How Anyone Can Activate Their Third Eye

The third eye is ancient knowledge that has been ignore for centuries. There is something definitely special about the third eye. Many special things come when your third eye is open. Something I always wondered is why is this knowledge so ancient and foreign? Is it because the high rulers of the world doesn’t want anyone to have their third eye open because of the gifts that come with an opened third eye? Is this the reason they do everything in their power to keep us from opening our third eye?

In this article we are going to open the third eye. But before we get into how to activate and open the third eye, we need to talk about what is the third eye.

What Is The Third Eye?

The third eye is a pea-sized gland that looks like a pinecone that has rods and cones on it. Similarly how your two eyes have rods and cones on it to detect light and see. The third eye is your pineal gland which is located in the center of your head near your brain vertebrate. This pineal gland controls the production of melatonin, DMT, and other hormones. The function of the pineal gland is still not fully understood by scientist and doctors. People who studied the third eye like the French philosopher and mathematician René Descartes called it the “seat of the soul.” Some say it is a direct door from this dimension to other different dimensions.

While your two physical eyes are used to see this reality, the third eye is used to see other realms that your two eyes can’t see. Why else would your pineal gland have rods and cones on it? Rods and cones are use to see. The pineal gland is the mind’s eye.

The third eye responds to light from the sun, that is why the more time you spend out in the sun, your third eye will slowly start to activate. The third eye is important for the spiritual word, it brings together your spirit and self.

Why are Most People’s Third Eye Closed?

We are born enlightened and with our third eye open but overtime we were nurtured away from enlightenment, making our third eye closed.

Why is this?

The way we are living is the reason why most people’s third eye is closed. We are all seeking enlightenment because we aren’t enlightened. Enlightenment is the natural state of our being. That’s why people who go on the spiritual journey to become enlightened and open their third eye they often reverse everything they were taught as a child. Often times people will go in the opposite direction of what society is doing. Meaning they will turn off the television, leave their phone at home and go spend sometime in nature. They will change their diets, change their friends, change their careers, change their mindset and simply change their entire lifestyle. This is something I had to do in the beginning of my spiritual journey.

The way we are eating and drinking nowadays is what is keeping our third eye closed. A closed third eye is called a calcified pineal gland. An open third eye is called a decalcified pineal gland. Toxic calcium spots will appear on the pineal gland from the artificial foods, dairy products, food dyes, sugar foods and most importantly fluoride. It has been reported that people with calcified pineal glands develop Alzheimer’s disease, migraine, kidney disease, and schizophrenia. Basically when your pineal gland is calcified you won’t be fully right in the head. You need to decalcify your pineal gland by eliminating the intake of fluoride, spend more time in nature, and eat better foods.

The Most Toxic Thing Found In Our Water Supply

The most toxic thing to our health and especially to our third eye is fluoride. Growing up I was taught that fluoride is good for your teeth, which is but it’s terrible to the rest of your health. That’s why all toothpaste brands specialize in putting fluoride in their toothpaste. The only goal these toothpaste companies have is to make your teeth white not make you healthier. There is a crazy paradox that is right in front of us eyes and that is fluoride. Toothpaste tubes will have a warning label that says: “Do not swallow, if you swallow a pea sized amount of this toothpaste call poison control.” But they don’t put this warning label near your the water in your house or on water bottles at grocery store. You are drinking straight poison. This is not some secret knowledge, it’s right on the internet for you to see.

Fluoride was considered hazardous waste by the EDA. Hitler put fluoride in the water at concentration camps to keep the prisoners docile and sedated. Fluoride is the same ingredient in rat poison and prozac. Fluoride makes you a prisoner of this earth. When we are able to visit other realms if we wanted, but only if your third eye is opened. Fluoride keeps you asleep and unable to become awaken. The solution is drink spring water instead of purified or tap water.

How to Activate Your Third Eye

Like I stated earlier in this article, the first way people begin to awaken the third eye is by completely changing their lifestyle. This step is the hardest part of activating the third eye. You can read all the books and watch all the YouTube videos on how to activate your third eye but if you don’t implement and change your lifestyle, your third eye will remain closed.

So we start with our diets, by eating more natural foods that enliven the body and not weaken the body. Foods that enliven the body are foods that are from the earth. The rule of thumb is to only eat foods that are the closest to the ground. What we mean by this is don’t eat artificial, greasy, sugary foods that were made in factories. Eat foods that were grown from the earth.

-change the water you are drinking to spring water

-change your habits to things that help you disconnect from technology and puts you in nature more.

-get more sunlight, that artificial fluorescent light bulbs in your office is keeping your third eye closed.

An Exercise To Activate The Third Eye

This is an exercise that I do everyday throughout the day to awaken my third eye. This exercise is called Kundalini Rising. Kundalini is serpent energy is dormant at the base of your spine where your root chakra is located. Your root chakra is your survival chakra that is responsible for keeping you alive and out of danger. Hence this is the only chakra that is opened or even somewhat activate for most of the world. This is because everyone is living in survival mode. Although you may not be running away from danger or a sabertooth tiger, you are mentally living in survival mode.

The goal of this exercise is to get the energy that is stuck down in your root chakra up to your third eye.

  1. Start in a quiet room alone, either laying down or sitting straight up. Keeping your spine fully straight.
  2. Find where the energy is at in your body. Then focus that energy down at the base of your spine(root chakra).
  3. With your mind move the energy from the root chakra up to your third eye. Imagine and feel the energy going through your stomach, middle of your chest, up to your throat, to your mouth, and then to your third eye.
  4. Then focus on the middle of your forehead, where your third eye is start for a couple seconds.
  5. Do this several times until you can feel the energy rising to your third eye. (If you start to feel like your body is getting lighter, you are perfectly fine, just bring the focus back to moving the energy upwards.
  6. At the same time while moving the energy up with your mind, squeeze your P/C muscle. If you don’t know what the P/C muscle is, it is the muscle that you use to stop yourself from urinating.
  7. Do this several times until you feel some pressure in your head.

Do this 1-2 times a day and you will begin to feel pressure in the center of your forehead, that means your third eye is opening up.

If you don’t have time to do this exercise throughout the day then all you have to do is focus on your third eye periodically throughout the day. Because where your attention goes energy will be there. So if you focus on your third eye throughout the day, slowly the energy will move up to it. This process takes a lot longer but it does work.

My Personal Experience Opening The Third Eye

The subtle things I’ve experienced in the beginning of opening my third eye was more focus, concentration, better memory, and mental clarity. Also my perception on the world was fully altered. I no longer view the world the same way. The way I view the world can not be changed back to the way I view it before.

At first these things that were symptoms of my third eye opening I thought were just a result of getting my mental and physical health together. But it wasn’t until I started to have reoccurring spiritual encounters was when I know something was up. I would be sitting on my couch alone in my house and this moving energy spirit thing appeared on the corner my eye. I would go to look and nothing could be there. This frightened me, so I started to investigate what was going on. I started to become aware of the energies around me to a point where even when I was physically alone, I never felt fully alone. I always felt some sort of presence with me. This made me realize that everything in this world is conscious because everything is made from the earth and the earth is conscious. Which means that the earth is energy. B

Because my third eye was open, I can see and feel the spirits and energies around me. For those who want to open the third eye must be ready for what they are about to see. You could open the third eye and be frighted to the new things you are experience, so you must be mentally ready.

Thanks For Reading & Good Luck 🙂

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