This 1 Thing is Why You’re insecure

The more I looked at my hair, the more I became insecure about it.

For the longest time I always wondered why younger kids from ages 5 to 13 years old are way more secure and confident than older folks from age 15 and so on. In this article we are going to debunk what makes people insecure. I found that there is this 1 thing in common with all the people that are insecure and not confident.

A few weeks ago my buddy Dan and I were having a conversation about his childhood. Dan said he wasn’t always the most handsomest kid in the group. To be brutally honest, Dan had a huge transformation from kid Dan to adult Dan. As a kid, despite him not being a very handsome kid, he told me that he was very confident and did not care about much.

During our conversation, I ask Dan why was he very confident and he said “We were too busy having fun playing, that we didn’t have time to look in the mirror.” So I figured out that Dan was confident because he wasn’t checking himself in the mirror so often, like most people nowadays are.

Think about it like this, if you were born on an island all by yourself with no mirrors or reflections, you wouldn’t be insecure because you have nothing to compare yourself to. Also you can’t see how you look so you have nothing to analyze.

What Is The Most Common Reason Why Everyone Is So Insecure?

Everyone today is suffering analysis paralysis because of mirrors and their cell phone cameras. As humans we want to fix and solve everything. Also the longer you look at something, the more likely your brain is going to try to find a flaw in what you are looking at and believe me, you will find one. The reason why everyone is insecure today is because they are too busy looking in mirrors. Eventually from looking at themselves so often in the mirror that they find a flaw in themselves. Once that happens, they constantly look at their flaws. They get so obsessed with how they look, that they can’t help but take out their phone every minute to see how their face, hair, and makeup looks.

The mirrors are the reason why you are so insecure. I remember back in high school, I used to have Justin Bieber hair and one week I decided to get it all cut off. After changing my hair style, I became so obsessed with how it look that I actually became insecure about it. I was checking how my hair looked so often that I started to hate my hair. My insecurity about my hair got so bad that I would even get mad at my girlfriend for my hair not being how I wanted it and she didn’t even cut it. The more I looked at my hair, the more I became insecure about it.

Honestly you are never going to know how you look 100% because when you take a picture, you look one way, and then you look in the mirror you look another way. So you are constantly seeing a different perspective of yourself. It’s because in mirrors, your face is flipped, but your eyes get adjusted to it. Then you take a picture and the lens distort the proximity of your face making your face look slightly lopsided, because pictures only provide 2D versions of ourselves.

I promise you if you would just quit looking in the mirror and quit taking selfies of yourself and quit asking other people how you look, your insecurity will go away. Quit going to the bathroom at every place you go to check how you look. The days that I was my most confident was the days I never checked myself in mirrors or took selfies, I just lived and when I did that I became more confident.

The mirror is the reason why you are insecure. Everyone is so obsessed with mirrors that they forget about life. Everyone is so obsessed if they are looking good that they forget that personality and character is what really drives relationships, not looks.

Quit going to the gym and looking in the mirror to see if your butt is bigger or if you have a 6 pack yet. Accept the way you look and don’t look in the mirror for reassurance and you will became more confident.

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