The 1 Thing You Need To Begin A Spiritual Journey

When we talk and think about a spiritual journey, the first thing that may come to your mind is religion, monks meditating in the mountains for 10 hours a day, psychedelics, yoga, enlightenment or maybe even magic.

Although these things could perhaps be a part of the “spiritual journey” however it is not the main focus of it. The main focus is less cliche than the things we’ve mentioned above. But before we discuss the 1 thing you need on a spiritual journey, a question needs to be asked. And that question is what is a spiritual journey?

What is a Spiritual Journey?

A spiritual journey is simply an art or action of finding your true self. The self you were at birth before society massaged all their tendencies, knowledge, beliefs, and programming into you. For a lack of a better words, your soul. The only person we know and recognize is our ego, or also called our persona.

Also a spiritual journey is also a progression of growth, figuring out, and overcoming your problems. The goal of this journey is to not become enlighten or awakened. Although it may come as a byproduct, but only that. Seeking enlightenment will not help you reach it. The only method to enlightenment is letting go, but that’s for another article.

There is only 1 step on the spiritual journey and that is self discovery. The only way to understand the universe and the world is to understand yourself and discover your true nature. Once you are on the path of self discovery, you will find that everything on this world is inner connected.

When we say self discovery, we aren’t talking about your likes, dislikes, your career choices, or your ideal type of lover. Those are all parts of the ego. The ego is a mask society has constructed for you. Think about it this way, if I call you beautiful everyday, you are going to start to develop an ego of being beautiful. Which means that you won’t be able to go outside your house without trying to look beautiful. This is only a mask.

To explain the inner connection, go look at a tree or even picture a tree in your mind. The tree gives us oxygen that we need to survive and without the trees we’d all be dead. While we are receiving life from the trees, we are giving back life to the tree by providing carbon dioxide. It’s a beautiful process. Also you will find that we aren’t just connected to nature, we are connected to everything in this world. This laptop I’m typing on was made from the earth. Everything on earth was made from the earth. It doesn’t matter how industrial or factory made it is, it was made from parts of the earth.

On the road of self discovery all your mistakes and failures correct themselves.

With that being said, let’s talk about the 1 thing you need to begin a spiritual journey.

The 1 Thing You Need to Begin a Spiritual Journey


On the spiritual journey, you simply need awareness. Awareness of what? Of your thoughts, habits, tendencies, your beliefs, feelings, your friend group, your family, your career, the food you are eating and your lifestyle choices.

It’s the only thing you need on this journey of discovering yourself and the universe. Like I stated in the beginning of this article, the spiritual journey is a progression of self growth and overcoming your problems. How can you grow, if you aren’t aware of the things that are holding back the growth? How can you overcome and fix your problems, if you aren’t aware of the problems? Awareness is the main ingredient.

Once you have awareness your spiritual journey begins.

Having awareness is important because now you can figure out what you need to change in your life. Awareness also will help you see through all the programming of society. Once I start to have awareness of everything, it was hard for me to watch movies or TV shows without seeing all the hidden messages.

First you must start with having full awareness of yourself, and once you master that, you can start to understand the world and other people much better. If you become aware of why you get mad, you can understand why other people get mad also. Everything will start with you and end with you.

This 1 Thing Fixed My Anxiety For Good

I used to struggle with anxiety many years ago. My anxiety was so bad that I couldn’t even go to the movies without having an anxiety attack in the theater. It was to a point where I couldn’t even enjoy life anymore. A moment never went by without me worrying about my anxiety. I was anxious about being anxious. But once I started to have aware of my anxiety, the anxiety left like an unattended guest at a party.

I didn’t need to get on medication, I didn’t need years of therapy, I didn’t need herbs to relax me, I just needed awareness. Often times I only had the anxiety attack because I wasn’t aware of it. Now that I’m aware of the feelings in my body, I don’t experience anxiety. I haven’t had an anxiety attack in 2 years because I’m aware of what anxiety is and how it tends to trick you into thinking you are in danger when you aren’t.

The opposite of awareness is ignorance

This awareness could solve any problem in your life. It’s the people who aren’t aware of their problems are the ones who can’t fix them. Also you will start peeling away more of the onion of yourself down to your true being.

Start becoming aware doesn’t mean you have to read and become knowledgeable. You simply don’t even have to be able to read, all you must do is just become aware of everything. This is the only recipe for the spiritual journey trust me.

I hope this helps you, thanks for reading 🙂

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