The Best Ways To Lose Weight

You are probably reading this because you are hoping you are going to find the quick fix to lose weight. I have good and bad news for you. The bad news is there is no magically pill you can take that will make you lose weight without any effort. I mean there is but it’s very unhealthy for you. They jack it up with loads of caffeine to get your heart rate up to get you to sweat. Also there is a bunch of different chemicals to suppress your appetite, so you don’t eat as much and chemicals to make you sweat.

The good news is in this post, you are going to find the 5 healthy ways to help you lose weight. Some being the quickest and some being the slowest. If you want quick results then you’re going to want to do all 5 ways

These 5 ways don’t have to be a diet, they could be a lifestyle for you. I know for me, I still practice 4 of the 5 ways today. When people go on a diet, they do a diet for 3 weeks up to 3 months and then they stop. Then they go back to their bad habits, and then by put the weight back on. We hate to go on diets because we have to cut out all of the foods we eat a daily basis and switch it to bland foods.

So the first way to lose weight is going to help you quit this yo-yo diet.

1.Get On An 80/20 Diet (80% of the foods you eat are healthy & 20% are unhealthy foods)

You probably didn’t want to hear that you have to eat healthy but it just a simple fact that if you want to lose weight and become more healthy then you are going to have to start eating better and choosing your foods more wisely.

The good thing with the 80/20 diet is that you can still have your pizzas and chocolate. After every 3 healthy meals, you can have your slice of pizza or chocolate bar or whatever you like to eat

The reason the 80/20 diet is so good, is because you can still eat the foods that you like to eat, you just have to make sure that the meal after you eat that slice of pizza is a healthy one. This diet won’t cause you to go crazy on the weekends and knock you off the wagon. People who eat clean all week, and eat nothing but healthy foods then when it comes to their cheat meal on the weekend, they turn their cheat meal into a cheat weekend. Where they eat at 6 different fast food restaurant from Saturday to Sunday. Then when it comes to Monday, you get upset and angry because you don’t want to go back on your diet and then what do you know, you don’t go back on your diet. You are going to need a lot of willpower to stay on the eating nothing but clean food during the week and then one cheat meal on the weekend.

The 80/20 allows you to zig-zag. You zig by eatting good for 3 meals and then you zag eatting one of your favorite treats. Then right after that treat, you have your next healthy meal. This creates a balance.

I know what you are probably thinking…… “Why can’t I just do 50/50 (50% healthy foods and 50% unhealthy foods?”

That could make help you maintain weight or even gain weight but it will not make you lose weight. Your diet should still be mostly healthy foods.

For an example, I would eat homemade quinoa chicken bowls with veggies, then after I eat 3 of these meals, I would have a cup chocolate covered raisins because I love chocolate covered raisins. See how I said a cup of chocolate raisins, and not a bowl of chocolate raisins. When people cheat, they tend to go crazy and eat 10 slices of pizza as a cheat meal. When you do the 80/20 diet, you should never consume your 20% each day. For me its every other day.

The thing is that when you eat these “cheat meals” they should be small cheat meals. I’ll eat the chocolate raisins, that’s barely even a meal, but it keeps me sane and you will actually lose weight. You shouldn’t overindulge in your cheat meal, this is just so you don’t go crazy and fall off the wagon.

What Foods Should You Eat?

I suggest eating whole foods. Foods that aren’t processed, natural foods. Organic foods like fruit, veggies, nuts, grains. The whole food diet suggests that you avoid meat but I find that extreme for a lot of people, figuring they ate meat their whole lives. So if you are going to do meat, just do natural chicken. Avoid red meat, red meat is very unhealthy for you.

How Will I Feel On This Diet?

You will feel so healthy and energized, you won’t feel tired. Just by adding more fruits and veggies to your diet, you will noticed a big difference in how you feel throughout the day. When I started this whole foods diet, I felt and feel amazing. It makes you want to never eat unhealthy foods again because of how good you feel.

2. Exercise With An Ab Belt (Waist Trimmer) On Under Your Sweatshirt

Why Do Most People Want To Lose Weight?

Because their stomachs are fat, and they hate having a gut and love handles. I used to have a gut a couple years ago. It was hard to find the right clothes to wear. I would have to change into 10 different shirts to see which one didn’t show my gut as much.

So I was curious on what was the fastest way to lose this belly without taking diet pills. When I would lose weight, I lose weight in my arms and legs first and then my stomach last. I would sweat everywhere on my body besides my stomach.

So I came across this ab belt or waist trimmer. It is a tight belt that is rubber, that covers your whole stomach. I would put this belt on and then go walk on a treadmill on the highest incline for 15 minutes and when I would come off the treadmill I would take off the ab belt and my stomach would be drenched in sweat. So I would wear this belt every time I worked out, which was 4 days a week.

I started to noticed process in the matter of weeks. Every couple weeks, I had to put this ab belt on even tighter and tighter.

Eventually after a few months, I didn’t need to the wear the ab belt anymore. I would say after like 4 months, you could see my abs again.

So if you want to lose your belly fat, I would suggest you invest in an ab belt.

Here what the belt looks like:

I bought mine from Sweet Sweat Shop. You Can Buy It Using The Link Below⬇️

If you want to burn that belly fat and get your abs to show, then this waist trimmer, is the best thing you can buy.

3. Take Cold Showers

I know what you are probably thinking right now….

How would cold showers help me lose weight?

There is two types of fat: white fat and brown fat.

White fat is the suborn fat that is around your belly, neck and thighs. Brown fat is the fat that helps keep your body warm.

So here’s what happens when you hop in a cold shower…

Picture your body as a thermostat, that has to stay anywhere from 96 degrees Fahrenheit to 99 degrees Fahrenheit. When you hop in a cold shower, your body temperature drops, so your body triggers the production of brown fat on a cellular level, which is metabolically active. The brown fat then burns calories to maintain your core body temperature. This process generates heat for the body, resulting in burning off white fat.

There is a lot more benefits to cold showers but for the sake of losing weight today, we will just keep it as that.

I started doing cold showers a year ago because I found out there is so many benefits to taking a cold shower. I still take them today.

Won’t Cold Showers Make Me Get Sick?

Nope, cold showers stimulate immune cell production, helping you stay healthy and help fight off the common colds and even prevent you from catching a cold. We will talk more about the benefits of cold showers in another post.

Safety Precautions

Hop in the shower at warm temperature and then slowly work your way down to cold. Then if you’re a beginner, stay in the cold for at least 30 seconds and then slowly increase your time in the cold. Don’t stay in the cold shower for more than 15 minutes.

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4. Get 6-8 Hours Of Sleep & Start Mindful Eating.

Sleeping & Weight Loss

People who get less than 6 hours of sleep, are more likely to gain weight and fat.

Getting little sleep causes the hormone that regulates hunger and appetite to change. You are more likely to eat more throughout the day because this hormone isn’t suppressing the hunger. This hormone is called leptin and it suppresses appetite and makes the body expend energy. People who don’t get enough sleep are more likely to eat more and eat more at night, leading to weight gain.

When you get enough sleep, the hormone leptin will help regulate your appetite better, so you don’t overindulge in food.

Mindful Eating

What Is Mindful Eating?

Instead of mindless putting food into our mouths, you focus on what you are eating and you chew every bite.

Most of us (including me) when we are eating we are looking at our phones or watching TV. We aren’t slowing down and chewing our foods. This will result in over eating and in weight gain.

People who mindless eat will eat too fast. When you eat too fast, you won’t feel full, so you eat more food. Your stomach doesn’t have time to tell the body that its getting full. This results in insulin resistance, we will talk more about insulin resistance in the 5th way to lose weight.

So slow down and chew every bite. You will help yourself lose weight.

5. Intermittent Fasting

Here is your quick fix magic pilled you’ll been looking for.

My brother went from 240lb to 175lb in just a couple months of intermittent fasting

Intermittent fasting is a key component for losing weight. Before we get into how you lose weight on intermittent fasting, lets talk about what it is and a couple benefits of it.

Intermittent fasting or also known as the 16/8, where you fast for 16 hours and you have a 8 hour window where you eat all your meals.

During intermittent fasting, a lot of people will eat their first meal at 1pm or later and eat their last meal between 8pm-10pm. This is okay and you will still lose weight doing this but I found out a better way. When your last meal is an hour before you go to bed, this disrupts your sleep. You think you got 8 hours of sleep the following morning but you didn’t. The reason being is because instead of your body resting and healing itself, it took all that energy to breakdown the food you ate right before you went to bed.

So I prefer eating my first meal around 9am, a couple hours after waking up and eating my last meal at 5pm. What this does, is gives your body a chance to breakdown all the body you ate for the day and when you go to bed around 10pm you will wake up the following day feeling much more refreshed and energized because your body actually got rest and took the time to heal itself. I suggest eating your last meal 4 hours or more before you go to bed.

There is hours called the healing hours during the night. From 10pm to 2am. That is when your body heals itself. So when you eat too close to these times, you are disrupting the healing hours and your body isn’t healing itself.

The main benefit of fasting besides for losing fat is your body uses the energy that it normally would use to breakdown food in your stomach, but instead it uses the energy to heal the cells in the body. Healing your organs and other body parts. It also slows down the aging process.

Now into how you lose fat on intermittent fasting.

It’s all about the metabolism. Your metabolism changes when you start intermittent fasting. When someone who eats a lot but never gains weight and someone who eats not as much but gains weight is because of their metabolism are different. The thinner person has a faster metabolism.

When you are eating, your insulin is spiked but when you aren’t eating, your insulin is decreased. This will allow your body to start absorbing insulin better. Fasting helps reverses insulin resistance, when your insulin is constantly high, this creates insulin resistance. When your insulin is always up, your body tries to shove all your energy into your fat cells. Insulin resistance is the main component in type 2 diabetes Fasting can reverse type 2 diabetes. Your cells and body then responds much better to insulin. Lower levels of insulin will help you burn fat.

Then the human growth hormone or HGH skyrockets. The more human growth hormone, the more fat loss and more muscle gain. Then your nervous system sends norepinephrine down to your fat cells causing them to break down fat body that can be burned for energy. To maintain energy, fatty acids increases over 300%, as the body switches to fat burning.

So your metabolism changes and you start burning fat much quicker.

Pro Tip: The meal you eat when you break the fast must be a healthy meal. You can’t break the fast by eating burgers and french fries. You must eat something healthy like a chicken salad, fruit, veggies, something healthy. This is because your body absorb everything. So if you eat something bad when you break the fast, you will be causing harm to your body.

These ways of losing weight and just simply staying healthy is a game changer.

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