks in this heaven Henry asks to see some of his former friends who have died. Pip says that won’t be possible, as this “paradise” is his own private domain, and none of the people are real except for Rocky and Pip. The girls are just dolls and everything are props.

 Henry becomes curious as to why he was allowed into Heaven. “I must have done something good that made up for all the other stuff. But what? What did I ever do that was good?” So Pip and Henry go to the Hall of Records to show Henry his record and to find out the good thing that allowed him into “heaven”. But his records only contain a list of all his sins and bad deeds. He is confused why God let him in heaven but he doesn’t care and goes on to enjoy heaven for another month.

After A Month In “Heaven”

Rocky becomes really bored by always having his needs satisfied and predictably winning at anything he attempts. Henry wants the thrill and excitement of maybe losing or maybe winning, and sometimes not getting what you want and sometimes getting what you want. Henry can’t take always getting what he wants, he’s bored. He tells Pip, “If I gotta stay here another day, I’m gonna go nuts! I don’t belong in Heaven, see? I want to go to the other place.” Pip responds with confusion, “Heaven? Whatever gave you the idea that you were in heaven, Mr. Valentine? This is the other place!” Pip then begins to laugh as Henry comes to the realization that he is in Hell and unsuccessfully tries to escape his endless “paradise”.

We all think that getting everything we ever wanted is like living in heaven but it’s quite the opposite. The very thing that makes life exciting is the fact that you may lose or win. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. Constantly having all your needs met can make you grow quite bored with life. The person who dream and fantasize of one day having a sports car, a boat, and a mansion is happier than the person who has 10s of sport cars, boats, and mansions. There is no excitement and joy if you always get what you want in life.

I used an example about having the desire of getting my real estate license in the last article. Getting that was the most exciting part of my year. Passing the 2 licensing exams for it was the happiest day of the year for me. All because I was scared and nervous that was going to fail. The very fact that I could possible fail made passing the exam that much more exciting. But when I got my claims adjusting license in Florida years ago, I didn’t have that excitement because it was an open book test, so there was no way I could fail. Getting that license gave me not even a percentage of joy.

We Are All Currently Living In Heaven

Hell is always getting what you want and never losing. Heaven is sometimes getting what you want and sometimes not getting what you want. That makes getting what you want exciting because there is a possibly that you might not get it. If everything you touch turned into gold then you will eventually stop touching things because there is no more value or excitement because you know it will turn to gold. But occasionally turning things into gold makes touching thing exciting.

Thanks for reading 🙂

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