5 Ways To Transmute Sex Energy

This concept of sex transmutation is the most powerful thing anyone can do. Sexual energy is a hurricane of force that when transmuted into something could have immense affects on the results either in a good way or a bad way depending on how you use it.

What Is Sex Energy?

This energy is the force that brought us into this world and is essential to our vitality, health, and how the creativity flows through us. This energy is life and it death. Without sex energy, there would be no life or death. Sex energy is what made us to be born and what keeps us alive. This word SEX is so taboo in todays society yet it is by far the most important thing to our life, without it none of us would be alive. Of course how you were raised and the religions you follow is what makes it taboo or not.

But it’s sad because so many people are wasting this valuable energy through watching porn, ejaculation and random hookups. To harness this energy and transmute it into something other than ejaculation is powerful and is the best thing anyone can do.

What Is Sexual Transmutation?

Sexual transmutation is simply transmuting which means to convert your sex energy into something other than sex or masturbation. To convert into something special for the world. I believe sexual transmutation somewhat goes hand and hand with celibacy but you still are releasing your energy or ejaculating your energy just not through sex. Which is often times only used for pleasure in today’s society.

What Is the Worst Thing Anyone Can Do While Practicing Sexual Transmutation?

The worst thing anyone can do during this practice of converting your sexual energy is by completely holding in the energy and not releasing it another way. Maybe that’s through painting, writing, making music, speaking, learning, and so on. But to just completely hold it in and not find an outlet could cause you to be more angry, have more aggression, have freak outs, which will eventually lead you to hooking up with people you never thought you’d ever hook up with.

This energy is so strong that eventually will find an outlet of some sort.

This energy is used to impregnate the world either physically through another procreating or through creativity like art, music, and services.

The 5 Ways To Transmute(convert) Sex Energy

5th Way Is : Physical Exercise

Physical exercise is an ideal way to use this sexual energy because often times when we feel a sexual feeling, we feel it in the body, so to go workout or run, will you help release this energy. When you use physical exercise to release this energy, it doesn’t just release sexual energy but it helps make your workouts better so you can train longer and harder and also when you are done working out, you feel a sense of balance within yourself.

This is because now the energy in your body is circulating through the entire system rather than just gone.

4th Way Is: Meditation

2 things happen when you transmute your sex energy into meditation. The first thing that happens is you get so many ideas, answers, and realizations during the meditation. A normal meditation session without this energy could take you 2 hours to have the same breakthroughs and experience as you could have if you converted your sexual energy into meditation would just take you 20 minutes.

Instead of moving the sex energy outwards which we normally do through impulse, you move it inwards and this activates your third eye and goes to the Infinite Intelligence. This is the exact energy that created you, so to harness it into meditation you start flowing with answers and creativity.

The 2nd thing that happens when you convert this energy into meditation is you develop strong mental discipline. Like I said, whenever you feel the energy in the body, you want to release it but to harness it and use it for meditation helps you develop willpower because you are saying no to the impulse.

3rd Way Is: Deep Work/Flow State

This is by far the best use of this energy and that is through deep work. This a term by the author Cal Newport referring to an activity performed in a state of distraction-free focus that will push you into a flow state where you are so immersed in your work that your mind and body disappears.

For example, when I first began to write these articles, I would enter a flow state quite often where I would lose track of time and I would forget to eat or drink. I would be so immersed in my writing that I would forget I was even writing. When I was done writing, I would reread the article and I would be amazed by what I’ve written. I was amazed because it wasn’t a conscious effort on my part.

This deep work/flow state can only be entered if you have no distractions, no phone, no talking, no TV, and no music. When you enter a flow state, the higher power or your infinite intelligence does all the work for you. Any work that is done through infinite Intelligence, the work is always amazing.

If you don’t use this sexual energy, it will use you through binge watching TV, scrolling on the internet, excessive eating, and so on. So to use this energy for your work, is the valuable way to use this energy.

2nd Way Is: Music & Dance

Music and dancing is a simple method of this sex transmutation to free you from your urges to release your energy. Whenever you feel the sexual energy building up, go listen to music or dance. You will find that music sounds 10x better when the sexual energy is flowing through your body than if your sexual energy was empty.

This method frees us from our urges and this is important because our sexual urges tend to take over our minds and actions where we start to do irrational things. Think about it like this, a lot of people who are in jail today are there because of this uncontrollable sexual energy. That could be because a man or woman or even deeper reasons that I don’t feel comfortable sharing in this article.

Music and dance frees you from these urges and also you start to listen to the music from your heart rather than your mind.

1st Way Is: A Creative Output

Sexual energy is already creative energy, so to use it and put it into something creative is very powerful. The ones who have drained all their sexual energy are the same ones who have trouble with creating original ideas.

When you don’t waste your energy through ejaculation and sex, you will be overflowing with creativity and have new ideas. The reason why I can produce content everyday is because I transmute sexual energy into creativity. You will have endless ideas and answers when you are flowing with sex energy. To harness this energy and use it for drawing art, making music, building a business, writing a book, designing clothes, and producing content is how you impregnate the world with your talents.

Convert your sexual energy into these 5 things and I promise your life will shift for the better. You will gain control over your mind and body.

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