The Fastest Way To A Spiritual Awakening

In this article I’m going to give you the one fastest way to achieve a spiritual awakening.

I remember when I first started my spiritual journey many years ago, I thought by obtaining knowledge about spirituality, reading about it and buying crystals with essential oils that I would reach a spiritual awakening. At the time I didn’t even know what a spiritual awakening was. I read about it in books but I didn’t fully understand it.

What Is A Spiritual Awakening?

We are all born naturally spiritually awakened.

A spiritual awakening is not something that can be added to you. It’s not like putting on a shirt. The term spiritual awakening was something that was created by the ones who aren’t spiritually awakened. We are all born spiritually awakened but by the time we are 1 years old we are already being conditioned and programmed out of this awakening. So our true self, our natural state of bliss gets buried deep beneath us. Under our titles, labels, conditioning, programming, egos, and beliefs is our true self. So it’s not a matter of adding to your life but removing from your life.

When you break away from all the anxiety and programming you reveal your natural state of bliss. A state where you are happy just to wake up. You don’t need the fancy boats, cars, houses, or career to be happy, it’s just a continuous state of happiness. That is what a spiritual awakening feels like. You no longer overthink, you just surrender to the flow of the universe. Many of us go against the changing flow of the universe and that creates the anxiety.

The Robot Inside

It all started one morning when I was taking a walk through my neighborhood. While I was walking, I realized that I went half way through my walk and forgot I was even walking. So I asked myself: “Who is walking, me or someone else? Who is controlling my legs?” I looked down at my feet and tried to answer. My mind was trying to answer this question while I was walking.

I pulled the E-brake on my legs and stopped in the middle of the street and began to look around. That question really bugged me because I didn’t know who was controlling my legs. I was thinking about so many other things while walking but I definitely wasn’t thinking about walking. I learned in psychology class in college that our subconscious mind controls our walking and eating. And our subconscious mind is automatic, so you don’t have to consciously think about eating or walking while doing either. That’s why you can think about something else while walking or while watching TV while you eat.

How Anybody Can Become Spiritually Awakened?

At the end of my morning walk, I decided that I wanted to break away from this robot that is automatically controlling my body and mind. How does one break away from this robot? The only way to break away was to start doing everything with awareness. Later that night I sat in my room to practice doing simple things like moving my arms with awareness. I wanted to move every body part with complete awareness, meaning that I was going to move it consciously not automatically. I started with my hands and arms. When I looked at my hand and consciously moved it, I noticed that I move it rather slow. Any body part I consciously moved, It moved slow. You move your body consciously by feeling the whole hand moving, like your brain is now in that hand.

This become the criteria for what I’m doing consciously and what I’m doing automatically. If I moved, ate, or talked slow then I’m doing it with awareness. And if I moved, ate, or talked fast then I’m doing without awareness, the robot is in charge. The tricky part is making this apart of your everyday. Once I started to do everything with awareness, something weird started to happen. Normally we get bored when we are doing nothing, but doing nothing consciously became not boring at all. It was quite blissful. Whenever I wasn’t doing anything I would just consciously breathe and that made breathing blissful. Simply being alive became blissful.

To simplify how to become spiritually awakened is by living your whole life with awareness. What I mean by this is whenever you do anything, if that’s driving, walking, or talking, do it consciously. Feel your feet touching the ground, and move each leg with awareness, don’t let them move automatically. If you are doing this practice right then you will notice that you are walking much slower than your normal pace. This goes for your talking and eating also, it will be much slower.


That was how I became spiritually awakened, I just starting to do everything with awareness and that made just simply being alive blissful. You aren’t bored, you are just living on autopilot and that makes you miserable.

Thanks for reading 🙂

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