The 1 Way To Feel Limitless In REal Life

In the movie Limitless staring Brad Cooper, the character he plays Eddie Morra is facing unemployment, his girlfriend just dumped him and he is a writer who seems to have writers block and can’t finish the book he is writing.

So he runs into his brother-in-law who gives him this pill called NZT, where it unlocked 100% of your brain. Eddie’s mental ability and creativity skyrockets. Eddie’s life does a complete 360. Everything is flipped around. He ends up finishing his book and his career begins to take off. (I don’t want to spoil anymore of the movie, just in case you haven’t watched it and planned on watching it.)

Back in the summer of 2019 I released an article called 7 Way To Be Limitless In Real Life, and I realized now that 7 ways is a lot of ways to feel limitless in real life. I talked about getting exercise, eating brain boosting foods, meditation, deep work(flow), and decluttering your environment, things that require a lifestyle change. This article is here to condense the strategy down to 1.

Anyone Can Feel Limitless Right Now

Many of our brains and lives are being hijacked by 1 thing. This 1 thing makes it hard to feel mentally clear. It also sabotages your mental energy and your ability to think. As I was driving 1 day, a question came up in head and that question was: “What are the days that I feel like I’m limitless, the days that I feel like I can do no wrong?”

I thought back to a time when I felt like I was on the top of the world, or in other words, limitless. There were many times that I could recall when I felt limitless. Looking back to those times, there was 1 thing that stood out to me, that made me feel limitless.

The 1 Way To Feel Limitless In Real Life

The 1 thing that made me feel limitless is when I had 0 anxiety. The times when I could think the best and had the most mental energy was when I had little to no anxiety. The reason is because anxiety sabotages your mental energy by making you overthink and it causes brain fog.

Instead of taking a pill to make you feel limitless, all you have to do is manage your anxiety. In this anxiety-provoking world with fear projected on the news, comparisons on social media and violence on TV, being able to control your anxiety is the best thing you could do. Feeling calm, clear, and not anxious will make you feel like you could take on anything that comes. It also lets answers and ideas flow into your mind.

When I have no anxiety, I think clear, talk clear, and do everything with clarity. This clarity feels like that I have locked so much more of my brain power. Anxiety is the reason you don’t feel limitless.

2 Ways To Control Your Anxiety Without Seeing A Therapist

1.The most important thing to do when trying to calm your anxiety is simply by diagram breathing. Which is breathing from your stomach. This helps you come to your center and it decreases the sympathetic activity in your nervous system. Sympathetic activity is responsible for the flight or fight(anxiety) response in your body. The more sympathetic activity in your nervous system then the more anxious you will feel.

2. The 2nd way is simply by learning to let go. Whenever I used to feel extremely anxious I would get so attached to that anxious feeling that anxiety would stay around for hours. My anxiety used to so bad that it’s hard to recall anything from 3 years ago, it was like a blur. The year I spent extremely anxious was not stored in my memory due to the overwhelming feeling of anxiety.

When anxiety comes, learn to recognize that it is anxiety and just let go. This will take some practice because anxiety will disguise itself in many different costumes. Sometimes you will feel cold in a warm room, warm in a cold room, tingling in your body, tightening in your throat or chest. It’s important to tell yourself that this is just anxiety and cast it back into the water just like you would do a fish.

If you want to feel limitless, you are going to need to control your anxiety and you will begin to feel limitless. Just like someone who just finished a case of beer, feel so invincible that he can jump from a rooftop onto a beer pong table without breaking a bone(don’t attempt). Yet you won’t do anything crazy like that, your limitless feeling will be controlled and used for good.

Comment below if you have any other suggestions for feeling limitless in real life

Thanks for reading 🙂

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