The #1 Trick To Always Staying Calm (Effective)

Have you ever been at work balancing between two different tasks, then your boss or supervisor asks you to juggle something else on top on of the tasks you are already doing? If so, how did you feel? Did you feel calm? Did you feel relaxed? Did you feel overwhelmed? Did you feel anxious?

This is called multitasking and I can almost guarantee you don’t feel calm while multitasking. Multitasking overloads your brain power.

How about, have you ever been running late for work, so you take your breakfast, and your tooth brush into the car with you. While trying to maneuver through traffic to try to make it to work on time, you eat your breakfast sandwich, fix and do your hair, respond to emails, and brush your teeth. Then you finally arrive at your office, and you stop multitasking and your brain feels like it’s clouded and heavy. Then you go right back into multitasking again but this time you are doing while you work.

Evaluate Yourself: Next time you are pushed to compound things into multitasking, stop and take note on how you feel. You may have tried to kill five birds with one stone but now you feel unease.

According to psychologist, we can’t actually multitask. The word multitask is just a made up term referring to computers. Even computers don’t actually do two things at once. Computers just process one thing insanely fast, then switches to the next thing. It may seem like the computer is doing ten things at once because of how fast it does one thing but it’s not.

There was a study by Professor David Strayer on National Geographic to see how good humans are at multitasking and if multitasking is just a myth. So David brought in the person who claimed to be the best multitasker. Everyone who knew this professional multitasker, they even claimed that he can do many things at one time. So they put him to the test.

He had to drive a car on a test course, and while driving the car, he had to dodge obstacles, while answering questions. This professional multitasker did bad on the test. Then David took the test up a notch by putting him into a driving simulator in traffic, while answering math problems. He did bad on that too. The results were that he had the same scores as the average not “professional multitaskers.” So even the best multitasker can’t actually do things good while multitasking.

According to science, your brain can only focus on one thing at a time. The brain can only process one thing at a time.

When you multitask, you aren’t doing two things at once, you are just switching from one thing to another. Just like a computer does. Your focus goes from this to that.

Here’s the study from David Strayer if you want to see it:

What Is The #1 Trick To Always Staying Calm?

Do everything 100%. Don’t multitask, do one thing at a time and do it 100%. When you cook, cook, don’t text, answer phone calls, or try to do something else while cooking. If you are talking to someone, just talk to them, don’t do something else like checking and answering your notifications.

I tried to multitask before and I ended up making a big error. I tried doing two things at once by talking to my buddy, while trying to make an insightful post for instagram. When I checked the post again the next day, I seen that there was an error splat right on the image for everyone to see. This error wouldn’t of been made if I wasn’t trying to multitask. So to play devil’s advocate, you can multitask but everything you do will just be mediocre. You will make errors like I did and things won’t look good.

On top of the results being mediocre when multitasking, you will feel anxious, and unease.

The best way to stay calm at all times, is whatever you do, do it 100%. If you are driving, just drive. If you are spending time with your family, just spend time with your family. Don’t deal with outside of work issues at work, don’t worry about work issues when off the clock. This will help your brain and mind not get overloaded and stay calm. This is so effective for your mental health and overall life.

This method is not some esoteric, spirituality, be present mambo-jumbo. But ultimately it will help you remain in the present moment all day long. It’s much harder to think about other things that pulls you out of the present moment, if you are fully immersed in what you are doing and doing it 100%.

Thanks For Reading, Stay Calm 🙂

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  1. This is a good little tip and worth a read!

    On Mon, Feb 10, 2020 at 5:14 AM Wolf Wisdom Empire wrote:

    > Wolf Wisdom Empire posted: ” Have you ever been at work balancing between > two different tasks, then your boss or supervisor asks you to juggle > something else on top on of the tasks you are already doing? If so, how did > you feel? Did you feel calm? Did you feel relaxed? Did you f” >


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