The 2 Things That Control The World

The 2 things that control the world is not what you think it is. Before we jump in to what controls the world, you need to ask yourself a simple yet loaded question. ” What do I think controls the world?”

What Do You Think Controls The World?

Is it God?

Is it the government?

Is it money?

Is it the banking systems?

Is it Elon Musk?

Is it Donald Trump?

Is it Vladimir Putin

Is it the military?

Is it Amazon?

What comes to your mind when you think about what controls the world? I used to think the things I listed above definitely control the world. None of those things control the world, not even the government. The only way to control the world is to control the individual, not the money, the banking systems, or the media. Directly controlling the individual person is how one can gain control of the world. With that being said, this will lead us into the first thing that controls the world.

The First Thing That Controls The World

One of the things that control the world is guns and ammunition. To explain, we have to talk about a terrible thing that happened back in Germany in 1941, the holocaust. The holocaust is a perfect yet disgusting example to explain why guns control the world. The word Holocaust (Shoah) is the term for the murder of around six million Jews by the Nazi army. Now do you think the Nazi regime just showed up at Jewish people’s doorsteps and dragged them out by the ear? No, they were force out by guns and ammunition.

Let’s say you don’t own any guns, and someone came to your house with a gun pointed at you demanding for all your jewelry and high value items, what are you going to do? What you want to say is that you are to fight the gunman because you believe he doesn’t have it in him to do any harm. But do you really want to take that chance? It’s our life or your jewelry and that’s a big yet dumb gamble. In the heat of the moment, most are going to follow the orders of the gunman and give him all that he wants, hoping that he leaves unharmed.

The person with the gun has all the control, and it is only control over the person. If every single person in this world owned a gun then guns would no longer control the world. Since not a lot of people own guns, the people with the guns have control. That’s why the United States has a lot of control because there is no restrictions on gun in the United States. Any American with a simple background check can own a gun. Also the US owns the most guns, with more than 1 gun per person. When it came to winning a war, the country with the most firearms and the most people to use the firearms wins.

The 2nd Thing That Controls The World

The 2nd thing that controls the world is books. What I mean by books is the knowledge you get from the books. Think about the education system, it’s guided and taught by books. Books are so important to growing the society. So many people in history got to the top and became in power just because they gained so much knowledge and information from books.

Take Andrew Carnegie or John D. Rockefeller for example, there is many books and autobiographies on their life and their rise to power and wealth. One person could read and digest all of their books and read everything on their life and just model their success and go to the top themselves. Knowledge is only potential power, because one must implement what they learned from the books.

How do you think Andrew Carnegie got into power? By obtaining knowledge from books. He was voracious reader.

Knowledge VS Faith

Someone without knowledge is innocent and ignorant. And someone who is innocent and ignorant is easily controlled. This the very foundation of many religions of the world. From the story of Adam and Eve, God didn’t want them to have knowledge and when they obtained knowledge, they got banned from the Garden of Eden. To have faith is to be gullible. “This book told me that it’s a sin to get tattoos, and I have faith in my religion, so I won’t get a tattoo, even though I really want one.” Instead of doing some research on tattoos and why it’s a sin in the Catholic religion, people just blindly follow these rules, hence faith, hence being gullible. Having knowledge gives the individual the ability to think for themselves and not let others tell them what to think.

Knowledge is control over yourself and innocence is being controlled by others.

You could fully digest one book and that book could simply alter your life forever. This one book could put you into power or it could simply change the world because of the knowledge you got from that book that was put into action.

Knowledge is power over yourself and guns is power over others. To give someone both books and guns would be catastrophic to the world. Luckily people will either choose one or the other, books or guns. Some people will choose guns because they don’t want to do their own research and some people will choose books because they don’t like violence.

This is why the people in power have a lot of control because they have knowledge, and they know something that we don’t know. Think about all the things under the Vatican. There is so much knowledge under there that is restricted to the public because if the public would get a hold of this type of knowledge, the world would change as we know it. Or think about the military, they have so many gadgets and things that are so futuristic that would probably shock you to see it. The military probably had face recognition 20 years ago. The public was just recently introduced to this, when the military probably had it for 20 years.

Guns & Books(knowledge) control the world

Thanks for reading 🙂

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