What Should You Be Eating? (The Truth)

Nowadays there is so many diets out there, like Keto diet, Paleo diet, Vegan diet, Carnivore diet, Low carb diet, Low fat diet, Crash diet, Whole foods diet, Vegetarian diet, Pescatarian diet, and the list goes on and on.

Everyone is so proud of the diet they are on, and people are also proud that they aren’t on a certain food regimen. So as you know, food and diets are a very proud subject of many. When you were in your teenage years or if you still are, the first thing we did to improve ourselves was go to the gym and still choosing our food more intelligently. People have become attached to the self improvement lifestyle. It’s the best lifestyle to have in my opinion. You are either growing or declining.

The Trillion Dollar Industry

Health and fitness is trillion dollar industry. Do want to make lots of money in the fitness industry? Teach people how to lose weight and you’ll be rich. Food is society’s biggest pleasures and biggest pain. Obesity is at an all time high, especially in America. Food is so unhealthy nowadays and the kicker is the healthy food is expensive and the unhealthy food is cheap. This is because you can easily make unhealthy food in a factory in mass production. As for healthy food, it goes off of the land, sun, and water. It’s time and energy based. That’s why we have a farmers almanac. With that being said, that’s why it’s far more easier and cheaper to eat unhealthy.

So when people want to lose weight, they don’t want to do all the research and work it requires. They would rather pay you to get a workout schedule and meal plan for them, that will give them the results they want. Hence the companies like Hello Fresh and Atkins. They make your journey to a healthy life easier.

So What Should You Be Eating?

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor or a nutritionist. This is only advice, so if you currently see a doctor for a health related issue, I would consult with them first.

This question is so simple but most people will over look it or ignore it. Your doctor doesn’t know what you should be eating. Your family doesn’t know what you should be eating. Your lover doesn’t know what you should be eating. Your therapist doesn’t know what you should be eating. Your mentor doesn’t know what you should be eating. Your trainer doesn’t know what you should be eating. Your nutritionist doesn’t know what you should be eating. I don’t know what you should be eating either.

They also don’t know when you should go to bed and when to get up in the morning. But you who does know!? YOU know. If you want to know what you should be eating, the only person you need to ask is yourself and your body.

This is how to know what you should be eating: After each meal or after you eat something, take inventory on how you feel internally. Do you feel foggy? Do you feel lethargic? Do you feel sluggish? Do you feel energized? Do you feel mentally clear? Do you feel tired? Do you feel like you can go take on the world? These are the most important questions you should be asking yourself after each meal.

Your body will tell you what you should be eating based off of how you feel after eating something. If you feel tired after eating something then you probably shouldn’t be eating that. If you feel energized after eating then this is what you should be eating. Sometimes you will feel tired for a half an hour after eating and then you feel energized, this indicates that you ate too much. Your body is using a lot of energy to break down the food. The food is probably good for you but you just ate too much of it.

Plant Based Diet VS Raw Meat Diet VS Low Carb Diet

I can’t say one diet is better than another one. I stand strong by the fruits, veggies, and grains diet but I can’t say it’s a one fits all diet. Your food choices is going to depend on what you want to feel like and your level of activity. A person might take the plant based diet and feel energized and strong but another person might take that diet and feel tired and weak. A person might take raw meat diet and feel depressed, tired and heavy but another person might try the diet and feel like a strong viking. It’s totally depending on the person and what their body likes.

“Don’t ask your tongue what foods you should be eating, ask your body.”

You don’t need me, or any professional person to tell you what you should be eating. Your body will tell you exactly what you should be eating. Your body is the doctor. People give recommendations based off of themselves, their experience, and what makes them feel good. That’s why I never harp on person to get rid of meat out of their diets. I don’t know exactly what food is good for you personally. Your body and mind will tell you exactly what one should be eating. It’s all about paying attention and having awareness.

Your body will give you the answer on what you should be eating and how much sleep you should be getting at night. Not me, not your doctor, and not your therapist or family. Sure they will recommend things to eat like fish or vegetables but it’s going to up to you to take inventory on how you feel after eating it. Not until after you ate something is when you can decide if this is good for you or not. Just because chicken is good for someone and makes them feel good, that doesn’t mean someone else is going to eat the chicken and feel good.

It’s simple but it’s going to require you to have some awareness when eating. I normally eat the same things everyday because these foods make me feel good. But anytime I try something new, I always sit with myself afterwards to just think about how I feel. Then I decide if I can eat this thing again. This is what you should be doing after you eat. Then you can pick and chose what you should be eating.

So keep yourself open to trying everything in the beginning and then eliminate foods as you go, that don’t make you feel energized.

“You are either killing the body or enlivening it.”

Thanks for reading 🙂

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