The Fastest Way To Cure Insomnia

“Don’t pull out your phone or turn on the TV when you can’t sleep, try this.”

Have you ever spent nights where you couldn’t fall asleep? I can bet everyone had at least one time or another where no matter what they did, they just couldn’t seem to fall asleep. Sleep is by far the most important thing when it comes to sustaining a healthy life.

In this article we are going to talk about the 1 way to cure insomnia without changing your lifestyle even in the slightest way.

Doing this method, I fall asleep in under 10 minutes.”

The Process Of The Mind

To cure insomnia, you first must understand the process of your mind. The mind works from past to future, and back to front. The mind never thinks backwards, it’s always moving forward to the future. Your mind may look into the past but only to take the information from the past to use for the future.

The Mind That Never Stops

There would be days that I would work 12 hours in the sun, come home exhausted, then go into bed to sleep and somehow be up for hours trying to fall asleep. My body was so tired but my mind seem to be fully awake. I tried to take supplements to help me fall asleep but they never worked.

The issue is as the world progresses and we take in new information everyday if that’s through social media, the news, magazines, and from the TV, it overloads your brain. Our brains weren’t designed to take in this much information in one sitting. This overload of information is what keeps you up at night.

The Fastest Way To Cure Insomnia Today

Before falling asleep at night, how is your mind?

Most people’s minds before falling asleep at night is full with thoughts of the past, of the future, and many other things. And there is absolutely no way to just turn off your thoughts because you don’t create your thoughts. So the fastest way to cure insomnia is by replaying your entire day in your head. BUT not from morning to night, do it from night to morning.

Whenever you replay your past from beginning to end, you reemphasize your mind. This reemphasizing prolongs your insomnia and keeps you awake longer. But when you replay your day from right before you laid in bed to when you got up in the morning, it unwinds your mind. This is what your mind needs to help you fall asleep, an unwinding.

When you go through your past memories from start to finish, you speed up your mind and that delays your sleep. So tonight, while laying in bed, replay your entire day from back to front, from night to morning. From right before getting into bed to go to sleep to waking up in the morning.

I’ve been doing this for many months now and I don’t even make it to half way through the replay of my day and I’m sleeping. We’re talking about 7 mins and I’m sleeping. All you have to do is replay your day from night to morning, just like counting from 99 to 0 and you become mentally tired and then you fall asleep. The mind likes to go from beginning to end, so it’s going to be difficult at first but it does work to help cure your insomnia.

When you are replaying your day in your mind from ending to beginning try to observe every little detail and replay everything you did, not just the “major” things like going to work. You will see that you actually did a lot today, despite not feeling like you did. Even though you are on autopilot throughout the day, your brain still records everything, so you will be able to recall your entire day even if you think you can’t.

This will cure your insomnia! Try it tonight 🙂

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