How To Change Your Emotional State Right Now

People get caught up in their heads and their emotions. “I feel like X because of Y. Y made me feel like X.” When in reality, it’s more like “I feel like X because of doing Y.” What I mean by this, is emotions don’t come from an outside force, it stems from an inside force. Emotions is an inside job.

I used to preach positive thinking, I still do but its not as much anymore because we think so many thoughts and to try and control all of your thoughts is nearly impossible. Positive thinking, I believe is still one of the most powerful tools. Changing your emotions needs to be a body and mind job.

Positive thinking did really transform my life but in this day and age everyone wants fast results. For an example, you have a headache, what do majority of the people do? They take a pill to get rid of their headache in 30 minutes. Now this conditions the person to take a pill every time they have a headache, because they got fast results from taking that pill before. When in reality, they probably have the headache because they are dehydrated from not drinking enough water but I am no doctor, just an observer.

Now to change your emotional state at any given time, you must understand where emotions come from. Emotions start in the body first and then in the mind.

Emotions in my opinion, means energy in motion. The energy in your body becomes your mental state. An example of this is look at someone who is scared. What do they look like?

They look hunched over, their head is looking down at the ground, they have trouble making eye contact, their arms are covering up their stomach, and their private parts. All this makes them look smaller.

Body language can change your whole mental state at any given time. One time I was at the store, and I started to feel scared and nervous for no reason. I was so confused on why I felt this way. Then I realized my body language was in a scared and nervous pose. So immediately, I changed my body language to being more confident. My head went from looking down to slightly looking up. My arms went from being crossed, covering up my body to being behind my back, exposing my body. My posture went from being hunched over to straight. My shoulders went from being pulled up to being relaxed. Then finally I changed my walking speed from nearly power walking to slow and confident speed.

Just by being consciously aware of my body language and then changing it from scared and low confidence to confident, powerful, and relaxed. This then changed my mental state. I felt like I flipped a switch. I felt much more better. The negative state I was in went to positive.

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Now body language is easy to learn but hard to master and become actively aware of your body language 24/7. So I am going to provide you with a quick fix to your emotional state right this minute without having to practice the body language part (even though, it would do you the world to practice it).


There is something in your body right now called your Default Setting or Factory Setting. The term default setting comes from my mentor Jason Capital. Now the state you are in the most becomes your factory setting. So if you are a constantly a sad person, it is because that is your factory setting. It’s not something you are born with, it’s something that you develop from constantly doing sad things.

You aren’t sad, you are just DOING sad. You are doing sad things, meaning you are probably not moving enough, you are maybe laying down watching TV, or you sitting down doing nothing for too long. So when you aren’t spend enough time in your body, all your emotions tend to go to your head. When you are doing sad, you are feeling sad.

If you want to be happy, you have to start DOING happy. The quickest way to change your factory setting of feeling a certain negative emotion is to right now get up and jump around for 1 minute, yelling “OH YEAH or “YEAH BUDDY”. Then sit back down and tell me how you feel. I bet you feel happy now. When you do this STATE SWITCH every couple hours, this will change your factory setting from sad to happy, from angry to calm, from low confidence to high confidence, from hateful to loving. So that then changes your default setting to being in a positive state all the time. Any time you are feeling a negative emotion, do this state switch and you flip your state in the matter of a minute. This will change your life.

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