What Direction Should You Be Facing When You Sleep At Night? (Important)

The average person spends around a quarter of their life sleeping, which is around 25 years or even more depending on the person. Doing something wrong once is okay but doing something wrong for 25 years is catastrophic.

With the way the world is going and how much knowledge we are exposed to on the daily, we all know that sleep is tremendously important. Sleep is 1 of the 3 pillars of good health. The other 2 being nutrition and exercise. Without good sleep, your health would be poor.

Everyone always talk about how much sleep to get, when to go to sleep, and when you should wake up but no one ever talks about which direction you should be facing when you sleep. This is due to a lack of ignorance.

The Body’s Design

The entire body of a human being is magnetic and the entire earth is magnetic. The magnetic force in the earth and the continuous magnetic current that flows from south to north. Which means that everything flows towards north.

The body is designed where as the blood vessels go up towards the brain, they become hair-like.

What Is The Worst Direction To Face When Sleeping?

Before we talk about what is best direction to sleep, we need to discuss the worst direction to sleep in. What is the most important ingredient in our blood? Iron is the most essential ingredient in our blood. Since the earth is one big magnet and iron is magnetic, facing towards north is the worst direction.

Here’s why: The way the earth’s magnetic field works is that the magnetic flows from south to north, so everything is pulling towards north. Which means if everything is pulling north, then your blood flow is going to your head also. So if you’re facing north when you sleep and your body is magnetic and iron in your blood is magnetic, that means that the flow of body is going to be pulling up to your head.

This could cause ill health, disturbed sleep, nightmares, brain hemorrhages, stress, agitation, strokes, and other complications in the nervous system.

My Personal Experience Sleeping North

The whole reason why I’m writing this article is because I had a bad experience sleeping north. I recently rearranged my bedroom, to where the end of my bed was facing south and the head of my bed was facing north. When I went to sleep at night, my head was facing north.

After a week or so of sleeping in my new positioned bed I noticed that during the day my head would feel heavy and flooded. When I was talking to people I would feel the need to grab onto something so I don’t pass out. This feeling went on all week. I was quite confused on why I was feeling this way because before this, I felt mentally and physically like a light breeze. In other words, I felt very calm and healthy. I have become so aware of my body, mind, and energy, that I’m able to pin point what is causing any disturbance in myself. This time I was a little confused because I didn’t change anything in my life in the last couple months, so what could be causing this disturbance in my head?

I figured out that it was all because of my head facing north when I slept. All the blood flow was pulling up towards my head when I was sleeping. This caused a lot of pressure in my head. As soon as I pushed my bed to other side of the room, to where my head was facing south, the pressure in my head went away.

It is important to face the opposite direction of north or horizontally from north. Horizontal from north is east towards the sun.

How To Know Which Direction You Are Sleeping In?

The sun always rises east, and the sun sets on the west. So if you are facing the sun in the morning, if you put your left arm straight out, that is north. To the left of east is north. Also if you are facing the sun when it is setting, then to the right is north. Most smartphone have compass applications on there to tell you which way is what, if you still can’t figure it out.

Hindu Customs For The Dead

According to Hindu customs, during the ceremony of the dead, which is normally in cremation, they face the corpse north, so the soul could leave the body the same way it came in, through the out of the head. That is why babies have soft spots on their head when they are born. This is the way your soul comes in, and this is the way it’s supposed to leave. Pointing the corpse north during the Hindu cremation helps pull the soul out of the body.

In other words, only the dead sleep pointing north. Sleeping north will speed up the dying process for anyone.

The Best Direction To Face When You Sleep

Since the North Pole is positively charged and the top of your head is positively charged, just like 2 magnets, they will repel itself and this could cause havoc in the body and head.

Since the top of our body is positively charged, you should face south, so your feet are pointing towards north. This will help you have a harmonious deep sleep. When you face south, this helps drawn energy into the body, promoting healing, good health, and happiness. When you face north when you sleep, this helps drawn the energy outwards, causing a lot of health problems and sadness. This is why the Hindu customs point the dead north to help pull the energy out of the body.

Either face south when you sleep or face east when you sleep. If you don’t believe me, try to sleep facing north for a week or so, and see how you feel. I promise you will see a change in yourself. It’s important to not sleep north, it is damaging your health. Especially for the elderly, sleeping north will really speed up their dying process.

Thank you for read 🙂 I hope this article was insightful.

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