The 5 Things That Completely Changed My Life

“I’m no longer the person I was 10 years ago, 5 years ago, 3 years ago, 2 years ago, I’m not even the same person I was last year.”

Changing yourself for the better is not an overnight process. You don’t just pick up a book or watch an inspiring YouTube video and you’re changed forever. I know this because I’ve watched hundreds of YouTube videos and read so many books. None of them really just magically changed me.

Although these things did not change me overnight, they definitely were the catalyst to change. These books and videos showed me the pathway to a better life. In this article you are going to read 5 things that altered my life forever.

Why It’s Hard For People To Change

By nature we are habitual human beings, we like habit, and some would even say we are addicted to our habits. I don’t care how spontaneous your life is, we are humans of routine. Even when you don’t have a set routine, your subconscious mind develops one for you.

Your daily habits and routines are the reason you are the same person you were last year. Change in life boils down to simply changing your habits and the things you do on a daily basis. 1 of the 5 things I will mention in this article is meditation. Mediation changed me, but it wasn’t until I practice meditation on a regular basis was when I started to notice a shift.

People rarely change because they are attached to their habits. It even comes down to the road they drive to work or the seat they sit in at home. It’s strange because even sitting in a different seat you don’t normally sit in or drive a different road to work will feel slightly uncomfortable.

Uncomfortable Change

I made the word uncomfortable in the previous paragraph bold because that is 1 thing that stops people from changing their life. Changing your daily rituals and habits is uncomfortable, and everything we do on the daily caters to our comfort.

The 5 things I’m about to list in this article were extremely uncomfortable for me. You may think that some of the things I’m about to name in the next paragraph is easy to do or easy to implement into your life. Although you may be right in some way, what makes it hard to implement is the lifestyle I was living prior to the change. Some things went from one extreme to the next like a swinging pendulum.

The 5 Things That Completely Changed My Life (In Order)

1.Semen Retention.

This one was by far one of the most extreme things I have personally done in my entire life. I personally know 1 other person who has done this with me. Everyone else who I mention this to, they either look at me in disbelief or they try it for a 3 days and fail.

What semen retention is actually what the words say: Semen(the life force of a man) retention(holding, controlling). Essentially this is another word celibacy, where you withstand from any sexual activity for a set time amount of time. My life needed a massive change and this was the first massive change I’ve made.

For a man, your mind get so occupied with sex and wanting to release this life force that it often skews your thinking and makes you do so crazy things. Personally I’ve gotten into some weird situations all because I wanted to release this life force. So practicing semen retention gave me loads of energy, physical and mental strength and extreme focus. Some would even say that semen retention makes you feel like a super human. When you don’t think about sex every 10 minutes, you have a much clearer view on the world and on relationships with the opposite sex.

If you want to learn more about my full experience with this practice click on the link below.

2. Anxiety & Panic Attacks.

Now I know what you’re probably thinking, how could anxiety and panic attacks make your life better? Without experiencing generalized anxiety and daily panic attacks I wouldn’t be writing this article today. Anxiety was the message I needed to make me change. Ultimately anxiety was pinging my mind and body everyday telling me that I needed to change my life.

Before anxiety I wasn’t even living or doing anything important. I just chased pleasure all day long, not caring about anything else. I was a bum who was addicted to video games, porn, and skipping class. Anxiety was the push I needed to reevaluate my life and become better. I’m grateful everyday that anxiety came in and broke me down so I can build myself for the better.

“Anxiety is just a message telling you need to change something.”

3. Meditation.

The 3rd thing that changed my life was/is meditation. This pairs up with the semen retention because again it’s something most people don’t do or at least don’t do everyday.

To help calm and get rid of anxiety I chose to practice meditation daily. Besides for the spiritual part of meditation and the reconnecting with your soul and opening up your third eye, what it does is helps you sit with anxiety. What made my anxiety worse and caused more panic attacks was the fact that anytime anxiety came about I tried to fight it off. It became a weird paradox for me because every time I tried to get rid of anxiety it got worse.

When you practice meditation, you allow yourself to sit and be present with the feeling of anxiety or any feeling and that ultimately helps it go away. Sitting with the feeling of anxiety gets rid of it and sends it back like a fisherman catching fish near a pond.

“Resistance Makes Stronger, Learn To Accept & Let Go”

4. Healthy Diet.

This was another drastic change for me. I knew nothing about eating healthy and frankly I didn’t care about eating healthy. But my anxiety was so bad that I needed to change my eating habits. Food is mood and if you are eating unhealthy you will be tired, moody and unhappy. Your gut is responsible for about 80% of your mood. What you eat is effecting how you feel.

Once I figured out that a lot of my problems were linked right back to the unhealthy foods I was eating, I made the change. I was eating foods that was weakening and killing my body and that was affecting my mind. Once I started to cut out unhealthy, fried, sugary foods and replaced it with enlivening, clean, whole foods it helped me feel better and take back control of my body and mind.

Most people eat the foods they eat because of something called dopamine. Take pizza and salad for example. If nutrition and health was off the table, mostly everyone is going to choose the pizza over the salad. Simply because the pizza gives you a much higher release of dopamine. What that says to me is that a lot of Americans are eating for pleasure rather than eating because they are hungry.

You don’t know what real hunger is until you fast for at least 24 hours.

5. Dopamine Detox

While writing this last section, I realized that all 5 of these things are connected to each other. Each one piggy backs over the next 1.

The final thing that changed me was a dopamine detox.

What Is A Dopamine Detox?

A dopamine detox is when you fast from everything that gives you a high rush of dopamine, hence the term dopamine detox. You do this by not using your cell phone, watching TV, drinking alcohol, doing drugs, eating chocolate or anything unhealthy, watching porn, or listening to music. Basically you don’t do anything that makes you feel good. If you want to go extreme, you could even fast from socializing for 24 hours.

Most people who practice a dopamine detox do it for 24 hours to help reset or reboot your dopamine center. I practiced it for 96 hours and the results were spectacular! What I got from my reboot was being able to enjoy the little things in life again. Simply eating, walking outside, driving, talking to strangers began to be exciting again like I was a kid.

It made me realized that I don’t need all these things like video games, phones, and substances to enjoy life. Being alive doing very small things became fun. Everything in life gives us a dopamine release, just somethings give us a much higher release of dopamine.

So when you constantly give your brain high releases of dopamine, your reward center has to lower the dopamine receptors to stay at a balance. That’s why you become depressed from drinking alcohol all the time, doing drugs, and playing video games. Because now your brain has a lot less dopamine receptors, meaning you need more alcohol, drugs, and longer video gaming to get a release of dopamine.

When you cut out everything for a whole day, this helps reset your brain and gives you more dopamine receptors back to help you enjoy being alive again.

Thanks for reading 🙂

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