How To Overcome Depression

Are you feeling depressed right now?

By the end of this blog, you won’t be depressed anymore. You will be happy and motivated, if you apply these steps I have laid out for you.

Before I get into the ways on how to get rid of depression for good, lets talk about depression and what I think causes depression.

We all have felt some type of deep sadness or depression. A lot of the time we mistake our sadness for depression and this leads us into depression. Just because you’re sad doesn’t mean you’re depressed.

I’ve been studying mental health for quite sometime now and depression has always been the destroyer for a lot of people. So I wanted to figure out why that is. So I interviewed a couple people who had different types of depression. I figured out that depression stems from one or two things. Either from events, like a childhood trauma or something less major like you keep getting into fights with your family or lover. Or it stems from our self image and mindset on ourselves and on the world.

Now the self image issue is not normally from ourselves directly, it is normally from our friends, family, and strangers. They have a direct impact on our self image. You have may of heard the saying: “No one can hurt you more than you hurt yourself.” This is true, no one can make our feel a certain way unless we make ourselves feel that way. This is hard when so many people say things to you that affect how you feel about yourself.

An example of this is take a beautiful happy girl who lived most of her life looking at herself as beautiful and friendly. Every guy wants to be with this girl. Everyone wants to be her friend. Then a couple people call her ugly, even though they more than likely do not feel that way about her. They just feel bad about themselves, so they try to make themselves for better by tearing her down. They call her that and this starts to shape her self image. It becomes a snowball affect because being called ugly starts to get into her head. She then begins to question her beauty.

Then another person calls her ugly or even fat then she begins to become closed off to people, so less and less guys want to be with her. She starts to lose friends because of her becoming closed off. So she actually believes that shes ugly because no guys wants to be with her. So she stops trying to keep up with her hygiene, and she starts to eat a lot of junk food because she stops caring about her health. So then as a result she actually starts to look ugly and overweight. This then spirals her into a depression because she doesn’t love herself and she doesn’t value herself.

So how you not let people control how you feel about yourself is create a positive label for yourself and everyday visualize yourself living out this label.

Most of the time depression stems from those two things, how we look at ourselves or some events that may have taken place to change the way we look at ourselves or the world.

In my opinion, depression could even take place from our habits. The things we do on a daily basis could make us depressed. The foods we eat, the TV shows we watch, and even social media could play a role in making us feel depressed.

People who eat a lot of fried foods, greasy foods, and sugary drinks are going to feel more depressed. The zero sugar drinks are even worse for your mental health. How do you think these zero sugar drinks taste so sweet? There are artificial sugars in there, like aspartame. Aspartame is sweet poison, it is messing up your mental and physical health. These fake sugars contribute to depression I am not saying totally cut out all these foods completely, I am saying cut back on these types of food. Those foods are addicting, so it is pretty tough to cut back on it. When you do cut back on it and start adding more fruits, vegetables, and nuts, you will feel so much better. Your depression with instantly decrease. You will see your whole life actually begin to shift for the better, just by eating more healthier.

Also binge watching TV will increase your depression. There is a link between the two. I am not suggesting that if you binge watch Netflix all day one time, it will make you depressed but it will make you depressed if you do it everyday. We binge watch TV because we want to escape our reality. We also are actively trying to avoid our problems. When we try to avoid all these things in life, they make there way back stronger than before. You need to limit your TV time, you will feel much more happier and social.

Here is another thing that I believe is adding to your depression. It is not being present enough. We are all too focused on either the past or the future. We aren’t living in the now enough or even at all. The future or past doesn’t exist. The future is only a continuation of the present moment. Thinking about the past will make you sad and thinking about the future will make you anxious and nervous. So the key way to live in the power of now is to right now, focus on your breath, and do a full body scan and feel how each body part feels right now.

Starting today, whenever you are doing something, just focus on that thing, if you are drawing, studying, talking to someone, working out, just focus on that thing. Don’t think about what you got to do in the next hour. How you do this is just when you are doing something, focus on how your body feels, and focus on your breath. This will take you into the present moment.

The moment you look at a clock, is the moment these negative feelings of future or past starts to creep in, so try your best to not look at the time as much. This will help you stay calm in the present moment.

Here Is The Steps To Help You Overcome Depression:

1.Change The Label You Place On Yourself To A More Positive One.

  • Whatever label you place on yourself is what everyone is going to see you as.
  • This will program your subconscious mind to become that positive label.
  • By just visualizing as yourself as that positive label, you become that.
  • When you see yourself as worthless and depressed, you fulfill that prophecy.
  • Example of this is: “I am joyful”, “I am amazing”, “I am happy”
  • Once you figure out who you want to be, you need to take 15 minutes everyday to visualize yourself as that type of person.
  • This life is your movie, you can be any character you want to be.
  • Jim Carrey said depressed mean “deep rest.” your spirit, body and mind doesn’t want to be that character you are being right now. You need to put that character to rest and become a different, more positive hero.

2. Think More Positive Thoughts

  • Psychologist suggest we think 70 ,000 thoughts a day
  • Most of the thoughts we think about are repeated thoughts.
  • These repeated thoughts become our reality.
  • Through the law of attraction, our thoughts become our reality.
  • Train your mind to think more positive thoughts by always finding the good in everything.

3. Change The Foods You Eat & Drink

  • Junk food and processed makes you more depressed.
  • These foods, don’t feed your body, mind, or spirit, they make you tired, unmotivated, and sad.
  • Whole foods that are natural will make you feel more happy and joyful.
  • I am not telling you to go full on vegan but just by adding more fruits, vegetables and nuts, and other whole foods, you will decrease your depression, and even get rid of it.

4. You Need To Get More Exercise

  • Working out will give you more self confidence.
  • Dr. Michael Craig Miller of The Medical School of Harvard says that exercise is as effective as antidepressants.
  • The “feel good” chemical called endorphins is released when you exercise
  • Exercise releases proteins called neurotrophic or growth factors, which cause nerve cells to grow and make new connections.
  • This regulates and improves your mood.
  • The improvement in brain function makes you feel better.

5. Get Out More & Make More Plans

  • Being in your house too long will increase your depression.
  • It’s okay to be in your house but don’t spend all day in your house on the couch.
  • You will become more tired and unmotivated to do anything.
  • Getting a lot of sunshine will decrease your depression.
  • When you make plans, you have something to look forward.
  • Not having plans and something to look forward to will make your life more boring and sad.
  • The real opposite of happiness is boredom.

6. Limit Your Social Media Usage (Less Than 1 Hour Per Day)

  • If you read the Self Help post in the menu, then you know that social media could be bad for your mental health
  • We tend to overindulge in social media, when we do, it creates a lot of sadness
  • There is a thing called a negative feedback loop, where when you’re depressed and then you go on social media and see other people happy, it creates this feedback loop. Where, before you were depressed about something and now you are depressed about being depressed.
  • Social media creates this unhappiness because we are constantly comparing ourselves to other people
  • We say things to ourselves like “I am not as good as them”, “I am not as pretty as them”, “I don’t have as nice as body as them”. These affirmations we have in our heads create this negative energy for ourselves.
  • You measure your self worth by how many likes you got on a post. When these likes don’t actually have any value to them.


  • This is one of our biggest gift and curse as humans is that we have a conscious to think about the future and think about the past. But we never really think about the present
  • This creates a lot of sadness for us because we worry about the future or we get sad thinking about the past. Thinking about our previous relationships and how they didn’t work out. Or we think about the previous job that we had, that we either didn’t like or we got fired from. Or we think about something embarrassing that we did that traumatized us.
  • It could even be something more major like a childhood trauma, that scarred us or it could be that your spouse or family member died and you just can’t get over it.
  • This is because we are looking backwards to the past. We should only look back to the past to see how much we grew.
  • How we live in the now is to focus on your breath and feel the energy going through your body.
  • Cold showers will take you back to the present moment. If you don’t believe me then hop in a cold shower and I guarantee you can’t think about anything.
  • The water is so cold that you don’t have the ability to think about the future or the past. All you can think about is how cold the water is.
  • Today, when you are walking, take your time and focus on your breath and your body parts.
  • Feel the ground when you walk, feel the air on your skin.

8. Be Grateful For What You Have

  • Were going to end this post, the same way we ended the post about beating anxiety.
  • Gratitude is key. When I started to use gratitude in my daily life, that is when there was a switch in my life.
  • Your brain rewires itself for the better.
  • Your life becomes more positive
  • Right now, think about three things you are grateful for.
  • Say thank you after each one.
  • When starting today or tomorrow morning, as soon as you wake up from your sleep, write down in a journal or notebook, ten things you are grateful for.
  • After each one say “thank you”
  • Do this every morning and this will change your life and get rid of your depression.

Do one of these steps will strike a spark in your life but to start the fire you are going to have to do all eight steps. This is how you will get rid of your depression once and for all and live a more happy life.

After you do all these steps and try to incorporate each step into your life, you will feel like this……

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