The One Thing You Need To Be Happy

Without this one thing you may never be happy.

Happiness is a subject I’ve been studying for years. I always thought beaches, money, big houses, fast cars, and finding love was something that could bring you happiness. Although these things can in fact bring you happiness but these temporary things come and go like a passing cloud before a storm or like a car going 150 mph. So the result of this is your happiness comes and goes as well.

To prove this point is to take a look at celebrities. The one’s who got it all and for some reason when you listen to the words they speak, they don’t seem happy. A lot of celebrities have killed themselves over the years. It’s crazy to me because why would a celebrities do such a thing, why would anyone do such a thing? Some of these celebrities have came up from nothing, they came up living a crappy life, and they don’t aren’t suicidal when they are struggling living on couches and floors. They become suicidal when they are at the top. Why is this? They have everything they could ask for but that doesn’t make them happy.

On the flip side there’s people who work their tail off, working 3 jobs just to get by and these people are happy. This is mind boggling to me, and makes no sense but at the same time makes all the sense. There is one thing missing from the celebrities life that is why they become depressed.

Take a dog for example, I don’t have a dog and never had one before but from my research on animals, they have two missions. The first purpose is love their owner and the second is catch that stick or ball after it’s been thrown. So the boil it down, their main purpose is to assist humans. If you ever seen a stray dog with no owner, just surviving on the street, you can see that dog is lost and sad. The dog has no purpose to fulfill. I’ve seen some of the happiest dogs living with a homeless person. This is because they are fulfilling their purpose by assisting a human.

Then take a wild animal like a lion, what is their purpose? To raise their young and hunt and survive in the ecosystem. They have no time to be sad, they have a mission to fulfill.


You Need GOALS!

That’s one of the reasons why celebrities become depressed. They ran out of goals. They reached everything they set before themselves and now they have lost their purpose because they have no more goals. Their only goals was to get out of poverty and now that they have reached their only goal, they are lost. They tasted everything in life and now they are stagnant. Compared to the single mother who is working 3 jobs to one day live in luxury and comfort. This mother has goals and this mother wakes up with a purpose compared to the one hit wonder celebrity.

You may be asking how many goals do I need? You need to have goals until you die.

What’s Your Goal Right Now?

Let’s say your goal is to make a million dollars. What happens when you finally get that million dollars, will you be happy? The answer is temporarily. You will get caught into this vicious cycle of chasing temporary happiness through buying big ticket items that doesn’t bring you fulfillment. You spend your whole life wanting to be a millionaire and when you finally get there, and you are upset because you realize it wasn’t what you thought it would be. The happiness slowly decreases because you reached the one goal you wanted to get to and now you are out of goals. Without goals you are without a purpose.

A Person Without A Goal Is A Person Without A Purpose.

Most people only have one of two goals in his or her life and that is bad because after they reach their goals they are left without a purpose. We are animals too, we need to always be chasing something. Young adult’s goal is to graduate college and get a job. Some are only shooting to get a degree. Regardless, you reach that goal and you go to your job for six months and you go into your 120th day of work and you look down at your desk and you realized you have become stagnant. You reached the two goals that you set before yourself and now you have no purpose. This is what creates someone to either spiral into a depression or search for pleasure through partying, intercourse, and buying material things.

If your goal is to retire one day then I feel bad for you. Most people who go into retirement at 62 years old, or any type of retirement statistically die 3 years after they retire. They lose a sense of purpose and they feel like a burden to society. The only thing they have to worry about is if their coupon will scan at the store. This is sadness to me. My goal is to never retire, and working until I die. Now when I mean never retire, I mean create a business that makes me want to get up everyday and do what I love and provide for the world. If you had ownership of your own business, you would never want to retire. It’s easy to want to retire when you are working to make someone else money.

So the only thing you need to be happy is to have goals. Don’t reach the top of the mountain and become stagnant. Reach the top of the mountain and find another mountain to climb.

From my experience with happiness, it’s not the end result, prize, or rewards, it’s the hunt. The best part of life is the hunt! If you fall in love with the results, you will never be happy. Fall in love with the hunt. Lions and tigers love the hunt, they don’t care about the results, they care about the hunt. That’s why the best part of finding love is the chase. Finally getting that guy or girl is the most exciting part, then it peaks a little bit after the chase then it either becomes stagnant or it drops off. The best part of life is the process, the hunt, the chase, the grind.

Once you get that job, look for a promotion, once you get that promotion, look to take over the company, once you become CEO of the company, start your own company. If your goal is to make $100,000 in your company, once you reach this $100,000, shoot for $150,000, then $200,000, then quarter of million, and on and on. NEVER BE SATISFIED, always want more out of life.

This is not motivational, it’s a fact. People become sad and depressed because they work for completion. They only work til they finish their goal. They only work until they release an album, they only work until they publish their book, they only work until they get that dream job, they only work until they launch their business, they only work until they reach $250,000. Never stop at completion. Always have more goals, that’s how you always be happy. The squeaky wheel gets the oil.

If you don’t know you purpose, then your goals will create your purpose. You don’t need to be anyone famous to have a purpose, all you need is to have goals and then those goals become your purpose. Years ago I never had drive or motivation until I had goals and then those goals created a purpose for me. A lot of people ask how do you be successful and they get an answer like: “Find your passion and purpose.” If you were like me, you didn’t know your passion or purpose, you didn’t have some burn passion to kick start your success. I didn’t know my purpose until I started to place goals before myself and that’s when I found my purpose. Now I get up everyday with a burning desire to get out of bed and hunt my day. No more laying in bed waiting and hoping my passion and purpose will fall out of the sky. Always have goals for yourself and your family and you will always have a purpose. This will make you happy forever.

Thanks for reading, I hope this was insightful for you. 🙂

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