How 2 Years Of Cold Showers Changed Me

Growing up, the only type of shower I have ever taken was warm and hot showers, like everyone else. The only time I didn’t take a warm shower was once when our dorm room many years ago didn’t have warm water for a day. It wasn’t until I started taking cold showers on a daily basis was when I noticed many changes within me.

Don’t get me wrong, I would much rather take a hot shower, but I continue to take cold showers because the payout of benefits after are more immense than the hot shower.

I am NOT going to list you off the all benefits and tell you all the science behind the benefits. There is so many articles and videos online that will list you all the benefits of taking cold showers. So for the sake of trying not to reinvent the wheel, I’m only going to tell you my experience and what changes I noticed from taking cold showers for 2 years straight.

Why Did I Start Taking Cold Showers?

Over 2 year ago, I was in this self development, improvement phase, where I was just trying to become the best version of myself, despite how cliche that sounds, that’s what I was doing. I would do just about anything if it was proven to better me. I’m still that way today. So I was reading this book called Higher Status, by Jason Captial, and in the book he talked about taking a cold shower and how there are so many benefits from it. He then instructed the reader to take one.

My Experience With Daily Cold Showers:

1st Thing I Noticed:

So that is exactly what I did. The first thing I noticed right off the bat was a massive boost of energy. I came out of that shower feeling a rush of energy. This was because of the rush of endorphins, the same chemical that is released when you score a touchdown, or eat your favorite food. The cold water sends electrical Impulses to your brain which then releases endorphins. Endorphins is the feel good chemical, just like dopamine and serotonin.

I come out of that cold shower feeling much more alertness and energized every time.

2nd Thing I Noticed:

These cold showers always flip my mental and physical state. How I know this is because, there was a time where I just felt down and tired. It was just one of those days where you don’t feel like moving from your couch. As a normal human being, anytime you feel something negative, you want to immediately change it and feel something good. So I decided to hop in a cold shower and see if it helped. As soon as I turned the water off, I felt rejuvenated, it was incredible. All it took to completely flip my state around was a cold shower. I came out of that shower feeling like a whole new person.

3rd Thing I Noticed:

This was the best thing I noticed and that was how I responded to stress changed. Stressful situations stopped feeling stressful to me. Before, if I would get into a situation that would cause me stress, my body and mind would respond in fear and panic like symptoms. After doing cold showers daily for quite some time, I stopped feeling panic like symptoms in stressful situations that would cause someone else a lot of stress.

It’s weird because situations that caused me stress and fear before, no longer causes me stress now.

Taking a cold shower puts you into a thing called Induced State of Suffering(ISS). Which basically means that you put yourself into a state of suffering. The suffering is from your own hand. The more you put yourself into a state of suffering, the more become desensitized to all stress.

Just like people who workout, they put stress and suffering on the body by their own hand. So when they have to do things like moving furniture out of a house, working hard at a construction site, or anything that requires a lot of work on your body, you become more resistant to it. Then doing the tough body challenges don’t seem so tough anymore.

So taking a cold shower daily will help you be more calm and relaxed in stressful and anxiety provoking situations.

4th Thing I Noticed:

On top of the build up of resistance to stress, I stopped feeling any tension within myself when talking to people. Often times when we are talking to people that we aren’t comfortable around, we have a lot of tension, trying to feel the void of silence. I stopped feeling that, I just sat in the silence without having to rush to fill the gaps.

5th Thing I Noticed:

I built up a strong willpower and discipline from taking cold showers. Here’s why: When you do things you don’t want to do everyday, saying no to the warm shower and take the cold one, you build up willpower and discipline to say no to other things that try and take you off course.

When you constantly do things you would rather do like watch tv over work, sleep over workout, junk food over healthy food, your willpower to actually do what you should be doing is drained significantly. I would love to take a warm shower everyday, but saying no to the warm one and jumping into the cold one everyday has help me built up strong willpower in other buckets of my life. Like having the discipline to say no to junk food, having the discipline to say no alcohol, having the discipline to say no to video games, having the discipline to say no to scrolling social media for hours on end. Cold showers helped me build willpower to say no to short term pleasures for long term gain.

6th Thing I Noticed From Taking Cold Showers:

Cold showers have helped me get out of my comfort zone much more easier. The science behind this is very simple. Jumping into a freezing shower and staying in there is the same as walking up and talking to someone you don’t know. Both are uncomfortable. Both require you to step out of your comfort zone. By stepping out of my comfort zone in my own home everyday, has help me step out of my comfort zone outside of my home.

Stepping out of your comfort zone requires that “f*ck it” mentality, and jumping into a cold shower requires that “f*ck it” mentality also. When you train that “f*ck it” mentality everyday, it gets carried over into taking more risks and stepping out of your comfort zone.

7th Thing I Noticed:

Another thing I noticed was that I stopped getting sick every few months. I would get sick many times a year before. After taking the cold showers, I stopped getting sick. And I haven’t not been sick in over 2 years. The cold is so healthy for you. The heat is what attracts illnesses. That’s why hospitals are cold all the time. The cold doesn’t make you sick, it actually helps you from not getting sick, killing germs and illnesses. This is because the rush of cold water increases immune cells and it boosts your immune system to help fight off illnesses. Forget what your mamma told you, that being cold is bad for you. Being cold is good for you and actually promotes longevity. It can just be miserable, that’s all.

The Final Thing I Noticed:

My mind became much more clear throughout the day from the cold showers. The cold promotes clarity. When you are freezing, you can’t think about anything else besides for how cold it is. That’s why walking in freezing winter weather is like a meditation. If you doubt this, try walking in 20 degree celsius weather and observe your thoughts. I bet you aren’t thinking about your life, girls, boys, bills, your kids, finances, school, work, etc. I can guarantee that you are just thinking about how cold you are.

Often times people who are seeking enlightenment sometimes only takes minutes of clarity to become enlightened forever. That cold shower will leave you feeling in a high upbeat meditative state. It’s quite amazing to feel energetic, yet meditative.

Bonus Thing I Noticed: My skin and hair became much more clear and shinny. I used to have this deep pimple on my forehead for over year, that wouldn’t go away. As soon as I start taking cold showers, the pimple miraculously disappeared.

Thanks For Reading 🙂

Pro Tip:

Try a cold shower today. If you are new to them, then go in warm like your normal shower and then slowly turn the water to cold, so the body becomes prepared for it. This way it doesn’t go into shock.

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